With three first-rounders, Jon Gruden leaving options open

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With three first-round selections, the Raiders have flexibility in the draft. Coach Jon Gruden said Friday afternoon the team will consider all options, including trading one or more of their first-rounders.

“I think so,” Gruden said on The Game Plan podcast on the team’s website. “I think there’s a lot of potential for trades, and I think that’s one of the things I’m excited about [with] Mike Mayock. What he brings to the table, he’s got great resources around the NFL. He’s been in every building. He’s on a first-name basis, everybody knows Mike, and I think he’s going to be on the phones quite a bit with the two picks you talked about. Who knows? We may move up with the No. 4 pick. We may move back with that pick. We’ll see how it all unfolds.”

The Raiders have plenty of holes to fill after ranking 23rd in total offense, 26th in total defense and winning only four games. The question becomes whether they will draft a quarterback with any of their first-round picks.

Gruden, though, said he and Mayock are concentrating on the free agent market for now. After trading Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack last year, the Raiders have plenty of cap room.

“That’s what we’ve been doing the last 10 days,” Gruden said. “We’ve been doing nothing but studying free agents. Guys [whose] contracts are up. Obviously, we aren’t looking to add players that are at the end of their career. We’re looking for blossoming young players, [and] those guys usually don’t get to free agency. The pickings are slim for everybody, but there are a couple diamonds in the rough. We’ll see where the market goes, but you don’t want to spend all your money that you have on a few free agents. You want to try and keep some of that money available in case a trade might develop during the draft.”

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  1. This off-season could go a long way in determining Gruden’s success or failure. It looks like they have $71M to spend in addition to the draft picks. He could pick up at least half a dozen players, or more, to come in and contribute and win a bunch more games. Or they could finish out of the playoffs again. Whatever happens, he has a real chance to fill some holes. If he can manage to do that they’ll be in good shape. Only time will tell.

  2. I think Haskins’ stock will be through the roof come draft day.Both the Cardinals and the Raiders have to realize they don’t have their QB,right? I think the Raiders would be smart to trade all 3 picks to the Cards to draft Haskins and the Cards not so smart to accept those picks.

  3. None of this draft year’s QB are great and worth a 1st rounder, some are very good. Some desperate team will trade up to get ahead of the Giants, Raiders should trade back for 1st rounders next year where the crop of QB’s look much better. This year’s draft looks to be more like the Bortles, EJ Manuel and Gabbert drafts (Cam went 1st then three 1st round busts) where desperate teams draft a QB.

    Urban Meyer QB’s have never made it in the NFL, with some being major busts.

  4. Correction… with 2 horrible first round picks from ridiculously stupid trades and the Raidahs traditional assed-out high 1st round pick.

  5. If Gruden was running the show on his own I could see him packaging their 2 late first round picks to move back into the top 10. But mayock knows the value of 1st round picks–and the 5th year option of those picks–and he seems too level headed to make knee jerk draft day moves

  6. I hate the Raiders, but thinking objectively I think they should try to build up the defense the best they can with those 3 picks. Either pick a player at all 3 levels of the defense with them, or else look to load up the front 7, the best pass rusher available, the best interior player available and then the best linebacker available. A great front 7 can majorly improve a secondary, but with the rules the way they are the best secondary can’t cover forever without getting a penalty (at least) if the front 7 can’t create pressure.

    However thinking as a Bronco fan I hope they channel their inner Al Davis and select a QB that can throw it 75 yards (but with no work ethic or ability to read a D), a receiver that can run a 4.30 but can’t catch the ball or run anything other than a go route. And of course a first round kicker.

  7. Everybody knows Chucky is stuck in 2003, but on the other hand. I don’t know of ANY team that wouldn’t make room for Mike Mayock. Especially with the draft. If Mike runs this FA period and draft. It could be the Raiders best off-season ever. If Chucky does. I except a disappointing downhill run.

  8. Dallas should trade Tank Lawrence for Oakland’s first rounder and a 2nd rounder.. Gruden is stupid enough to do it.

  9. Alex Smith was an Urban Meyer QB.

    Actually higher on Grier than Haskins.

    Raiders don’t need to go big in free agency. Players won’t sign if they don’t know where they will play Oakland/Vegas/Tucson?

  10. Gruden likes trading draft picks for washed-up veterans. But based on his track record in Tampa and the Raiders 2018 draft Gruden can’t hit the broadside of a barn with his draft selections. So trading the picks away may be the best of the dismal options available while the “coaching genius” is in control.

  11. The raiders may have a lot of cap room, but the owner has no cash. So don’t look for the Raiders to sign anything but backups in FA. And they will probably trade two first rounders for later picks (costs less).

  12. Hoping we sign Trent Brown and Trey Flowers via free agency.

    Then in the draft any two or three of these players in round one – depending upon whether there is a trade available for one of the three round one picks.

    Greedy Williams
    DK Metcalf
    Dalton Risner (Gruden’s interaction with the guy at the Senior Bowl was fun to watch)

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we went with Kyler Murray. And if Jeffrey Simmons falls (acl) to our late round one picks, no real objection there either. Although I really like Hurst and Russell from last year at DT.

  13. Trading their first round pick(s) for a quarterback whose team ranked 25th in the league in passing yards in 2018? Someone who is in the final year of his contract? Someone who threw an interception on the one yard line in the Super Bowl when a TD would have won the game? Petey is waiting for your call.

  14. Not sure what’s funnier the Gruden bashers or the whiny fake Raider fans complaining about Gruden day in and day out . HAHAAAA

    Give the guy a chance we will see how 2019 draft goes its a pivotal point in Grudens success!

  15. All hail to Gruden the “coaching genius” (that no other team was interested in hiring last year) and to Son-of-Al who’s a helluva owner (despite all evidence that he’s the worst in pro sports). That is the narrative of those who drink the internet group-think kool aid and call those knowledgeable fans who dare to express an independent opinion based on reality “fake fans”.

    If I cared enough about what anonymous internet strangers “think”, I could almost feel an iota of pity. But instead I just have to laugh it off.

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