Eric Reid takes issue with article on Panthers’ website regarding Colin Kaepernick

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The Panthers have engaged in a public debate regarding quarterback Colin Kaepernick, sort of.

Six days after lawyer Mark Geragos suggested that the Panthers may sign Kaepernick, Bill Voth of addressed the issue in a Q&A column. One specific comment caught the attention of Panthers safety Eric Reid.

“Kaepernick hasn’t been on a field in two seasons,” Voth initially wrote, “he lost his starting job at Blaine Gabbert at the start of 2016 and is 32-32 all-time as a starter.”

Reid correctly pointed out the flaw in Voth’s logic regarding Kaepernick: “He didn’t lose his job to Blaine. He was coming off of three surgeries and needed more time to heal. Once healed, he started again. No more false narratives in 2019 please.”

Reid is right, and the fact that Voth passed along one of the various false Kaepernick narratives demonstrates how deeply rooted they’ve become. To the team’s credit, the language in question was later revised to say that Kaepernick “briefly saw his starting job go to Blaine Gabbert after dealing with shoulder soreness ahead of the 2016 season.”

While the revision still understates the impact of a trio of surgeries on Kaepernick’s preparedness to start in 2016, it’s better than sticking with the incorrect characterization that Gabbert, who remains gainfully employed by an NFL franchise, won an open competition with Kaepernick. Gabbert definitely didn’t.

None of this changes the fact that Kaepernick has been shunned by the NFL’s 32 teams, or that the shunning likely will continue. Regardless of whether the Panthers or any other team accurately or inaccurately lists the reasons for his unemployment, it would be a surprise if the Panthers or any other team gives him a job.

49 responses to “Eric Reid takes issue with article on Panthers’ website regarding Colin Kaepernick

  1. Eric Reid needs to check himself and be thankful the Panthers picked him up otherwise he still is unemployed or playing in the developmental league or in the Great White North league. Just zip it, do your job, and be thankful a team took a chance on you.

  2. Remember when Kaep was benched for Gabbert after passing for 4(!) yards through three quarters at Chicago? Yeah, everyone remembers that and Kaep going 1-10 during his QB carousel of a season.

  3. Would it have been better if they wrote ‘after taking over for Gabbert in 2016, he led the 49ers to a 1-10 record with that one win was a one point victory against the same team Gabbert beat in the opener. The same team that then fired their coach after the season’?

    Because that is not a false narrative.

  4. Kaepernick has not shown any proof that he is keeping a steady regimen of training to be able to be assessed as employed, let alone picked up by any team.

    I also didn’t see his camp shooting down the supposed 20 million salary demand for the AAF which of course wouldn’t happen (That amount would exhaust the entire salary cap for a single team or two.) It was just another example of him playing both sides where he says ready/willing to play but then doing countermeasures that assure that no employment progress can occur. He is a hypocrite and a moral fraud.

  5. And when he started again he played just as well/poorly as Blaine Gabbert had before him. Doesn’t matter if he was recovering from surgery or not. He lost the job because he didn’t have it anymore. He didn’t magically get it back when he started again and he won’t magically be the same now years later. If he played now his peak would be Nathan Peterman without the dumb interceptions.

  6. Actually, Kaep was benched for Gabbert a few times. In 2015, after Kaep went 2-6 as a starter he was benched. In 2016, during the preseason he actually did play. He had a 54% completion rate and Kelly benched him to begin the season. Kaep then began his protest. During week 6 of that year, Kaep then got his job back against the Bills. Week 12 against the Bears, he threw for 4 yards and was benched yet again for Gabbert. So, yes, Reid, Kaep was in fact benched for Gabbert, not only to replace him during games, but also replaced him as a starter.

  7. No false narrative that 7 struggled as a starter shortly after their SB season. He is not worth the headache.

  8. This is why the collusion settlement was a poor decision – or, at the very least, was poorly put together. By settling, there will forever be a cloud of suspicion over the NFL – and furthermore, it seems to have done NOTHING to quell the “Kaepernick needs to be signed” narrative coming from both Kaepernick’s agent, as well as this idiot Reid.

    Just when I thought politics was finally getting out of the NFL, this settlement has just re-lit the pilot and noe this nonsense will continue.

