Chiefs sign E.J. Manuel, three others

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The Chiefs announced the signings of four free agents, including quarterback E.J. Manuel.

They also signed receivers Sammie Coates and Davon Grayson and defensive back Dontae Johnson.

Manuel, 28, has not played an NFL game since 2017. The Raiders cut him out of the preseason in 2018.

A former first-round choice of the Bills, Manuel has appeared in 30 games with 18 starts. He is 6-12 with a 58.1 completion percentage, 3,767 yards, 20 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

He becomes the fourth quarterback under contract, joining Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne and Chase Litton.

Coates is a former third-round pick of the Steelers. He played 12 games with the Texans last season before they cut him Dec. 19.

Johnson is a former fourth-round pick of the 49ers. He played one game for the Bills last season after appearing in 63 games with San Francisco over four seasons.

16 responses to “Chiefs sign E.J. Manuel, three others

  1. Glad to see EJ get signed. Good guy,smart guy, good locker room guy. He was thrown in to early in Buffalo because of Kevin Kolb’s career ending slip and fall. He has had a chance to sit and watch for a few years. Some Andy Reid coaching should help him reach his potential. Best of Luck.

  2. EJ Manuel, Coates, Johnson,Grayson WHY? strange signings Andy! Did these improve the KC roster?

  3. All are just camp bodies. Would be surprised if any of them are on the 53 when the season starts.

  4. Manuel was actually not a bad backup, surprised he wasn’t more prominent in the workout circuit. He’ll be competing with Henne for #2 and may win the job if he can provide comparable insurance at a cheaper price.

  5. One of those three backups might still be on the roster when the season opens. My money would be on Henne. Yes, the new league is an option for Manuel.

  6. Manuel cried when he couldn’t get a job when Peterman did. Not that I’m defending Peterman at all but I thought that was incredibly lame of Manuel to hate on a guy who is just trying to earn a living. Manuel was a top 15 pick who had expectations that he didn’t meet and Peterman was 3rd rounder who at most, might eventually round into a starting role or solid backup.

  7. tomfrontera8393 says:
    February 22, 2019 at 6:45 pm
    EJ Manuel, Coates, Johnson,Grayson WHY? strange signings Andy! Did these improve the KC roster?

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    I don’t understand why people get so worked up over signings like these. There are 90 roster spots in the offseason. For 32 teams, that’s 2880 roster spots. You have to fill those spots somehow, so why not take a couple flyers on some kids in their 20’s who still may have some upside. And if not, they get released. People get so worked up over nothing lol

  8. “EJ Manuel is trash. Happy feet in the pocket, skips passes to his check downs, and doesn’t move the chains”


    You obviously haven’t seen him, or just don’t know what the term “backup quarterback” means. As a backup, he’s actually good, especially compared to many of the backups currently in the league. He can lead a huddle, make most throws, and has experience as a starter. Not to mention he is, by all accounts, coachable and likeable in the locker room. No one is asking him to win a Superbowl on his own here, and I think everyone can agree that he was a disappointment in Buffalo. However, that does not mean that he did not fill his role as a backup competently or is useless to a team. The guy was overdrafted, and was average as a starter. That’s set in stone. We know that already. He’s a backup, quit overreacting.

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