AAF does its first-ever scheduling flex


Week Four is looming for the Alliance of American Football, and the eight-team league has adjusted its schedule for Saturday.

The AAF has announced that Saturday’s games will flip, with Orlando at Salt Lake moved to prime time and San Diego at Memphis shifted to 4:00 p.m. ET. The bigger difference comes from the fact that the 8:00 p.m. ET start will be televised by NFL Network. The early game streams only.

The Orlando-Salt Lake contest is being hyped as the first-ever meeting between Steve Spurrier and Dennis Erickson. Which is pretty much all that can be done when the players don’t have name recognition.

9 responses to “AAF does its first-ever scheduling flex

  1. My biggest issue with the AAF is that it’s difficult for me to figure out where I need to go to watch the games. Sometimes it’s CBS, sometimes it’s NFL Network. I never know, so I just hope to catch them when they’re on at the bar. I wish they advertised the programming better, because I do really enjoy the games.

  2. We love watching competent QB’s. Some of the no-name QB’s in the AAF have been worth watching. Some of the QB’s who were put on the field because their names were recognizable, have caused some people to turn off their TV’s.

  3. If the AAF is to succeed they need to find a TV network most people get an basis or expanded basis expanded cable. Channels like ESPN, and TNT come to mind. Too many games are on channels that cost extra to watch or are on streaming services. The AAF needs to appeal to the every day person.

  4. So far I’ve been following the AAF like a follow basketball. I sorta care enough to read news about it and learn who the good teams are. I look at the standings and watch streaming highlights on the website. But I haven’t watched a single minute of live action.

  5. I was wondering when they were going to do this. I’ve watched most every game and the level of play is improving, but still way too many dropped balls by receivers. Offensive line play was expected to be below par and it is. It’s truly developmental football. We’ve never truly had a league like this. I expect to see quite a few of these guys on NFL rosters next year. Give it some time.

  6. The games are great to watch and definitely a good option without NFL or NCAA this time of year. I agree, if all games were televised based on the week 1 and 2 ratings there would be a much larger following. Trying to stream via various platforms is a nightmare even for the most tech advanced.

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