Vikings’ cap crunch could claim some recognizable names

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With a quarterback who signed a fully-guaranteed $84 million deal and plenty of other key players who are significantly well compensated, the Vikings may have some tough roster decisions to make, soon.

Appearing on Wednesday’s PFT Live, Vikings radio voice Paul Allen speculated on some of the established players who could become former Vikings.

Paul Allen mentioned players like defensive end Everson Griffen, linebacker Anthony Barr (who is due to become a free agent), and cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Yes, cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

One of three first-round picks in 2013, Rhodes is due to receive a salary of $10,400, per-game roster bonuses of $437,500, and a workout bonus of $100,000. It adds up to a cap number of $13.3 million. Trading him would trigger dead cap space of $7.2 million, a net cap savings of $6.1 million and a cash savings of nearly $11 million.

Rhodes could be deemed expendable given the presence of Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, Mike Hughes, and Holton Hill. All are much cheaper, and if Rhodes could be flipped for draft picks who could address areas of need (like offensive line), it could make sense to consider the move — if the Vikings can find a trade partner.

Meanwhile, Paul Allen’s speculation got the attention of Rhodes. And it’s definitely news to him.

27 responses to “Vikings’ cap crunch could claim some recognizable names

  1. I’m all for the Vikes starting to farm out CB’s for other positions of need, especially offensive lineman. Zimmer has shown a real gift at developing cornerbacks, so keep bringing them in and now that the stable is full, start selling them off. It’s a great way to compensate for other positions they aren’t as good as drafting and developing…like OL.

  2. Barr needs to go play in a 3-4
    So that’s not a big loss

    Everson is 31, skills are declining and he had an off-field breakdown
    So cutting him or getting a low round pick is fine by me

    Xavier is a top CB, so ifnthey trade him they better get a high 2nd or low 1st

  3. Poor Jags and Vikes. Cap-strapped and didn’t even make the playoffs last year. The Cousins signing was only going to make sense if their defense was lights out and that defense is trending in the wrong direction.

  4. How is Rhodes making less than the minimum salary?

    “Rhodes is due to receive a salary of $10,400,”

  5. A healthy Xavier Rhodes is worth it but trading him wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Everyone else can be released or not signed.

  6. Does anyone think for one second that Belichick wouldn’t trade Rhodes for a nice draft pick if he were in this situation? That’s why you should do it. He’s already had his best year. He can still play, but get something for him before he falls off too much.

  7. Zimmer won’t let any of his CBs go. Doubt we resign Barr or Richardson as teams will overpay for them. Look for restructuring of Griffin, Joseph and Rudolph. Sendejo will be out and perhaps even Remmers. This should give the Vikings in the 30-40 million range for cap and able to make plenty of moves.

  8. This is clickbait — easier names to get rid of.

    Sendejo and Remmers to start.

    Rudolph restructure or cut.

    At best Griffin restructures, at worst, he’s gone.

    I would get rid of Rhodes or Waynes — maybe Rhodes.

  9. Trading a shutdown corner in his prime would be a huge mistake.


    I argue Rhodes is not in his prime — too many penalties and injuries.
    Good point above about Belichik getting rid of somebody like this.

  10. Spielman is indeed a genius, he makes 1st round draft picks disappear. No one will trade for Rhodes, they will wait the Vikings out with all the leverage on their side.

    Despite the personnel turnover on the Vikings, their biggest challenge for 2019 and beyond is that they still need to find a franchise QB.

  11. Anyone that says Cousins was overpaid needs to mention their team’s QB. Keenum, Bradford, Bridgewater? Should have just given Kaep $20 mil, right?

  12. With incentives, which he has been making, Adam Thielen can make $14 million dollars this year.
    How much does he want?

  13. Xavier Rhodes would be a big loss, but he has had injury issues, He didn’t play in the Bears game this year, which was our season, and I believe he missed the Philly Game last year. The best player in the world does no good if they are on the sidelines.

  14. Rhodes is great, but he has seen his best year. Too many non-contact injuries, can’t seem to stay on the field. But Zim will hang onto big physical corners, and he will look to Barr, Rudolph, Griffen, Remmers, for cap space.
    I will be glad to see Rudolph go. A big, tough TE who always goes right down with the first tackler. I’m sooo sick of seeing that. Another overrated nice-boy golden domer. Give me a ghetto kid who can fight for extra YAC’s

  15. I thought Vikings have something like 12 draft picks this year – that should be enough to solve holes.

  16. Signings like the Cousin deal create the “win now” urgent scenario. If it doesn’t happen you are screwed for years! Management knows this! Grossly overpaying 3-4 players leaves you with trying to sign and retain 40 players either on a rookie deal or on prove it deals at the minimum.

  17. Fans were ripping the Vikings for drafting cb again with the Hughes pick but at the end of the year Marcus Sherels was playing cb. And when you have to play him at cb you are in trouble. Very good returner but not a very good cb.

  18. {{{ Mackensie Alexander Mike Hughes Holton Hill }}}

    Outside of Waynes or Rhodes who among the names above have come close to playing 16 games in one NFL season ??? Alexander seem to come on around the middle of the season but its something we have not see him do for even 13 games ~ Not even 12 games in a season ~

    Talk about all kinds of crazy ~ Really LOL

  19. If the Vikings cut a starting corner – they will draft one in the first round or one in both the first 2 rounds. Its all about corners – no need for O lineman.

  20. Gergie

    Rhodes has played in 89 of 96 games. You talk about “It doesn’t matter how good you are if you’re on the bench.”? That’s a joke. I’d love for the Raiders to get him.

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