Kevin Colbert revisits comments on Ben Roethlisberger having “52 kids under him”

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Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert revisited his comments from earlier this week about trading wide receiver Antonio Brown during a Friday appearance on NFL Network and he also circled back to what he said about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger criticizing others in the organization.

Colbert said, among other things, that Roethlisberger has “52 kids under him” and that “if our players were smart, they’d listen to him” when he calls them out. On Friday, Colbert said that his point was that there was “tremendous value” in what Roethlisberger has to say and not to belittle others on the roster.

“Does that mean we have a bunch of juveniles or anything like that? No, of course not,” Colbert said. “We’ve got some really good veteran players like a Cam Heyward, or a Maurkice Pouncey who are unquestionable leaders as well. But they’re still not the Super Bowl-winning player that Ben Roethlisberger is. That’s why he is and will continue to be the unquestioned leader of this team. And I still think it would be valuable for all of our players to recognize that, not only ask Ben about that experience but also try to help him get us all back to that Super Bowl win.”

Between Le'Veon Bell‘s contract fights, the Brown saga and assorted other dramas, getting back to the Super Bowl has not been the issue in the forefront for the Steelers of late. If Colbert and company have a successful offseason, they could change that course.

31 responses to “Kevin Colbert revisits comments on Ben Roethlisberger having “52 kids under him”

  1. So basically, Roethlisberger brings championship experience to the table. Just about what every GM and HC says about every veteran player they bring in to help the team.

    Yet when the Steelers GM says the same thing about Ben, all if a sudden is controversy?

  2. These players are all men! not kids. They need to act like the professionals they are. Ben included. That takes 360 degree respect, which is a stretch to expect from these “professional men”!!

  3. For years the Steelers GM was anonymous. With comments like these he should probably go back into hiding.


    So I guess you want them to listen to someone never having been to a super bowl over Ben… should go into hiding with thoughts like that.

  4. Point #1 – Many refer to “NFL-Draft Prospects” as “kids”, even when they are about to enter the NFL, or are already playing in the NFL. No one ever blinks their eyes when this occurs. Non-issue here as far as i’m concerened, with the GM saying the word “kids”.

    Point #2 – *7 for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been the first and true franchise-quality quarterback this team has had since Terry Bradshaw. Results speak for themselves having #7 since 2004. He has been the single most relevant reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers have been an almost ‘constant threat’ every single year since 2004.

    If players themselves realize the simple facts regarding Ben, and what he has brought to the table, and still does AND if players have a genuine desire to bring home a Lombardi Trophy every season – they really should man-up & respect the notion that Ben is the leader of this team, has brought home to Pittsburgh 2 Trophies, and that without him, the chances of being “in the hunt” just about every season since 2004 would be dramatically lower. Dramatically.

  5. His latest remarks seem to be an attempt to make his last comments sound better. He failed again.

  6. Ironic how seemingly “easy and quick” the world can zoom-in, for instance, on Antonio Brown’s wonderful stats through the years – yet simultaneously ‘forget’ that in order for Brown to have those kinds of stats – someone had to make the throw for him to even be able to catch the pigskin to begin with.

    I hope Brown enjoyed the simple fact I mentioned above – for if he lands on a team without a “true franchise-quality-rated QB” – he is soon to discover just how important it is/was to have such a QB.

  7. whysosenestive445 says:
    February 22, 2019 at 2:30 pm
    There’s no kids in the nfl.. time for this dude to stop talking.

    At no point in my life will I ever seek life advice from some 23 yr old out of college. Half these dudes ARE kids. It’s not like their IQ gets bumped up another 50 points just because they’re physically talented enough to play a sport

  8. “Whyso senestive445”

    Well than you most certainly have been oblivious for many, many years….not realizing that many of the “draft experts” in fact do refer to college-aged men as “kids”.

    And to be honest – that is rather shocking that you, nor anyone else, fail to grasp this simple fact.

  9. Wow! This is ridiculous. I see why guys want out of Pittsburgh. Why would a GM say something like this? He just literally disrespected everyone else on the team. Given the fact of everything else that is swirling around the Steelers you should be the glue aka the peace maker. Say goodbye to any good free agents. He just verified everything AB has been saying.
    And its BS that he won Superbowl? Ben won those super bowls because of a great running game, a physical WRS and great defenses. When that went away he hasn’t been back.

    Say what you want about AB off the field but he is turning into one of the greats on the felid and has extended Bens career big time. Unbelievable.

  10. When the Steelers last won a Super Bowl, they had leaders other than Roethlisberger. Since he’s been the sole leader, they have trouble even getting to the AFCCG. Go ahead, keep counting on his leadership.

