Trent Richardson continues to make plays in the AAF

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Christian Hackenberg has been a disaster in the Alliance of American Football, but another former NFL draft bust is making the most of the chance the AAF is giving him.

Trent Richardson, the former No. 3 overall pick, is continuing to play well for the Birmingham Iron, scoring another touchdown on a tough run up the middle in the second quarter of today’s game. Richardson is the AAF’s leader this season with four rushing touchdowns.

None of this means Richardson is going to get another chance in the NFL. It’s entirely possible that NFL teams will look at Richardson’s extraordinarily underwhelming performance with the Browns and Colts (and his inability to even make the 53-man roster after signing with the Raiders and the Ravens) and decide that he simply isn’t good enough to play at the highest level.

But Richardson is doing enough in the AAF that there will at least be teams considering bringing him in for a look this year. After he spent two full seasons without getting so much as a spot on a 90-man training camp roster, it’s a credit to him that he hasn’t given up and is putting himself in the mix for one more chance in the NFL.

UPDATE 6:10 p.m. ET: Richardson scored another touchdown in the third quarter, giving him a league-leading five on the season. He then scored the two-point conversion after that touchdown.

UPDATE II 6:39 p.m. ET: Richardson scored his third touchdown of the day in the fourth quarter, giving him a league-leading six on the season.

20 responses to “Trent Richardson continues to make plays in the AAF

  1. Dang, do you know how easy it was to find a non-trademarked T. Richardson image by searching google? Twas pretty, pretty easy. Maybe he gets another chance or maybe he’s just playing inferior talent? Hope he can find his way – good for him for not giving up.

  2. Football Makes Me Tingle says:
    February 24, 2019 at 6:44 pm
    Good for him, but I’m worried about the league as a whole. A handful of these teams are averaging only about 8k fans a game, they gotta put butts in the seats if this league is to survive.


    I too am worried about the league. I tuned in last week and this week for a little while and…it’s not very good product. They need to figure out a way to up the offensive output. Bad football is better than no football, I guess. But no one can move the ball!

  3. To Trent – keep trucking. Wasn’t impressed with the play in the NFL but it had to do with aggressiveness hitting the hole. Different level of competition or not, you’re hitting the hole. Keep doing what you’re doing you may get that shot and I always root for that.

    On the general subject of AAF…I just say relax. It is 3 weeks in. The novelty has worn off, the play has ranged from very good/exciting to similar watching the Jets and Miami play. It’s going to take time. I remain behind it. I’d rather read about this than prostitution stings. Even if this one makes me chuckle.

  4. So far the Birmingham Iron look the strongest. If the Iron can continue, Birmingham has a shot to win it all and bring a championship to this great football city. Hopefully San Antonio and San Diego will finish the night with a great game!

  5. After 3 games –
    He’s averaging 20 carries for 49 yards a game.
    2.5 yards a carry

    That’s really bad.

  6. Are these guys watching the same games?? He’s an average running back in this league at best. He does get hit behind the line a decent amount, but when he doesn’t he still can’t hit a hole. All his TDs are overrated its like Blunt last year, give him the ball inside the 5.

  7. I continue to make plays as well… on my co rec softball team. Not exactly a springboard to the big leagues unfortunately.

  8. I’m not sure what games the above people are watching. He is definitely showing that he is way too much for the players in the backup league to handle. Teams are stacking the box against him and he’s still averaging 2 TD’s a game. That 2.5 yards a carry is with 6 people on his back. You know… plays that usually result in a negative in front of the number.

    This is easily the best he’s looked since that “underwhelming” rookie season where he only broke Jim Browns rookie rushing record.

  9. If you’re watching the games, it’s obvious he still has no vision. He gets his 2.5 yards per carry because of his size and knocking people backwards as he runs into them. His TD “production” is because his team gives him the ball at the goalline. He’s broken off how many big plays? Yeah, he has zero chance of NFL success; he’s just not good enough.

    It was good to see Memphis finally pull the plug on Hack and let Mettenberger play. Zack has a chance to stick as an NFL backup somewhere, I believe. Charles Johnson of Orlando may also find his way back to the big league.

    Clearly, though, there are better defensive players in the AAF overall, than offensive players. It’s fun to watch since there’s little else to watch right now.

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