Raiders have the most draft capital, Bears have the least

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In Year 1 after the Khalil Mack trade, it looked like a big win for the Bears. Year 2 may look different.

The Bears made the playoffs with Mack leading their defense, while the Raiders were one of the worst teams in the NFL last season. But so far, the Raiders haven’t actually acquired anything through the Mack trade, and the Bears haven’t lost anything. And that changes starting with this year’s NFL draft, when the Raiders have the Bears’ first-round pick and sixth-round pick.

In fact, the Raiders have the most draft capital in the NFL this year, and the Bears have the least: René Bugner calculated the total value of all draft picks for all 32 teams, using both the point value on Jimmy Johnson’s famous draft chart, and on the updated chart that Chase Stuart developed in 2012. Both charts show the Raiders as the team with the most draft value, and the Bears with the least.

That’s in large part because of the Mack trade, but there’s more to it than that: The Raiders also acquired the Cowboys’ first-round pick with the Amari Cooper trade, plus the Seahawks’ seventh-round pick for trading safety Shalom Luani. The Bears also traded away their second-round pick to move up in last year’s draft and select wide receiver Anthony Miller.

The Cardinals, owners of the first overall pick, have the second-most draft capital, and the Packers (who own the Saints’ first-round pick) are in good draft shape as well. Unsurprisingly, after the Bears, the two teams in the worst position in the draft are the two other teams that have traded away their first-round picks, the Saints and Cowboys.

55 responses to “Raiders have the most draft capital, Bears have the least

  1. Not a Bears fan but they already got good use out of Mack. The Raiders still have to draft well and have a kid with a good attitude before they get any production. So far.. advantage Bears…..

  2. “Both charts show the Raiders as the team with the most draft value, and the Bears with the least.”

    Well, that is until the Raiders screw it up. Just sayin’

  3. I’d rather have the least draft capital with Mr. Mack under contract over the most draft capital without him.

  4. Having a large number of draft picks only benefits a team if the one in control of making the selections knows what he’s doing.

    Unfortunately for the Raiders, Gruden’s track record in that capacity speaks for itself.

  5. glac1 says:
    February 25, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    Not a Bears fan but they already got good use out of Mack.
    They gave up tons of draft capital to acquire a guy making a cap-busting salary. If this move is to be considered a success, they need to make hay right now while they have a QB on a rookie deal. And making hay does not meen making the playoffs and losing in round 1.

  6. Mack got 90 mill guaranteed and a 30 mill signing bonus and guess what he didn’t help the Bears win a playoff game …luv Mack still have his jersey good luck to him . Raider$$ got two years of first round draft picks Mayock will bring home the bacon in the draft !!!

    Only time will tell !!


  7. Speaking of Jimmy Johnson, I remember him being ridiculed when he traded away the Cowboys best player, Herschel Walker, and all he got in return were draft picks. Eventually those draft picks produced 3 super bowl wins, and now when they talk about those three championships it’s the Herschel Walker trade that gets the credit. Just for the fun of it, go back and google some of the things that were being written about Jimmy Johnson before that trade came to fruition. That’s why you have to wait and see, folks.

  8. The raiders will try to draft somebody like Mack, and probably fail. The Bears have somebody like Mack.

    Getting back the 2nd round pick in next year’s draft easily makes the trade a win for the Bears – I’d consider it a win even without that. Gruden banked on the Bears being below average this year to get value for Mack in higher picks. That tells you all you need to know about him.

  9. Barring serious injury in his prime, Khalil Mack is a future HOFer. Herschel Walker has never seriously been considered for the HOF.

    Dallas received a lot more from the Vikings for Walker than Gruden got in exchange for Mack.

    Jimmy Johnson had a wealth of knowledge about college players coming out of the draft given his background as a successful college HC. Gruden already has an established track record of failure when it comes to making draft selections.

