Kraft charges part of human trafficking sting

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The prostitution sting which included Patriots owner Robert Kraft was part of a larger sweep of Florida establishments regarding human trafficking.

Kraft has been charged with solicitation, and officials in Jupiter, Fla., said they have videotaped evidence of Kraft, who allegedly made two trips to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

“Our concern in this investigation centers around victims of human trafficking,” Jupiter Police Chief Daniel Kerr said, via Olivia Hitchcock of the Palm Beach Post.

Kerr also said they were working with interpreters and advocacy groups to gain more information about the women who were trafficked.

Kraft was one of 25 people charged with solicitation Friday. The crime is a second-degree misdemeanor, carrying a jail term of up to 60 days for first-time offenders. Kraft has issued a statement denying the charges.

The sting is believed to be linked to an international human-trafficking and prostitution ring. Florida and federal law defines human trafficking as “soliciting, recruiting, harboring, transporting or otherwise obtaining another person to exploit him or her for labor, domestic servitude or sexual exploitation.”

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said many of the women working at the locations involved in this week’s sweep were brought to the United States under the guise of having legitimate jobs, but were forced to work in the sex trade. The Orchids of Asia Day Spa had beds, dressers, and a kitchen, which suggests that people were living in the storefront unit.

48 responses to “Kraft charges part of human trafficking sting

  1. Human trafficking is a disgusting problem all over the world. Could be your daughter who is forced into this modern form of slavery. Kraft is enabling this type of business to exist.

  2. So did Kraft know this beforehand? No you say? Then shut up. We all know human trafficing is a bad thing. You can step off the soap box

  3. Even if it is true that a billionaire widower visited a massage parlour, that’s all it is, so far. There is no suggestion Kraft was trafficking, and he isn’t cheating on a wife, but that’s how it’s being portrayed. Are parlours illegal in Jupiter? Would Kraft have known? If not I’m not interested.

  4. Kraft probably thought he had a handshake agreement that The Orchids of Asia Day Spa would keep it quiet. Cops have a tough job. But you gotta hand it to them, they are hard on the job. And they stuck to this case like glue, to get their man.

  5. For Kraft, it’s a prickly predicament that he’s got himself into. Hell, that’s why lawyers get paid the big bucks. They have got the balls to talk their way out of a sticky situation.

  6. marvin1958 says:
    February 22, 2019 at 1:35 pm
    So did Kraft know this beforehand? No you say? Then shut up. We all know human trafficing is a bad thing. You can step off the soap box


    A majority of the sex trade is unfortunately forced, through drugs and/or human trafficing. The fact that this is not commonly known is unfortunate and allows people to go hire prostitutes to live in denial. watch any documentaries on it, they all say the same things. Amazingly sad what humans do to each other.

  7. This is why the whole canard of “victimless crime” is such malarkey! Most of the women forced into the sex trade are threatened with violence and even death if they try to leave!

    This is no joke and an old fool like Kraft should’ve known better!

  8. They kept the girls in these spas 24/7 and each one had 8 perverts a day stop in, according to the police reports.
    If you don’t know that you involved in a human trafficking ring when you go to a massage parlor that gives happy endings you’re a selfish fool or sociopath.

  9. Everyone who steps into a parlor knows its trafficking…
    You would think with all the Hotel and Casino owners Kraft knows, someone couldnt have set up an “arrangement” for him ?

    Thats the problem with rich people…they should never go to what they are wanting…they should have what they want come to them

  10. I will tell you this much: if Kraft is not forced to sell the Patriots than Jerry Richardson needs to sue the NFL because Goodell forced Richardson to sell for much less!

  11. The fact that these poor people are being forced into servitude makes my heart hurt. human trafficking is a huge issue world wide and the fact that Kraft frequented these massage parlors knowing what the situation was is inexcusable.his actions cannot go unpunished by the NFL

  12. People seem to be making a lot of assumptions beyond what the story actually says i.e. Kraft was a customer and not the owner or operator of the operation. Let’s see what develops before declaring guilt. We have already had one of those situations recently and it did a 180 from what was originally out there.
    For my own part, I am suspicious of this entire story. The town of Jupiter is having an election in the middle of March and the mayor is up for re-election. He apparently has some opposition. The timing of this must only be coincidental, right?

  13. Human trafficking is one of the worst crimes that can be committed, its modern day slavery and should be punished to the highest level possible.

    With that said, there are millions of women around the world who lead a daily life of prostitution by choice and this includes some of the women in massage parlors. Did Kraft make a mistake by paying for sex? Yes, because it is illegal in this country. If he was in say Australia, he would be free to pay for sex anytime he wanted it.

  14. Interesting. I mean deny deny deny will be the MO of the lawyers and Pat’s fans but they DID say they have VIDEO of him there.

    Guessing that sooner or later that will have to be produced and it’s gonna crush a lot of egos….

  15. Ol Bobby knew what was going on, this place is massage parlor in a strip mall. When ever does a billionaire need to go to a strip mall for a massage? He’s on video, He’s been there before. But bet your bottom dollar Kraft will throw a army of money and lawyers at it and it will all disappear as a big misunderstanding.

  16. Not a pats fan but I’m going with innocent until proven guilty. If they have him on video TMZ will probably find a way to get it and then we’ll know what he did or didn’t do. Looks bad and if he’s guilty punish him to the full extent of the law just saying it’s an allegation not a conviction.

  17. Most middle class guys wouldn’t visit an Oriental Massage parlor in a strip mall because we know those women are slaves brought straight off the boat from China!

    If we know it then you can’t bet the billionaire knew it too!

  18. And he’s not being charged with just visiting. A recorded solicitation must have happened. He can claim he asked to use the phone or whatever but they have to have him soliciting, apparently twice.

    Otherwise you’d charge the delivery guy, passer bys and the janitor for having “visited”.

    And he had to ASK first to be charged.

  19. Sorry, but the “lonely widower” thing doesn’t fly. Kraft has been dating a 39-year-old model. Men with that kind of money have no trouble finding willing young girlfriends without resorting to prostitutes. As others have said, when you frequent these establishments, you enable sex traffickers and their abuse of young women. Reports are that other names will be released. Hope no more NFL owners will be among them.

  20. He’s rich. He’ll buy his way out of it.

    I can’t understand why a guy with that much money would resort to going to one of those places. He’s worth $6B. You’d think he could find a higher class of recreation.

  21. Sex trafficking is a serious issue, but allowing sex work to remain illegal makes it much worse. The war on sex work is no different than the war on drugs. A complete failure…

    There are models that demonstrate the benefits of decriminalization. In 1995, the Australian state of New South Wales decriminalized sex work, then the whole country of New Zealand followed suit in 2003. As today, opponents feared this would cause an explosion in sex trafficking, but the results have been quite the opposite. A follow-up study in New Zealand in 2008 concluded that the sex trade had not only not increased, but more sex workers were able to leave the industry if they so chose, and even felt more encouraged to demand safer conditions. The American Civil Liberties Union, the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) have adopted official stances in favor of decriminalization.

  22. Read all comments and wow, there are some people who actually believe this is a political/whateva setup….are Patriot fans. Figures

  23. What no one here is discussing is the fact that this undercover sting by the authorities has allowed for the victims to continue being exploited for 6 additional months to gather evidence. I guess under supervision and hidden camera makes the pain more tolerable for everyone. More than 1 crime committed here!!!

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