  11. “rageviral”

    98% of the ‘stench’ will evaporate immediately with Pittsburgh, upon the departure of the “Diva-Duo”. [Bell & Brown]

    Personally – I look forward to their exit.

  12. “DaRamsMan”

    The Pittsburgh Steelers wouldn’t have even had an opportunity to be in 3 super bowls since 2004, if it was not for #7. If you must, re-watch the seasons, for you to be enlightened here..

  13. Ben lost the Super Bowl in 2011. He has won exactly one playoff game since then. Quite a role model. The Patriots have 53 players who won Super Bowls. 17 who have won two ( tying Ben), and 10 with at least 3. They get along much better than the Steelers

  14. The Pats have been in a different universe than any other football team for years upon years. World knows this. And I fully respect what they have done.

    But I assure you [without proof]…

    The moment your #12 can no longer play, is the very moment your franchise becomes “normal” again.

    Embrace the “once-in-many-lifetimes” successes that the Pats have had, for when #12 is done, so is the franchise.

  15. “johnodocks”

    Pretty sure getting to the AFC Championship game is a mighty struggle for 28 professional football teams on a yearly basis.

    You have to be able to ‘zoom-out’ and examine the entire body of evidence before you. Not all have that ability, mind you.

    Without question – the single most relevant ingredient to the successes the Pittsburgh Steelers have had, since the year 2004, is due to Ben Roethsliberger as the starting quarterback.

  16. People want out of Pittsburgh? I’ve read many more reports on players who left Pittsburgh wishing they could return than I’ve read on someone wanting out of Pittsburgh. Le’Veon Bell threw a tantrum because the Steelers tagged him. If he’d played anywhere else and been tagged, he’d have thrown the same tantrum. Brown has never articulated exactly what’s wrong, but it seems to be a combination of not getting the ball every down, having his QB suggest he stop whining about not getting the ball, and seeing another receiver getting positive attention. It’s unlikely Bell will ever see more money than the Steelers offered, and at nearly 31, Brown’s best years are behind him. At some point, they’ll probably regret these decisions, though they’ll never admit it.

    It’s lovely that the Patriots have 53 players who’ve won Super Bowls. That has nothing whatsoever to do with this. Colbert’s point is that Roethlisberger is the quarterback, the senior player, and has led this team to three Super Bowls. Thus, he is the team’s leader and has developed some football wisdom along the way that might benefit younger players. Period. The same can be said for quarterbacks and senior players on every team–especially those with playoff/Super Bowl experience.

  17. I think the smartest think Kevin Colbert can do at this point is keep his mouth shut. Every time he says something it needs clarification.

  18. vikings1234 –

    Maybe it’s the [silly and overly sensitive] reactions he has received from some people regarding his original words, that guide him to feel as though he should release “clarification”.

    I’m not entirely sure, to be honest, for I personally feel as though Mr. Colbert said absolutely nothing “wrong”.

  19. matthewmtg45

    I agree with you. I think there is over reaction. It is the PC world we live in. At this point almost anything he says about any of the situations is going to get contorted. I did not mean to disrespect him – he’s a very smart guy. And anyone with half a brain knows he was not implying the rest of the team is made up of juveniles.

  20. Their QB, face of the franchise, and leader of the team is a rapist. And they want to extend him. Think about tHat for a moment…..

  21. I pray this team goes 0-16! They deserve exactly that after the nonsense I have heard come out of Colbert’s mouth. Get rid of your two best players and then call the biggest drama- queen-diva of them all, Big Ben, your unquestioned leader, and everybody should bow down??I have heard everything! Ben should have been shown the door with Santonio Holmes. At least Holmes won them a super bowl, while Ben, enjoyed riding the back of his defense. What a joke this team has become and comments like this makes me understand why. They are clueless. Ben is finished, he sucks and should have retired but not for AB and LeVeon carrying him and his interception throwing behind. SMH! I never thought I would see the day!

  22. @lordliftme: Santonio Holmes didn’t win them that Superbowl, it was a team effort. And let’s not forget, it was a superb throw by Ben to the only spot that it could be thrown that scored that touchdown. And yes, the defense was outstanding.

    However, again, Le’Veon doesn’t carry this team = they were fine with Connor in the backfield. His issue wasn’t with Ben, it was his contract, and frankly, I have more respect for him sticking to his guns (although I think it wasn’t the best move) than I do for Brown who has created this drama all because he blew through his guaranteed money. At what point shouldn’t it be said that what Brown has done is renege on his contract? The Steelers gave him an excellent contract with upfront money and he now wants more, with three more years left?

  23. Funny . . . AB said #7 had an “owner” mentality, and the GM basically said “Yes, and he is so entitled.”

    AB doesn’t seem so crazy anymore to me.

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