  10. If Mack was available in this 2019 draft, he’d be the first player taken. Bears win the trade…Enough said

  11. Not a Raiders fan at all, but they and Gruden shouldn’t be bashed too much because they’re clearly in rebuilding mode and thinking long term. Gruden has the luxury of a long term contract so he won’t be punished for losing horribly now. Draft picks will have to wait 3-4 years to see if they were good decisions or not. Right now it looks terrible for the Raiders because Cooper and Mack had terrific seasons with their new teams. Wait before trashing Gruden too much. They can’t say they are rebuilding for PR purposes as they try to get people to buy season tickets, though any rational thinking fan can clearly see their what’s happening. If you decide to still buy a season ticket in Oakland knowing the Raiders will put out an inferior product and are abandoning Oakland, well good for you.

  12. “Raiders, just don’t draft any Buckeyes. After what you all did with Gareon Conley you guys are banned from drafting Buckeyes.”

    You mean the Gareon Conley who ranked fifth with a 51.7 passer rating allowed on throws into his coverage in 2018, right? Boy, they ruined him…

  13. I look at that chart and it shows the Pats having the most picks overall (12) and they have (1) 1st, (2) 2nd, & (3) 3rd round picks. Amazing how well these guys manage their business.

  14. Draft capitol doesn’t mean much unless you are able to make good decisions. The Bears in my opinion already have. Every team in the league would loved to be able to make that trade and everyone knows it. Period.

  15. I doubt the Bears are worried about the draft picks they used to acquire Khalil Mack:
    1.) The Bears ‘drafted’ Mack in 2018 by sending the Raiders their 1st rounder in 2019.
    2.) In 2020, the Bears will send the Raiders their 1st rounder in exchange for the Raiders 2nd rounder.

    Any concern one might have should be because of the contract, not because of the draft picks.

  16. granadafan says:
    February 25, 2019 at 2:01 pm
    Not a Raiders fan at all, but they and Gruden shouldn’t be bashed too much because they’re clearly in rebuilding mode


    Raiders fans claimed they were a piece or two away from a SB just two years ago. Why do they need to rebuild?

  17. backindasaddle says:
    February 25, 2019 at 2:10 pm
    I look at that chart and it shows the Pats having the most picks overall (12) and they have (1) 1st, (2) 2nd, & (3) 3rd round picks. Amazing how well these guys manage their business.


    It’s why other owners/GMs/Coaches collude with Goodell and make up faux scandals on them.

    Gotta steal those picks and slow em down! NE dominating is bad for business!

  18. As a Bear’s fan I am perfectly ok with Mack and Miller in place of two unknowns.

    Mack is one of the top three defensive players in the league and Miller put up great numbers for a rookie and he has the drive and abilities to be a great receiver.

  19. Gareon Conley turned out to be a good pick for the Raiders and I liked the selection at the time that the Raiders drafted him. Drafting him was a calculated risk that paid off. Conley was drafted by the Raiders about 10 slots lower than where he was projected owing to dealing with the (as it turns out false) rape allegations just before the draft.

    I’ll give Gruden credit for sticking with Conley after a slow start to his career although it was strictly McKenzie’s draft pick (made in 2017 before Gruden arrived).

  20. Neither team won a playoff game last year, the Raiders are in much better shape, Gruden will have them back on top, easily

  21. Gruden never had it to begin with. He inherited a team. He must be crestfallen when he reads that they may play in OAK for two more years. His entire run at this was to be “the front man” in LV.

  22. Gruden has learned that he needs lots of input concerning the draft… hence the Mayock hire. There are GM candidates out there who have actual experience in running a team… Mayock has zero. Jon hired him specifically for his player evaluation skills.

  23. The Bears have only $11 mil in cap space left. And they have 3 starters who will be UFA for 2020. WR Robinson, LB Travathan, and RB Howard. Plus you have Trubisky coming up for a new deal after 2020 and you know that one is going to be pricey. $25 mil per yr or more. The Bears will be in cap hell.

  24. Hope the Bears enjoyed their year because they will not be improving anytime soon. They don’t have any money for FAs and no draft picks the next two years. That is not a great way to run a team.

  25. The main issue with Mack’s salary is the Bears will swap several quality starters and depth players for rookie free agents, discards from other teams (drafts busts and older players hoping to get a league minimum) and 1st term contract low draft picks to fill those positions. Eventually, opposing team will be able to focus only on Mack because the rest of team is not that good. If he gets hurt (or any of the other quality starters) the Bears season is over, that is a lot of risk to put into one non QB player. So as long as Mack never gets hurt and the Bears GM and coaches can find a lot a value in rookie free-agents, discards. maybe even the AFF and 5th-7th round draft picks they will be alright…well until they have to pay Mitch around $33 to $37 million year after Wilson and Mahomes resets the market for top tier QB’s at $40 million plus a year.

