No indication yet of anyone making a move to sign Colin Kaepernick

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A vague sense of optimism emerged in the aftermath of the Colin Kaepernick collusion settlement that Kaepernick could soon be signed by an NFL team. Nearly a week later, and with offseason roster limits at 90, there’s no tangible sense that the two-year cold shoulder could be thawing.

Attorney Mark Geragos made a “bold prediction” on CNN on Saturday night that someone will do the “right thing” and sign Kaepernick within the next two weeks. The lawyer’s choice of words hints at a lingering sense of consternation regarding Kaepernick’s unemployment, even after the two sides resolved their past differences.

Barring a provision in the settlement agreement that promises a roster spot to Kaepernick on one of the league’s 32 teams (that’s highly unlikely), the league’s 32 teams are now left to their own devices in deciding who to pursue or not pursue. And with all teams on notice that anything they say among themselves can and will be used against them as possible proof of future collusion, they surely won’t communicate in any way about this.

Then again, they don’t need to. The NFL’s aversion to Kaepernick, whether based on football or non-football reasons, has hardened in place over an extended period of time. The league’s owners don’t like to be forced to do anything, and any contract offer to Kaepernick coming on the heels of the settlement would feel like capitulation.

If the league has been able to justify life without Kaepernick for two full NFL seasons, it won’t be difficult to continue to justify it, especially with the legal entanglement now in the rear-view mirror.

Also in the rear-view mirror is the anthem controversy. Thanks to a decision by the President to leave the NFL alone (surely, some sort of back-channel deal was struck), the huff-and-puff-and-maybe-blow-your-house-down crowd has returned to football. With or without collusion, every owner realizes that signing Kaepernick at this point invites the risk of opening the other end of a can that still contains plenty of worms.

That never should have been an issue for the league or its teams, but it was. The passage of time and the transfer of cash from the league to Kaepernick won’t make that go away. If anything, it will make the teams more determined to not give in.

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  1. “the huff-and-puff-and-maybe-blow-your-house-down crowd has returned to football. ”

    Must be why the ratings were way down for the not very Super Bowl and why stadiums are still more than half empty, then.

  2. Sense of optimism by the ignorant people who still think this is 100% about politics, and not about bringing in a guy as a backup that can only play in one style of offense that wants a ton of money, who couldn’t beat out BLAINE GABBERT and would alienate half of your fanbase.

  3. Why should they? Market higher for a guy who peaked 3 years before he got bounced and can’t read defenses?

  4. Do people forget this dude got benched for Blain Gabbert before he became a social justice warrior? He was bad then, I’m sure he is a lot worse now.

  5. I mean, he asked the aaf for 20 million. Lord only knows how much he’d demand of an NFL team. But we all know he doesn’t want to play, and hasn’t for quite some time. Those days are long gone.

  6. I think Elway must have gotten insider info that the league is going to settle with Kap, so he hurried up and traded for Joe Flacco, instead of having to explain why he refuses to pursue Kap.

  7. The biggest problem with discussing Kaepernick is that those who agree with him politically pretend he didn’t decline over the last years of his career as NFL defenses figured out how to defend the QB Option and he isn’t any good at any other offense. You’re not getting the Super Bowl QB. You’re getting the guy who lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert and has been out of football for the last two years.

    So to recap:

    * Mid-to-low level backup at best before his absence from the game for 2 years.

    * The scheme he’s best at isn’t what most offenses play.

    * Shows signs of not even wanting to play again, despite Gerago’s statements. (IE the Baltimore debacle)

    * Huge PR hit for the team that signs him.

    If he did receive anything more than token go away money (which would have been leaked by now), it was solely because the NFL feared what could come out in discovery even if non-related. The theory that 32 teams independently didn’t value what the guy could do over his baggage simply makes too much sense if you’re being objective about it.

  8. I don’t understand why the case being settled would make it any more likely for him to get signed now.

  9. His overall record (including playoffs) is .500, which is the very definition of mediocrity. The vast majority of his wins came in his first two seasons, after which the league passed him by and he couldn’t evolve to keep up. Why spend a fortune on a mediocre QB, not to mention the media circus and distraction he would bring? He’s just not that good, and certainly not worth it.

  10. How is this a headline? Kaep lost 10 of his last 11 games in the league. People like to say Kaep should have been signed ahead of Josh Johnson….but Johnson got 1 win in 3 games. Terrible? Sure, but still not as bad as Kaep.

