Report: Bears to cut Cody Parkey

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Cody Parkey‘s missed field goal in the playoff loss to the Eagles will be his last as a Bear.

The Bears will release Parkey at the start of the league year, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

That’s going to be an expensive decision: Parkey is due $3.5 million guaranteed in 2019. The Bears have to pay that even if they cut him.

But Parkey had a poor season that had a terrible ending, and he seemed to alienate the Bears’ coaching staff and front office with the TV interview he gave days after his season-ending miss. Now he’s on the way out in Chicago, and the Bears will need to find a new kicker for 2019.

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  1. I rarely cheer against players since I usually remember they’re people with families and I want them all to be wildly successful.

    But for some reason when a Bears uniform goes on a guy watching him fall flat on his face never gets old.

    We’ll miss cheering for you to fail Cody.

  2. Was probably done after the double doink, but that Today Show interview sealed his fate.

  3. The Bears have kind of come off a little sleazy during the Matt Nagy era. First Nagy and a couple players mused about signing Kareem Hunt then they dump on Parkey for going on some talk show, knowing dang well they were going to cut him anyways.

  4. Still unexplained is why the bears gave him so much guaranteed money – was there a huge market for him? Pace’s worst mistake of 2018. Well, that or picking up Sims’ option.

    I’m glad they are cutting him and eating the money. If you make a mistake, you admit it, and you move on.

  5. With all the death threats from pathetic Bears fans, I hope he can now focus on football and not worry for his families safety.

  6. Scott Norwood, former Bills kicker who was “wide right” on a game winning FG in the Super Bowl against the Giants in 1991 said, “at least Cody Parker hit the crossbar and uprights!”
    Kickers are even more strange than wide receivers. They are always one kick away from The Twilight Zone.

  7. No parkey fan but the guy outscored that terrible qb they spent ton of draft picks on. Hopefully they cut turdbustky too, whoever the scout was that said spend 4 draft picks on turdbustky and pass on Mahomes should have been fired, but sadly thats our idiotic GM.

  8. I think what was really bad was the effort of many to paint him as a victim, who was “blocked”. It’s part of the kicker’s job to make sure his kicks aren’t blocked. A higher trajectory on what wasn’t that long a FG might have helped.

  9. At least he didn’t go on about the laces being in like that Finkle guy.

    If I was him I’d want a fresh start after that anyways. Or you know, take a few years off after making 7 figures for literally nothing.

  10. Parkey IS a good kicker. A $$ rich kicker. But Remember how fans hated on Josh Lambo and Randy Bullock and Dan Carlton and Jason Myers.They all bounced back.Probably the next kicker of the Seattle Seahawks.

  11. superfanentertainment says:
    February 22, 2019 at 5:57 pm
    After the fact that bad actor Jussie Smollet has been written off a show that has been described by most people as “an awful program”, this is the next best NON-shocker of the day.

    Some one cant read. He was only written off the last 2 episodes and was not fired. This post is about football and not a TV series.

  12. Still not sure what Parkey did wrong by doing the interview about his missed kick and all the death threats from Bears “fans”. All kind of players are doing interviews on television,radio,Sirius and podcasts all through the whole season and off season. Why this was so egregious to the coaching staff is quite baffling but they get the final say about who is to blame whether they admit the kick was partially blocked and not a miss by the kicker himself.

  13. “all the death threats from Bears “fans”.”

    You know for a fact there were death threats? You do realize plenty of people make up stories like this to get pity right?

  14. Not only was it blocked but it was blocked by a really good defensive tackle that John Gruden and the Raiders cut earlier in the season.

  15. It sends a weird message for sure. We stick by our players when they’re in a slump.


    He absolutely drilled the one prior to the T.O. Bear fans should be more concerned we were playing conservative football in one of the biggest games in a decade. Checkdowns for 0 yards against one of the worst, decimated secondaries.

    Good luck Cody, tough break.

  16. His kick was blocked. It was not a miss. But then a kicker should have made sure that he elevates the ball high enough to avoid getting blocked on a short field goal and extra points. The kicker that he replaced, Robbie Gould, had 2 great seasons in Frisco, and he is a free agent. May be the Bears will consider signing him.

  17. When my company did a layoff that I was a part of I only got 8 grand

    3.5 million for seriously sucking it up in ways they hadn’t seen in decades is down right criminal lol

  18. Pretty sure Parkey wasn’t going to be the kicker for the Bears after that odd tv interview it sealed his fate. maybe he’ll find another gig with another team but it’s unlikely

  19. He didn’t miss one kick. He missed 1/3 of his kicks. He was flat-out terrible and should have been cut mid-season. This will have to do. I don’t know how they could have thought about bringing him into the locker room next year full well knowing that you couldn’t trust him. Glad he’s gone. Good riddance.

  20. When told he was fired Cody Clanker walked towards the exit but hit the door frame, he turned askew and bumped into the other frame and really never made it out the door.

  21. He was guaranteed $9million at signing. 1 yr for $9mil must be one of the top annual salaries on record for a kicker. Good for him. Bears should’ve done a better job of playing defense at the end of the game and blocking Philly’s d tackle. He’ll get another chance. If Blair Walsh can, he should too!

  22. After the miss in Miami in OT that would have given the Bears a bye in the playoffs, he should have been cut. Terrible and very costly signing. Lots of dead money that could have been used resign Amos and Callahan.

  23. The Bears are going to have one big hangover season. .500 at best.

    They traded away their draft picks for Mack who disappears too often, and they lost Fangio who made that defense.

    So long Bears, it’s 3rd or 4th place for you next year.

  24. I totally agree the death threats were stupid,and hopefully wont get carried out. I remember when Packers coach Dan Devine and Packer player Turnstile Tony Mandariches Dogs were shot,by Packer fans,,it just goes to show there are people in this world that take things to far!

  25. beardownfromthefrontrange says:
    February 22, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    It sends a weird message for sure. We stick by our players when they’re in a slump.


    He absolutely drilled the one prior to the T.O. Bear fans should be more concerned we were playing conservative football in one of the biggest games in a decade. Checkdowns for 0 yards against one of the worst, decimated secondaries.

    Good luck Cody, tough break.


    Did you miss the Miami game he cost us, which in fact would been the tie breaker win to secure the 1st round bye?

    Did you see the game against the Lions where he hit the goal posts 4 times in one game?

    This kid is terrible and he was a major part in the Bears missed (HUGE) window with a very hot team to be in the Superbowl.

  26. It seems like kickers as a whole in the NFL have deteriorated. Or I wasn’t paying paying close enough attention back in the day, but it seems like only half the teams these days gave a Mr. Reliable on their roster.

  27. @BlackandBlue—-throughandthrough

    Miami was a 53yd miss outdoors. Bears took the Dolphins lightly and THAT’S what cost them the game.

    Kyle Fuller dropped a gimme pick in Week 1. There’s a ton of games you could go back on.

    Hitting the post in the Dome was brutal. He did go back to work and work on his craft. He was fairly automatic as that practice at Soldier Field kicked him in the ego.

    It’s over now, whatever. Still concerned were not in the same league as the Pats. Need to be aggressive and never take the foot off the accelerator. Eagles game was pathetic. Rams game Trubisky was rusty. Eagles should’ve had no excuse.

  28. Too much Funk associated with Parkey.

    Who did not think it would be him who ended the playoff run?

    He’ll probably have a fantastic season somewhere else.

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