Nike sells non-NFL Kaepernick jerseys


The NFL’s official uniform supplier is supplying a football jersey that carries the colors and logos of no NFL teams. But it will carry the name of a prominent former NFL player.

Dubbed the Kaepernick Icon Jersey, the $150 item is a black with white lettering and a white number 7 on the front and back.

“The Kaepernick Icon Jersey is a celebration of those who seek truth in their communities, and those who remain true to themselves,” Nike says on the page from which the jersey can be ordered.

The item is currently sold out.

Nike aligned with Kaepernick last September, a move that has resulted in most positive press and overwhelmingly positive performance. A Kaepernick-themed T-shirt quickly sold out in October.

Apparently, both Kevin Durant and LeBron James teased the new jersey on Super Bowl weekend. And now the jersey is here. And now the jersey is quickly gone.

This comes at a time when the NFL has resolved the Kaepernick collusion grievance, but also at a time when Kaepernick remains eligible to sign with an NFL team and, to date, no team has shown any real willingness or interest in signing him. Given that the NFL’s primary apparel providers remains at the forefront of pro-Kaepernick camp at a time when the NFL still seems to be collective anti-Kaepernick, the situation remains odd, to say the least.

75 responses to “Nike sells non-NFL Kaepernick jerseys

  1. Nike is trying to act like they are showing support for Kaepernick but we all know its about using Kaepernick to make money for themselves.

  2. $150???????? I don’t care if you like Kaepernick or not, I can’t for the life of me imagine that plain shirt being worth $150! Heck an actual Kaepernick jersey would probably be half the price. What waste of $150 lol

  3. OMG, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, so the company famous for exploiting underage workers across the world, is now selling a jersey for $150, to support those who “seek truth in their communities”, of the guy who just “settled” for 8 figure and is ok with it all. The hypocrisy is limitless.

  4. Lol $150 jersey that all of those “oppressed” people are going to fork out their hard earned “oppressed” money for?

    Kinda ironic, eh?

  5. I’m sure that they are high quality items just like their basketball sneakers that split open and hurt players.

  6. why in the world would someone waste money on a crappy jersey like that?

    If you want to throw away your money donate it to a charity that needs it, instead of honoring that clown.

  7. Nike should focus more on their shoes “malfunctioning” 1 minute into games more than pushing social justice for a guy that doesn’t even want to play football.
    $20 mil to play on the AAF? Kap showed his hand.

  8. If this doesn’t prove that it’s all about the money I don’t know what does. Nike couldn’t care less about anyone’s “cause”. This society is going straight to Hell.

  9. Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t waste $150 on a fake football jersey representing a bogus cause.

  10. so much for that Nike boycott eh? oh I get it their just buying it to burn em…

    good on you kap…make that money, don’t let it make you

  11. Nike better worry less about money hungry Kaepernick, and worry more about their garbage shoes they sell, and hope that Dukes Zion Williamson doesn’t sue them for his injury. I personally won’t suppoet Nike,I only wear SKETCHERS

  12. Doesn’t Nike have an NFL contract? When does it end? The NFL may see this as a conflict of interest, the t-shirt was one thing but this is something else entirely. Nike might want to rethink their strategy with the jersey, with or without NFL logos. The NFL could put the squeeze on them come contract renewal time.

  13. I wouldn’t pay a penny for that worthless jersey. If you gave me one I might use it for a grease rag on my race car though!

  14. Hope they’re Nike’s biggest selling items, thank you for all you’ve done, Colin Kaepernick

  15. “NFL still seems to be collective anti-Kaepernick”

    This is ridiculous.

    The NFL is a business. If it makes money and helps a team win, they’ll sign anyone just like Reuben Foster, Kareem Hunt, Greg Hardy, Eric Reid, Adrian Peterson, Riley Cooper, Michael Vick, etc.

    Just like Nike, which at $150 a pop, sure ain’t LOSING money on this deal.

  16. So, a couple of thoughts on your post:

    Nike aligned with Kaepernick last September, a move that has resulted in most positive press and overwhelmingly positive performance
    Is the positive press more indicative of the members of the press and their personal opinions or is it one of the general football fan? One could argue that Kaepernick is more known for his Social Justice stance, than for his performance on the field. Football paraphernalia can be purchased by people who are not typically football fans too.

    This comes at a time when the NFL has resolved the Kaepernick collusion grievance, but also at a time when Kaepernick remains eligible to sign with an NFL team and, to date, no team has shown any real willingness or interest in signing him.


    My understanding is the agreement signed by the NFL and Kaepernick requires confidentiality. So, isn’t it possible that his signed away his claim to play football in exchange for the cash, and due to confidentiality agreement – no one will comment on that? In addition, without knowing the details about why they came to an agreement, and how much he was paid – it is possible that a) he was paid a lessor amount just to go away or b) things unrelated to the alleged collusion came out in the emails, and the NFL paid to ensure that those details never came out.

