Steve Spagnuolo still working on how Dee Ford fits into defense

Getty Images

The Chiefs haven’t made anything official in regard to Dee Ford‘s contract for 2019, but there’s been no sign they are willing to let the pass rusher leave in free agency.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s meeting with reporters on Wednesday did nothing to change that.

Spagnuolo said he isn’t getting “hung up on scheme” when asked if he’d be sticking with the 4-3 base defense he’s used with other teams. Instead, the coach talked about tailoring the defense to the players and he talked about Ford as if Ford is going to be one of those players despite his lack of a contract for next year.

“I’ll be perfectly honest, I really haven’t figured that out yet,” Spagnuolo said, via the Kansas City Star. “I think myself, linebacker coaches, D-line coaches, would still like to figure that out. I don’t think we’re ready to put a tag on it yet.”

Spagnuolo’s choice of words was an apt one. Ford, who has lined up at outside linebacker for the Chiefs, is a strong candidate to get a franchise tag in the next two weeks and that would lead to more time for the staff to figure out just how Ford will be deployed in 2019.