    Great job as always, Goodell…

  9. If Kaepernick wants back in why isn’t he out doing the publicity tour? I’m sure GMA and the like would have him on. Maybe release some workout videos OR God forbid go play in another league like Canada or Arena. His case for another shot would have a lot more weight if he was doing any of these things.

  10. Eric Reid reminds me of the Martin Lawrence character in Spike Lees movie Do the Right Thing. No thoughts of his own just simply parrotting someone else and adding fuel to the fire.

  11. So the NFL hands over some pocket change, the Kaep camp can’t air their dirty laundry, Kaep will never play in the NFL again, and the kneeling protests are all but dead.

    Can’t help but feel like the ole’ NFL won this one

  12. I wouldn’t call it shunning; I’d call it good business sense. What NFL team is going to sign a QB that hasn’t thrown a ball in 2 years, wasn’t that good when he did, wants big money to return and then tick off the teams fans if he did? And yes, the “shunning” will continue.

  13. Let’s brrak this down to simple science.
    1. 32 teams don’t need a QB now or in the past 2 years, at least not an average at BEST QB.
    2. He wasn’t or ever will play for league minimum or back-up pay.
    2a. If he really wanted to play football, the AAF offered him a contract, but he’s very greedy and wouldn’t play for such a small salary.
    Add it all up. It’s not about the politics of ALL the teams, but more about his ego not allowing him to play for a lowered salary.

  14. Once again, CK made a conscious decision to turn himself into a marketing nightmare and no team wants to deal with the inevitable backlash from fans if they sign him. It really is that simple. CK is not a victim here. What has happened to him he did to himself.

  15. He lost his starting job the season before his protest and delayed his surgeries so the niners would be on the hook for his salary if they cut him.

  16. There are plenty of false narratives to go around on both sides of this tired Kaepernick debacle. His unemployment has nothing to do with ability, and there’s nothing wrong with that when he’s bad for business and it doesn’t prove collusion.

  17. Kaepernicks whole game was the one read run pass option. The NFL changed the rules the year after the 49ers were in the SB about when the QB becomes and running back on the play fake. That effectively ended his effectiveness along with RGIII. Add that up with losing 20 lbs of muscle mass due to a Vegan lifestyle and not being capable of reading coverages, that’s where we’re at.

  18. I don’t know Eric Reid. Not in the slightest. However, after observing what he’s had to say over the last few years, I’ve been able to guess that his life philosophy can be summed up as something along the lines of “Facts be damned, full speed ahead.”

  19. So he was starting, played poorly (add excuse here) and the team benched you for another GB. The QB that took your spot was Gabbert. Ummm what’s false about saying he was benched for Gabbert? He was benched for Gabbert. The reason may be his shoulder hurt.. but he really never played well again after that.

    I remember Mathieu from the Cardinals saying Gabbert gave them a better chance to win:

    In the Cardinals’ 47-7 blowout of the 49ers in Arizona in Week 3, Kaepernick was intercepted four times, with a pair of pick-sixes.

    Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu gave scathing, if respectful, views on the San Francisco 49ers’ offense, with Blaine Gabbert having replaced Colin Kaepernick, on a conference call with Bay Area media on Wednesday.

    “It does (look different),” Mathieu said of the Niners’ offense. “Not to take anything away from Kaepernick, but it seems like Gabbert has a little bit better grip on what’s going on if he gets in a situation. He knows where the ball needs to go.

  20. It’s an amazing country when you can successfully sue the league/team that currently employs you for collusion……when you just signed a 3 year contract!!

  21. What is Mark Sanchez’s record? He doesn’t seem to have a problem finding employment each year.

  22. chrisrivero1527 says:
    February 23, 2019 at 10:09 am
    EJ Manual just got signed. Has he even won an NFL game.
    And your point is ??????

  23. chrisrivero1527 says:
    February 23, 2019 at 10:09 am
    EJ Manual just got signed. Has he even won an NFL game.

    This is likely what is known as a camp arm. And I have a feeling Manuel signed for significantly less that what Kap wants.