    Signing the settlement doesn’t guarantee that there was collusion. And if there is no collusion, perhaps the football leadership for each team views Kaepernicks Football Ability < the distractions that he would cause if signed. That is a business decision that exists with any employer when considering whether or not to hire someone.

  17. Clearly top players will be changes their shoes. Unless potential top picks like straining their knees on live TV and missing out on the biggest game of the year.

    I really enjoyed that it was a cheap overpriced Nike that “blew out”.

  18. His 15 minutes are over. He sold out….as proven yet again every man has his price. He wasn’t in this for ‘civil right’….he was in this to make money and he did. Which has proven my point all along……if he was so interested then what did he do on his time? Nothing. So all this did was incite racism and create more problems…..all to make a buck.

  19. “….and those who remain true to themselves.”

    Is that what CK was doing when he agreed to the settlement? I think not.

  20. There’s profitability in being on the right side of history. What happened to the Nike boycott from all the people whose opinions really don’t matter?

  21. itsnotcheese2934 says:
    February 21, 2019 at 8:56 am
    Cue the salty anger from those who think it’s about the flag….


    Why did Kaep only start protesting when he lost his job to Blaine Gabbert?

  22. The fact that this thing is selling for $30 more than a Super Bowl LIII jersey of the guy with 6 rings says a lot about the dupes in this country and none of it good.

  23. If history eventually reveals Kap as an icon, so be it. But, it seems a little early to be making that proclamation right now, especially when it seems like money is his main concern. He says he wants to play football but I’ll believe it when I see it. As soon as he plays poorly his days as a revered maryter are over and he becomes just another guy that’s out of the league because he can’t play.

  24. Some of you guys can’t get over the NFL lost this one. The NFL rarely settles cases. They come out to destroy you…and they got their clocks cleaned and paid these guys to end the suit. Because they were going to have to open their books and take the stand with mounting evidence against them. It burns you all butts doesn’t it? lol. Nike and Kap are not stupid. If he doesn’t play another down in the NFL he has gone down in history as an athlete that risked it all for a just cause. That is iconic stuff. That in itself will make this jersey deal iconic. There will be plenty of people that will buy that jersey white, black, Asian, etc. I guarantee the kap shoe and the rest of Kap apparel line by Nike is coming. To get players to wear the Kap shoe allows players to give the middle finger to the NFL without taking a knee. Its coming. Sorry alot of you guys are stuck in yesterday.

  25. As many, many people above have pointed out, this is an intelligent financial move by Nike. People who buy impractical things (like a $150 dollar sports shirt) often aren’t in the strongest financial position. People who aren’t in the strongest financial position often like to deflect responsibility and blame other things like Greedy Education Institutions or being marginalized by oppression. Those who often deflect responsibility and feel oppressed also support Kaepernick. To oversimplify, poor people support Kaepernick. Poor people are poor because they make bad financial decisions. Poor people will buy this shirt in support of Kaepernick. Nike gets richer. Kaepernick gets richer. Their customers and supporters get poorer (and a nice T-Shirt). Being an Icon for Social Justice Warrior is the most lucrative thing Kaepernick can do right now

  26. $150 for a generic, black and white jersey that looks just like the practice jersey you could pickup at the thrift store for $3. A fool and his money…

  27. I’m totally fine with Nike making the Kaepernick jerseys and Kaepernick giving the go ahead on this.

    The incessant placing of himself morally above others is just irritating though. Perhaps it’s not intended but that’s how it sounds to my ear. Along with the call for others who view themselves similarly to buy a really expensive jersey.

    The proceeds of these jersey sales no doubt will include good causes. However, it also will go to a multi-millionaire in Kaepernick, and a global superpower of a company in Nike.

    Don’t confuse….it’s very pro-establishment!

  28. I respect Kaepernick and his right to protest. I love that he forced the NFL to pay.

    But I don’t understand $150 for a jersey that is meant to show support for Kaepernick and his issues. That’s just greed. If Nike had priced it that way and donated half the profits to social justice organizations, that would be one thing. Kaepernick made a bad decision going along with this particular marketing idea.

  29. “for those who seek truth…” = Nike is laughing all the way to the bank as they exploit the clueless.

    If Nike want’s to keep raking in the bucks all they need is a shirt with a picture of Kap and a red circle with a line through it with the slogan: “Just say No to Kap… The NFL did.”.

  30. It really is odd that no NFL team has shown interest at this point …I mean who doesn’t want a backup QB that fits no system, A QB who does not have the skill set to be a starter and to boot has not played the game in 2 years and would want starter money ….it is odd if you think about it ….said no one ever.

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