XFL will soon announce initial broadcast package


Although it won’t play a game until next year, the XFL has found a way to make news on a systematic and consistent basis in and around the early weeks of the Alliance of American Football’s inaugural season.

The news primarily has come from the naming of coaches, with Dallas (Bob Stoops) and D.C. (Pep Hamilton) done, Seattle (likely Jim Zorn) coming Monday, and five more after that. Another type of announcement also is on the way.

“We are very close to announcing a very strong broadcast package,” XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said recently on KMOX radio in St. Louis, via XFLBoard.com. “Two of the four games will be broadcast over-the-air, terrestrial, major carriers, and the remaining two games will be broadcast over cable, but fully distributed cable sports brands people will recognize.”

If Luck is saying that two games per week will be televised by a three-letter network, that’s significant. The AAF will have only two games for the entire season on CBS — the opening game in Week One and the championship game. Broadcast TV gathers a bigger live audience and generates higher ratings; if the XFL has two games per week on that platform while most AAF games are on cable, that will be a huge advantage for the XFL.

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  1. Those are some pretty big “ifs” there. I’ll believe the XFL is regularly on major networks when those deals are confirmed by the networks.

  2. Another solid announcement in a so far long line of solid announcements… I’m sure there’s going to be comments relating it to wrestling, and such but if you don’t think this league is serious you probably have negative things to say about everything else as well.

  3. People won’t watch it or any other alternative football league to the NFL. These start-up are money pits that will only lose money for the owner.

  4. The XFL needs star power to have any chance to last more than a season. mrgdawg, people don’t watch football for the refs. People watch pro football to see the best play the best and that won’t be happening with any of these alternative football leagues. Just google any other pro football league like USFL, WFL, XFL from before, etc.. The only one that has been kind of successful is the Arena Football League but that isn’t what most people know as true football. It has been around for over 30 years but has been on life support for the last 7 years or so and is down to having only 4 teams.

  5. USFL has pretty darned good attendance in at least half the cities. Jacksonville averaged 45,000 fans per game. Tampa averaged 43,000 and the New Jersey Generals averaged just under 40,000 fans per game. And the league had legitimate stars like Doug Flutie, Herschel Walker, Reggie White, Sam Mills and Nate Newton – over 750 USFL players played in NFL before or after the league. Sure some cities never supported their teams like the LA Express, Washington Federals and Chicago Blitz, but even with 18 teams in year 2, the league averaged 23,000 per game which is about 3x as much as the Arenal league at its peak and clearly more than the Alliance is getting so far. Things fell apart in season 3 when a bunch of teams merged and relocated so there wasn’t direct competition with the NFL when they announced plans to play in the fall. If the XFL can put out a good product, people will watch. It is fairly clear that the Alliance is positioning to be the NFL Developmental League while I’d guess the XFL and VInce may try to position themselves more like the USFL.

  6. I’m guessing he means Stadium Network from Sinclair. Even it is mostly digital sub channels, it is still OTA broadcast

  7. The only ones interested in these pop warner leagues chronic complainers about rules, cheating, always losing to NE.

    There’s barely enough quality players in the NFL. What makes anyone think these joke leagues will be worth watching?

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