Robert Kraft and all owners are subject to NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft is subject to the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy and could face league discipline including a suspension after authorities in Florida announced today that he is one of dozens of people caught in a prostitution sting.

Although players are usually the ones suspended, the league has always made clear that the personal conduct policy applies to anyone affiliated with the NFL.

“It is a privilege to be part of the National Football League,” the first paragraph of the policy reads. “Everyone who is part of the league must refrain from ‘conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in’ the NFL. This includes owners, coaches, players, other team employees, game officials, and employees of the league office, NFL Films, NFL Network, or any other NFL business.” (Emphasis in original.)

In 2014, the NFL suspended Colts owner Jim Irsay six games and fined him $500,000 for driving while impaired. Irsay is the only owner to be suspended by the league since 1999, when 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo was suspended for the entire season for his part in a Louisiana gambling scandal. DeBartolo would never regain control of the team, instead ceding control to his sister, Denise DeBartolo York, and her family.

If the league finds that Kraft has committed conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the NFL, he could be suspended, and kept away while the Patriots commemorate their sixth Super Bowl title under his ownership.

18 responses to “Robert Kraft and all owners are subject to NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy

  1. At least the Patriots not having the Thursday Night Season Opener works out from a publicity standpoint now.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kraft has to sitout a few games and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots push pause on revealing the 6th banner until he returns.

  2. This is Rog’s chance to bring the Patriots back to the level of the other 31 teams in the league by taking all the draft picks from the team for the next 2 years. I doubt that would even do it. LOL!!

  3. Im convinced this guy paid brady off the books all of these years. No one with the ego of brady would settle to get paid so cheaply. I hope someone does an investigation and reveal to the world what a bunch of cheaters they really are.

  4. Suspending an owner has no bearing on day to day ops. NFL owners are all multi-millionaires, so a fine is no big deal. The only way to discipline an owner is with draft picks.

  5. If Jerry Richardson was forced to sell, to keep things out of the public -after nondisclosure agreements were sighed… Robert Kraft should sell his team as well. By the way non-disclosure means you can’t disclose anything. (the same thing the NFL just signed with CK and ER) kind of ironic and sad.

  6. “His wife passed away. Jeez. And I am anti-Patriots.”

    That was back in 2011. He’s now got a gorgeous actress girlfriend 40 years younger than he is that he’s been with since 2012. She’s very much alive and they just had a baby last year.

  7. I care about this being an international sex trafficking ring and all the victims. I don’t care that it was an owner, manager, player, politician, priest, father, mother, neighbor, or whomever going to prostitutes however.

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