  11. I suspect the NDA was the payment. The NFL spared Kaepernick an embarassing loss, and in return Kaepernick spared the NFL from paying their (top dollar expensive) lawyers to hand Kaepernick that embarassing loss, which would have been quite a few billable hours and a large expense. As far as Geragos’s proclamation just add that to the list with the otners. And in any even it looks like Geragos is moving on to another client anyhow. Life goes on.

  12. My guess is the settlement pays Kaepernick an annual salary of a mid-range QB (or maybe the amount of his last contract offer of $8M per year) for the last two years plus that amount for the next 4 or 5 years. If he is signed by a team then the settlement value is offset by the actual contract. This agreement would preclude another collusion charge. The Geragos probably beliefs a contract at the league minimum so he can play. He still gets the money from the league. No one signs him the risk to the league is fixed.

  13. NFL teams are caught between a rock and a hard place. If many teams suddenly show interest in Kap, that would be taken as evidence that there was indeed collusion because there is no good explanation why nobody would hire him even though he is good enough to play quarterback. If they continue to ignore him, then that could be interpreted as evidence that the blacklisting is continuing.

  14. I wonder if he could pass a drug test because if he thinks any team is going to want to sign him he must be smoking something.

  15. So if you go to the Snow Cone stand and there is a really bad snow cone on the menu priced the same as the premium cones and nobody orders it. Is that collusion or the market dictating the worth of the bad cone?

  16. Sounds like Geragos is praying some team is stupid enough to sign that less than mediocre QB who hasn’t suited up in TWO YEARS client of his because everybody knows you can’t cash checks from an empty bank account…..cause I’ll bet Kap didn’t get enough from the NFL to cover the bill that Geragos submitted!

  17. He had a great rookie season, then D coordinators figured out how to defend the “read and react” offense the 49ers ran. He struggled his second year. He took a risk, and opted out of a contract that would have paid him 15 million a year with 49ers. Teams saw him as a backup, and did not want to pay him the starter money he wanted. Now he is a martyr for oppression.

  18. If he really wants to play football he can play in Canada or the AAF. He’s not entitled a spot in the NFL. He threw away his opportunities, that’s a fact.

  19. Why can’t he realize or better yet, his agent realize that he SUCKS as a QB in the NFL. We all know it. The owners know it. The GM’s know it. GO AWAY alesdy.

  20. What in God’s name is Kaeps agent saying he is ‘eying’ anyone certainly the super bowl champs. After going 1-10 and being benched. And out of the league 2 years

    This is like TO working out in his driveway saying he is ‘eyeing’ the Cowboys again or the Giants.

    Fortunately Kraft is a humble guy. Brady just established himself as the goat and won a 6TH with EVERYONE doubting them.
    That SAME Fox News. Crew trying to run with this story.

    It’s like handing the keys to a 18 year old molded Ferrari to someone who hasn’t had a license in 2 years

    There would be backlash beyond backlash had Kaep every been signed in New England. Now with his agent making false rumors it will literally never happen. Would be worse than the Trump backlash in 2016 if they signed Kaep as Brady’s successor.
    And th settlement?

    Thankfully no, Kaep will not be playing for the Patriots. They don’t sign out-of-league people for popularity contests.

  21. No one will sign him. Hasnt played in years. Based on his aaf asking price, still thinks he is a starter. Not going to happen. It should, objectively, but in reality, it wont.

  22. Who cares. He was marginal, at best, when he left the league. And since that time he’s accumulated more rust than the Tin Man. And Dorothy is not near with the oil can.

  23. Funny how people are so determined to make a point about CK being a terrible player as if that is the sole reason why. He is simply not good enough with all the rest the comes with it to sign. Like Ray Rice did not get picked up and Kareem Hunt did, in hurry for the same thing. Just admit it’s all about the disdain for the man because he kneeled.

  24. Since he’s set financially. Why doesn’t he play in the AAF to prove he still has something left. they have 7 games left. He would have time to play in 4 games or so.

  25. Time to troll the guy…. offer veteran minimums, or non-guaranteed
    contracts for a VERY small amount. Just because you can.

  26. If Tom Brady was the one kneeling would he have a job…Of course he would, he would be worth the distraction. This guy is not.

  27. Kap needs to go away now, NFL spotlight is done, go play in the CFL, the anthem is a non issue there(no more kneeling). He can compete against Johnny Football for the coveted Grey Cup. If he is as football ready as his agent states then he should be able to walk on any team and be the starter. Or not. just go away!

