XFL to name all head coaches by the end of March

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Bob Stoops was the first. Pep Hamilton will be the second. By the end of next month, six more will be named.

That’s the timetable for the XFL’s announcement of the coaches who will be running the eight charter franchises of the resurrected football league, according to XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck. Via XFLBoard.com, Luck said in an appearance on KMOX in St. Louis that all coaches will be named by the end of next month.

“We’ve got a cadence going of about one head coach announcement per week and we will get all our markets done by the end in March,” Luck said. “At some point, probably in April, we will be able to launch the team names, team colors, identity, and logos.”

Hamilton will be named the coach of the D.C. franchise on Thursday, joining Stoops, the coach in Dallas. Luck says Seattle will be next, and rumors have circulated that the coach will be former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn.

The XFL’s five other teams will be in L.A., New York, St. Louis, Tampa, and Houston. Our preferred choices for the five head coaches would be, respectively, Jim Mora (the younger), Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher, Lovie Smith, and Jerry Glanville.

18 responses to “XFL to name all head coaches by the end of March

  1. Bob Stoops is a huge get. This guy likely could have had an NFL job. McMahon may be on to something this time if he embraces 90’s football. We will see.

  2. You do realize that if Jeff Fisher was named the head coach of St. Louis, the city would boycott the team, no? Rams fans wanted him fired for years. If you wanted a name that would get St. Louis excited, that name would be Mike Martz.

  3. First you have a league that wants to be complementary with the NFL. Their stated goal is to be a training ground for GM, players, and referees. These team are located in non NFL cities who may be able to support teams. Then you have a league who want to directly compete with the NFL in most ways. These teams are located in NFL cities, and they doesn’t care about player safety. They are hoping to draw fans away from the NFL with more hitting and violence. I doubt there is room for 2 spring time football leagues. Personally I’d like to see the AAF succeed. If the XFL does draw, eventually I believe they will try to compete with the NFL by going to fall games with an early starting date.

  4. Cone on guys, I know Jeff Fisher was a mediocre head coach his entire career but to say hes not a good choice for a start up league? Lets get some perspective here.

  5. If you wanted a name that would get St. Louis excited, that name would be Mike Martz.

    Except that Mike Marty currently has a coaching GIG in anothe start up league.

  6. Last year I watched some CFL games and was shocked to discover that Jerry Glanville is still coaching in the Great White North.

  7. What a stupid list of Head Coaches. You want Jerry Glanville coaching a team? He’s barely done anything since the 90s.

  8. Whoa, what? The XFL is putting teams in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Houston, all of whom lost NFL franchises? LA lost the Rams and Raiders, St. Louis lost the Cardinals and Rams and Houston lost Oilers. Tampa can barely support the Bucs (and if they found a sucker of a city to build them a new stadium, they’d leave, too).

    This has disaster written all over it.

  9. Why would they put a team in LA? LA doesn’t even support the two NFL teams they have. They surely won’t support an XFL team.

    Denver would have probably been a better choice.

  10. Man there’s a lot of XFL haters on this site… I however think the league is going about their announcements and business like solid professionals but I gues I’m way in the minority… oh well.

  11. Half Centaur says:
    February 21, 2019 at 1:30 pm
    Despite only playing an 8 game season, Jeff Fisher will still.somehow finish 7-9.

    I laughed. Mainly because it’s true.

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