Glazer doubles down on his bold OBJ prediction

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Last week, Jay Glazer made a bold prediction that ruffled plenty of feathers. So many feathers that the feather-ruffling ruffled his feathers.

This week, Glazer revisited his belief that the Giants may trade Odell Beckham, Jr. And Glazer isn’t backing down.

“When I made the prediction, I was a little surprised at how shocked everyone seemed to be. Plenty of trade rumors swirled around Beckham last year,” Glazer wrote for “John Mara had some sharp things to say about Odell last offseason before they signed him, and it was reported that he could be traded to the Rams and other teams, and, according to Chris Simms, the New England Patriots were reportedly also very interested. There were other teams calling around the trade deadline, so that wasn’t hidden information. It was Pat Shurmur who had to convince the Giants to re-sign him, that he would be worth it, that he would be able to keep the circus at a minimum.”

Glazer also pointed to Beckham’s in-season interview with ESPN: “He was asked about Eli Manning, that answer wasn’t great; he was asked about how he felt about playing in New York, that answer wasn’t great. Yes, my prediction that he’ll be traded is a bold one, as the question and answer stated, but if you look at the history, why is it so shocking?”

It’s not shocking, and it shouldn’t be surprising if Beckham is traded.

“[I]t turns out the Giants have a lot more holes than anyone thought,” Glazer writes. “They need massive help on the offensive line, they need a quarterback, they need pass rushers, plural, and they need linebackers. You’re not going to trade Saquon Barkley and you want to start building more around Saquon than you do around Odell. If you can take Odell and get some big bounty for him to fill more holes, I think that’s a wise business decision for the Giants. Giants fans may not agree, but if you can get several players for one, it might work. Whether or not they can get equal value for him, that I do not know.”

Regardless of whether the Giants officially are shopping Beckham, nothing stops an interested team from giving the Giants a call. And nothing stops that interested team from making an offer that may get the Giants’ attention. And nothing stops the negotiation from progressing to the point at which the Giants’ say yes.

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  1. I view Glazier as a guy who gives factual information as to what he is hearing around the league. Things like ‘word is Freeman’s knee is worse then thought.’ ‘McCoy’s troubles in Georgia probably won’t cause the Bills go take action.’ ‘Word is Hunt will be suspended at least 8 games.’
    Doesn’t matter if what he hears comes to pass. Though it’s better that more do then don’t. I see him as a fact reporter.

    That’s where this OBJ prediction is off the rails. He’s guessing. Maybe educated guessing. But not reporting what he’s heard.

  2. “That’s where this OBJ prediction is off the rails. He’s guessing. Maybe educated guessing. But not reporting what he’s heard.”


    Isn’t a prediction a guess?

  3. The problem with trading OBJ and any other star on their second contract and the concept of getting equal value. What is equal value for a player that is taking up about 11% of your salary cap? Is it another position player, say a top 10 left tackle, who eats up 10% of a teams cap? Is that a LB who is a second tier gut who takes up 5% of the cap and a decent but not great DE who eats up another 6% of the cap? Is it a 2nd, 6th and 7th round pick for players who will be low paid but potential contributors, thereby waiving any real cap impact? Equal value for a player on a Mega-contract isn’t the same as equal value for a star player on a team friendly deal or picks for picks. It isn’t just the on-field performance vs off-field headache but also includes the contribution to wins versus the salary cap hit. Also the current team has to consider what is equal value, OBJ received a $20MM signing bonus last year over a 5 year contract, which means the Giants would have to eat $16MM of that prorated bonus against this years cap for a player who will be catching balls for another team. It is rare that a mega contract is moved in the 2nd year, because of the cap implications and the complication of determine trade value. Players are typically worth more with 1 year left on a cheap contract than 80% left on a Mega-deal, because the acquiring team can then resign or extend the player on terms they find agreeable and no accelerated cap hits are involved.

  4. No idea if Glazer is just guessing or has insider information. But can’t argue with the overwhelming logical case for Giants trading Beckham away. Sinking a ton of money on a wide receiver when you have so many holes to fill does not make sense. And he can be a pain to deal with, on top of it all.
    Giant Fans: how would you feel about Beckham being traded? Would you buy into the idea that with freed up money management can build a winning team?

  5. Giants should not have paid hi.
    They were much better off beefing up the line and Defense while finding and integrating a new QB. Even if they kept Eli for another year or two.
    They are nowhere near the point of having a WR make much of a diff.
    Most teams never are.
    Good line and a great D are what wins these days…

  6. Glazner, like just about every ‘NFL insider’ gets some thing right, and some things completely wrong. That’s the business. Problem can develop when so called insiders start believing every story they come across is true.

  7. The asking price should be two First Round Picks.

    I would trade him for that, and I like Odell.

    The GIANTS do indeed have a lot of holes, and they are not constructed the way a good team should be.

    Build up both Lines and get a QB of the Future to go along with Saquon, Engram and move forward.

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