Dolphins OL coach hopes Ja’Wuan James stays put

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The Dolphins have a call to make about right tackle Ja'Wuan James, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent on March 13 if he isn’t tagged or doesn’t sign a long-term deal to stay in Miami.

The team’s new offensive line coach Pat Flaherty won’t be making the ultimate decision on how to handle things with James, but he did make his preference known.

“I think it keeps the continuity there, if we’re able to retain him,” Flaherty said, via the Miami Herald. “We sure hope he does [stay with Miami]. He’s a good football player. I’ve had an opportunity to go back and watch every game from 2018. He’s a fairly young guy also, so he has some things technique-wise that he can get better.”

Tagging James would cost the Dolphins upwards of $15 million for the 2019 season, so a cheaper alternative would be preferred. Using the tag would give them time to work out another deal along with stopping them from having to find another player to handle a key position on an offensive line that has question marks on the interior heading into the offseason.

13 responses to “Dolphins OL coach hopes Ja’Wuan James stays put

  1. Does it really matter? With an uqualified coaching staff, no qb, and an inept owner does it really matter?

  2. They better re sign him… Grier has been college scouting director since 2007 and gm since ’16 so he has been green lighting every college draft pick on the OL including college FA for 12 drafts. And what does he have to show for it? Two starters that were drafted (both in first rounds). That’s it. Grier cannot identify talent. Plain and simple. The roster is the worst in the entire league and his finger prints are all over it.

  3. This is a tough call, if you are tanking for Tua,as some project, he’s a lefty and this is position that protects his blind you trust you can draft or sign a FA that is better?

  4. The “PLAN” is to cut payroll (cap) and acquire younger, hungrier players through the draft and FA. There’s no guaranteed way we get Tua in 2020, so overpaying for a “serviceable” RT is not a priority. James is not talented enough to warrant $15 mil. a year. Players of approx. equal skill can be had for a lot less.
    Truth is there’s only a handful of players on this team right now that couldn’t be replaced.

  5. I’m sure with this coaching staff, they’ll dump James and bring in a throw away player or a practice squad player from the Patriots.

  6. I hate when I hear that J’W. J. is worth it because he was a first rounder. The dude graded out as a low second to early third rounder. This is just another example of how reaching for draft picks hurts you (assumed value based on draft position versus actuall on the field performance).

  7. James hasn’t been worth the $9 mil. per season he’s been getting………no way they pay him $15 mil. to stay.

  8. Jessie Davis is a more natural RT than a RG. He filled in nicely for several games for James in 2017 while James was injured. Let him walk slide Jessie Davis to RT play Isaac Asiata at C and see if Josh Sitton has fully recovered and can play LG. Draft best available interior lineman in 3rd round and a swing tackle in 5th keep Ted Larsen till Rookies develop let James walk and someone else overpay for his services.

  9. Not able to evaluate an offense or qb until you establish the line play. This coach likes what is on film but is the price right? Seems we need to redine skill position. If u cant run block or protect what does it matter re star players? Game won at line of scrimmage as we have seen on both sides of the ball.

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