Report: Marijuana charges against Antonio Callaway dropped

Getty Images

Browns wide receiver Antonio Callaway caught a break.

According to TMZ, the marijuana charges against Callaway stemming from a training camp traffic stop have been dismissed, though he was sentenced to probation for driving on a suspended license.

Callaway was charged with misdemeanor possession after a cops found a small amount of marijuana and some gun parts in his car. But he successfully executed the traditional “it’s not my weed” defense, since his car had just been shipped from Florida to Ohio.

He was a first-round talent based on his play, but a string of incidents at Florida led to his suspension, and he fell to the fourth round of the draft.

Since that stop, he was also pulled over for speeding (58 in a 35 en route to a game), which wouldn’t be a big deal except he was apparently doing that with a suspended license as well, and the pattern of behavior.

He’s still subject to punishment from the league, which isn’t bound by legal findings. Callaway started 11 games last year, with 43 catches for 586 yards and five touchdowns.