NFL reinstates Karlos Williams

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Former Bills running back Karlos Williams, who hasn’t played since his rookie year in 2015, has taken a big step toward getting back on the field.

Williams has been conditionally reinstated by the NFL after serving a lengthy substance abuse suspension, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Typically a conditional reinstatement means a player will be able to sign with a team and play during the upcoming season as long as he meets certain conditions regarding substance abuse treatment.

The 25-year-old Williams showed a lot of promise as a rookie, carrying the ball 93 times for 517 yards and seven touchdowns and adding 11 catches for 96 yards and two more touchdowns. But the Bills cut him during training camp the next year after he showed up out of shape, and although he briefly signed with the Steelers, he never got on the field for them amid repeated substance abuse problems.

Given his success as a rookie, it won’t be surprising if some team decides to give him another chance. And if his addiction problems are behind him, it won’t be surprising if he becomes a contributor again.

9 responses to “NFL reinstates Karlos Williams

  1. Dude was a beast with Gillisle before he showed up the second year fat and out of shape. Good luck to him!

  2. Ravens/Greg Roman should give him a call. Forgot about this guy but he was so fun to watch, a runaway truck

  3. He got on with the Steelers in part because his brother Vince plays linebacker in Pittsburgh. I’d be fine with bringing him back – IF.

    He’s got to be right with himself, not just with his recovery and attitude, he’s gotta get in shape and stay in shape. Work hard, work healthy and work consistently. Easier to say but harder to do. He’s not going to get chances at the NFL forever.

  4. It’s never too late for a guy with substance abuse issues to get a handle of them and turn things around. It’s not hard to imagine that Williams is back in control of his life, in which case his is still young, talented, and very fresh-legged.

  5. “The Bills should give him another shot .. pay him league minimum .. very little risk here.”

    I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed, but Karlos doesn’t strike me as a McBeane type of guy… If Wrecks and Whaley got tired of his act after one year, would he even make it out of the building after signing a deal before McBeane found a reason to dump him?

  6. The Bills should give him another shot .. pay him league minimum .. very little risk here.


    The problem with the Bills wasnt the substance abuse, it was the fact that he showed up ridiculously overweight and despite full time effort from trainers and nutritionists, showed no signs of getting back into playing shape by the end of camp.

    No team should be giving him a chance until he shows hes not going to Eddie Lacy himself out of football. Send him down to the AAF for a season. If he outplays Trent Richardson, he gets to come back to the NFL

  7. I really thought he was going to be the Bills` future RB. Had a lot of talent. But, talent alone doesn`t get far without character. Let`s hope he`s built some over the years. He`s still young, but he won`t be getting anymore chances.

  8. Drugs weren’t the only problem, he had no discipline and got out of shape. Hopefully he’s grown. Guy has 7 kids to take care of that’s what is important

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