  24. I feel bad for the Panthers organization! They probably thought they were signing a humbled player with integrity who could ball! What did they REALLY get? …………….?

  25. It really doesn’t matter whether he lost his job to Gabbert. The point is that he is still good enough to be a backup or employed in the NFL. The fact that he isn’t is why the NFL had to settle. Everyone knows this except the idiots on this post.

  26. I don’t like the guy but if he hired me as his PR guy. I could get him another shot. It’s really simple.

    —————–A plan for KAP to come back——————–

    If Squidwerd wants back in the NFL he should go on record saying he will take the veteran minimum and go to a team that doesn’t have a 5 star QB. His rep should call every team in the NFL. Go to whatever team offers him a chance for training camp and show the league exactly what he can do. During training camp make it clear that you will take no interviews and make no statements. Stay off all social media sources. Tell your idiot girlfirend to close her social media accounts and do not take any interviews.

    I even have a plan that would win him back the fans (after preseason):
    (From above) Shut-up about the flag and kneeling during the games.
    Donate every dollar of salary earned to whatever social justice cause you choose.
    Stand for the anthem.
    During your mandatory press conference, go on record that “you are not anti-police” – because thats where you started this..

    ON HIS OWN TIME – away from the field:
    Say that he believes _________ recieve disparite treatment from police and that he wants more attention paid to incidents where police use excessive force.
    Start a non-profit to investigate incidents of excessive force to actually study and measure the breadth of the problem. Use your settlement money to pay for investigators and attorneys to ensure that incidents worthy of attention are prosecuted.

    There you go – He will do none of these that’s why he will remain unemplyed.

  27. If he wanted to play the AFL called. 1 year prove it deal to the NFL. He made a crazy demand and basically said no thanks.

    Stop pushing the narrative that the sole reason he isn’t playing is because he protested the anthem.

  28. I won’t attend a game where the players don’t stand and show respect for the country during the national anthem. This doesn’t make me a racist. I understand their issue and respect their right to their opinion. I also understand the position of my friends and relatives that served our country. They are also entitled to their opinion. This does not make them racist. It makes them proud of heir service and those that also served. I choose to support my friends and family rather than Kap’s cause. You have to choose one or the other. We all have a right to choose. Racism does not have to drive the decision. I recognize it does in some. It does not drive my decision.
    The teams know that many, many people feel the way I feel. This is why they don’t sign Kap. That does not make them racist and does not make them guilty of collusion.

  29. Everyone’s memory fades. He had lost body mass with his vegan diet, didn’t look the same, didn’t play the same…and the missing fact that is always forgotten is CK optioned out / terminated his own $13M deal he was set to be paid because he was sure he would get paid $20M somewhere else.

    One of the worst self inflicted wounds in sports history

  30. Right now, Kirk Cousins is 34-37-2 as a starter. He’s been to the playoffs fewer times than Kap and has no playoff wins. He’s also played more full seasons than Kap. There aren’t 31 starting QB’s that are better than Kap.

  31. Let’s assume the kneeling and collusion thing is over. Strictly on football ability, Josh Johnson and Mark Sanchez are not more talented than CK. You’re telling me that CK couldn’t beat them out? Right. They stink.

  32. Gabbert and Kaep both played in the 2016 preseason and the 49ers picked one of them as the starter. Kaep even ran several times which would be a strange thing to do if you were too injured to start.

  33. Kaepernick isn’t a great quarterback, but he would be a solid backup on a team that plays his type offense. But his style of play limits his value to only a handful of teams. Jay Gruden said Washington didn’t bring in Kaepernick when McCoy was injured because it would require too much retooling of the offense, and that’s a reasonable explanation. It doesn’t mean Gruden thought Sanchez is the better quarterback because Sanchez is not a better quarterback than Kaepernick. If we’re being honest about his football ability and leaving politics out of the mix, Kaepernick is good enough to have a backup position somewhere in the league–and Carolina might be a nice fit. But even if he’d stayed in the league, he wouldn’t be a big-time starter. The only reason he ever became a starter is because of Jim Harbaugh … who’s no longer coaching in the NFL.

  34. Both Voth and Reid are correct! Dude can’t be a good enough QB to be as big of a distraction as he’ll surely be.

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