Kevin Stefanski: Gary Kubiak’s history with Shanahans can help Kirk Cousins

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The Vikings had their new coaches meet the media on Thursday and Kevin Stefanski’s shift from interim to permanent offensive coordinator meant he was part of the fun.

Stefanski spent a lot of time talking about a newer addition to the organization. The impact of the arrival of assistant head coach/offensive advisor Gary Kubiak on playcalls and gameplans came up for discussion, but one of the biggest things to watch in Minnesota in 2019 is going to be the play of quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Stefanski was asked if he thought Kubiak’s experience working with Mike and Kyle Shanahan would be a plus to his work with Cousins, who opened his career with the Shanahans in Washington.

“I think that all helps,” Stefanski said. “It’s no secret Kirk came up under both coach Shanahans and had some success in that system. There are a lot of similarities then to what we are doing moving forward. There are a couple, obviously you evolve I would hope year-to-year and I hope really week-to-week that our offense looks different.”

Stefanski and Kubiak both talked about doing a better job in the run game and there’s no doubt that the Vikings have to improve on that front to make their offense as well-rounded as possible. Should that improvement coincide with better work from Cousins, the appointment of both Stefanski and Kubiak will be cause for applause in Minnesota.

29 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Gary Kubiak’s history with Shanahans can help Kirk Cousins

  1. Three things that are Must Dos:

    1. Greatly improve the O-line.
    2. Greatly improve the O-line.
    3. Greatly improve the O-line.

  2. Its great to see the Vikings hiring their coaches based on the coach’s past experience rather than who they stood next to on the sidelines.
    Its not great to see the Vikings have so much nepotism is their coaching hires.

  3. Kubiak leaves Flacco and the Ravens after the playoff loss to NE in early 2015…Kubiak leaves Denver after a 9 – 7 season in 2016…Neither Baltimore or Denver got better

  4. “Had some success in that system”

    Cousins stats with the Shanahan’s:

    1-3 record
    60% completion percentage
    8TD 10 INT
    7.6 YPA


  5. i predict an absolute disaster of a season for the vikings this year and a firesale of all their veterans in 2020. fired coach. fired gm. total rebuild starts 1 year from now.

  6. Cousins has rarely had even an acceptable offensive line – the snowflake brigade in Washington was spotty at best yet he still passed for over 4,000 yards. And last year’s Viking team was no model of greatness before him.

    Cousins will succeed if he has a running game from which he can play action from. And despite the lies of the haters, he consistently has top five over 20 and over 50 yard passing numbers in the league.

    And the haters are also wrong – he has always improved. That is what makes his haters hate him more.

  7. Didn’t have much success at all under Shanahan. One above average game against Cleveland. Didn’t start putting up numbers until McVay was OC.

  8. Yes. Because a career’s worth of great stats but mediocre play come down to the O-Line. Or wait maybe it was his receivers. Oh wait a minute, it’s because he had no running game. I got it – it’s because the defense didn’t put him in position to succeed. That must be it.

    Plenty of QBs put up stats, especially in a league when you can’t look at them the wrong way and receivers can’t get touched. But he has literally never done anything in this league, and the Vikings gave him a lot of guaranteed money to do nothing. That looked like it was going to be a league problem. It’s only a Vikings problem. SKOL!

  9. Last season, Kirk Cousins was the first QB, in NFL history, to throw 30 TD’S, 10 Int, throw for over 4,000 yds. all with a 70% or greater completion percentage. It was not his fault that Tony Sparano died right before the season, Everson Griffen had a Mental breakdown and missed 5 games, Anthony Barr was injured and missed time, Xavier Rhodes was injured and regressed, the Offensive line was one of the worst in the league and gave up the most hurries, of any team, Zimmer’s defense wasn’t as good, etc etc. No doubt, the Vikings underperformed, but to blame it all on Kirk Cousins isn’t accurate.

  10. he consistently has top five over 20 and over 50 yard passing numbers in the league.


    He was 15th in 20+ yard completions last season.
    And 16th in 40+ yard completions.

  11. “It’s no secret Kirk came up under both coach Shanahans and had some success in that system.”
    This is Exhibit 1-A for what is wrong in Minnesota. Define “success”. For over half of the 32 teams, that is defined as winning the Superbowl, anything less is not success.

    This clearly shows the inner thinking of “success” by Viking coaches. Cousins has only been to a single playoff game that he lost. His record for Prime time games and against playoff teams with winning records is a joke. Yet, the new OC thinks of Cousins as a successful QB. And Viking fans think they have upgraded the QB position despite its previous QB taking them to 5 more regular season wins and an NFC Championship game. Success is in the eyes of the beer holder.

  12. 2020 Prediction: Gary Kubiak replaces Mike Zimmer as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

  13. People would be shocked at how different a player can look from year to year depending on if there is a coaching change ~ Maybe said player look like crap in Norvs scheme and look good under let’s say Shurmur scheme ~ I would not dare say said player would be a great fit in the 2019 blocking scheme because we don’t know for sure ~ We know it’s going to use some zone blocking {{{ most likely a lot of zone }}} but it’s the % that’s not yet known~

    Most believe Remmers should be cut because he was a bust at OG in 2018 but he ranked in the top 18 right OT Shurmur scheme ~ His cap numbers are a very fair price for a right OT which is where he was set to play when he was signed~

  14. some.thing-i8 says:
    February 22, 2019 at 12:29 pm
    Kevin Stefanski replaces Mike Zimmer as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings when Zim retires.

    There I fixed

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