  28. Can’t believe they settled with this guy in the first place. No one wants him. The only reason Denver made an offer in the first place was to try and get him to shut the h**l up. Please Kap. Go away.

  29. You really didn’t believe someone was going to sign him? Lord your delusional with this. He will never play in the NFL again. Never.

  30. No one will take him, what does he have to offer? Not a very good quarterback, plus the baggage. I know I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  31. Why oh why would any team want the headache? He would still have to have all world talent to overcome the baggage he would bring … he doesn’t.

  32. Why… has he lowered his asking price and came to the realization that he will most likely be a back-up?? Then he might get a job

  33. He’s been out of football for two years. At this point, why would he be anything other than a camp body?

  34. I don’t believe anyone should sign him. He’s paid to make money for the franchise. Did he do that in San Francisco?

  35. Best thing for all involved is to just let him fade away……he’s a sellout and even those who supported him just got it shoved back in their face with the settlement. He’s not a starting QB….he was made to look good but when that coach left so did his skills….he’s not qualified.

  36. Sellout got his money and still wants to play. he got beat out by back up Blaine Gabert. Why wasn’t Colin kneeling when he was the starting QB.

  37. Sellout got his money and still wants to play. he got beat out by back up Blaine Gabert. Why wasn’t Colin kneeling when he was the starting QB.

  38. He had a great rookie season, then D coordinators figured out how to defend the “read and react” offense the 49ers ran. He struggled his second year. He took a risk, and opted out of a contract that would have paid him 15 million a year with 49ers. Teams saw him as a backup, and did not want to pay him the starter money he wanted. Now he is a martyr for oppression.

  39. Kaepernick had a price and he took it. The “cause” really did not mean that much to him after all. Nobody is going to sign him. Let it go.

  40. A vague sense of optimism emerged in the aftermath of the Colin Kaepernick collusion settlement that Kaepernick could soon be signed by an NFL team.

    By who?

  41. He will never play in the NFL again!!! NO team wants the baggage he carries, plus he thinks he is far better than he is! The NFL has opened Pandora’s box on this one. Now, every SJW, who is unemployed, is going to claim collusion. I can’t wait to see how they handle the next one. A new Commish, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The CK supporters and promoters need to be realistic at some point. He hasn’t played in 2 years, he played poorly last time he played, hasn’t really shown legit interest in playing, and keeps making comments like he wants to be paid like a Top 10 starter.

    If he won’t lower his contract demands or show legit interest in signing as a backup on a prove it deal….then even his supporters need to acknowledge that he’s creating barriers to an actual contract offer. At some point the calls of racism and collusion need to end, and a keen eye needs to be placed on his actual desire to play.

  43. Why would they? and this has nothing to do with the “political stuff” The guy is almost 3 years removed from playing football. He was 3-16 in his last 19 starts. He is skinny and not in football shape. Why WOULD you sign him?

  44. not true…he was recently offered a chance to play pro football but his demands were extortionately high for somebody who hasn’t worked since the Obama era

  45. Why is it if you believe in the same social justice causes as Kaepernick, that you blindly believe he’s still a great NFL QB?!

    Seriously, his reputation is living off play 5-6 seasons ago. There’s plenty of players who were great in 2013-14 who no longer can play at a high level. Heck, same could be said for players 2 years ago!

    I happen to believe in much of the social justice issues as CK, didn’t always agree how he went about it or handled himself. But I can objectively look at him as a player and decide that his play and contract demands are not worthy of a roster spot. No hidden agenda. No concern about kneeling for the anthem. I just don’t think he’s a very good QB since defenses figured him out. He’s not a great drop back passer. He has poor mechanics. Isn’t very adept at reading defenses. Never had great touch. His legs aren’t what they used to be. He actually played quite poorly those last couple seasons. If memory serves, he went 1-10 in his last season.

    Now, you want to make the argument that he’s better than Nathan Peterman, or other no-name backups?? It’s a silly argument. Of course he is. However, QBs like Nathan Peterman are willing to accept their role. And are willing to play for veteran’s minimum.
    At some point if CK won’t accept a backup role or pay….than teams have no choice in the salary cap era but to sign QBs like Nathan Peterman.

    If CK really wants to play….the ball is now in his court. Accept a backup “prove it” deal and go to camp and compete. If he won’t play for less than 20M, then we know he’s not serious about playing.

  46. If he comes back to the NFL now it will destroy his SJW image. Clearly that is more important to him than actually playing football.

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