  26. The Raiders have now become the latest version of the Browns with their draft choices. Except a heck of a lot less likable

  27. I’m much more confident with Mayock doing right with these picks than Reggie would have. Can’t reach with these 1st rounders. DE, WR, LB that can start Week 1

  28. Well it’s fun to debate this but nobody mentioned the rumor that Mark Davis didn’t have the cash to pay Mack that monster guaranteed contract. He was offered a generous contract and he said no.

  29. Mack is great, but he’s no Lawrence Taylor. So, the Bears paid too much for him, both in picks and salary. So, his acquisition will not mean much for the Bears moving forward (the Bears already had a very good defense), unless Trubiscuit suddenly turns into an above-average QB in the next 2 years (and there’s slim evidence he’ll do that).

  30. The Rams will have the same problem you can’t pay Aaron Donald and Jared Goff and guys like Suh etcetera you just can’t afford all these people at these prices. That’s why there’s free agency and that’s why there’s a rookie contracts.It would have been nice to keep Mac of course we just couldn’t pay him so we traded him that’s the only thing that could be done.

  31. As a Bears fan I have nothing against Raiders fans. Really, but get over it. I wish the Raiders luck in the future, even though they are leaving Oakland. With Mayock and Gruden, they should do alright. But why all the hate on the Bears?

  32. As a Raider fan it made me sick to my stomach when they traded Mack. I’m happy for Mack and every dollar he’ll earn with the Bears and I wish him nothing but success. That said draft capital is meaningless if they make poor choices with the picks. The key to the Raiders future are these next two years of smart draft strategy. We’ll know quickly if Mayock truly has a voice in the room or not. If the Raiders reach on a player at #4 (say a certain underachieving DE/DT from Michigan) we’ll see a blown opportunity. If we see the Raiders trade back if Bosa/Allen/Williams go in the top 3 and acquire more draft capital from say the Giants or Jaguars (and make smart picks) they’ll be okay. Would love for the Raiders to trade back and take Clelin Ferrell, and swing back at 24 with a CB (Baker) or FS (Thompson) or LB (Wilson). WR class is deep and they could get a really talented guy in the 2nd…..Deebo Samual perhaps.

  33. I love Mack, but lets face it for what the Bears are paying him coupled with what they gave up to acquire him, his performance in the playoff game was a huge disappointment. He was OWNED by both Lane Johnson and Jason Peters most of the game. He had 6 tackles, 5 solo, 1 assist, 1 TFL, ZERO sacks and two hits on Foles. Sorry but he was darn near non existant. Just like Cousins in Minny, you pay that kind of gauranteed money, along with the draft picks in Mack’s case you EXPECT them to show up and make a difference in big games. Neither did in 2018. At least the Vikings didn’t get fleeced for 2 #1 draft picks for Cousins.

  34. Mack ( best edge in nfl) minus 2 first rounders
    x player ( 2nd of 3rd best edge in nfl) plus two 1st rounders

    I would take second deal All Day Every Day to be honest

  35. So I think no matter what happens in the future regarding trade, it’s pretty clear why Chucky made the deal. Also, it’s not like a Mack cane in to at least meet the new coach. Mack was going to be paid close to $14 million. He was getting paid. Donald was going to get under $6 million I believe. At any rate, based on above analysis Raiders made great trade.

  36. joetoronto says:
    February 25, 2019 at 5:09 pm
    The Bears have nowhere to go, no cap room and no hope for a Super Bowl.

    Advantage Raiders.

    The Raiders have Derek Carr. Advantage 31 other NFL teams.

  37. Raider fans are like the neighbor with the broken down IROC Z in the drive way making fun of the guy across the street driving a Tesla. Derek Carr got 5 years for $125 Million, $40million signing bonus and $70million in guarantees. Also, does anyone actually bone up on reasearch anymore??? The Bears have cap room, they gave away a late round first pick for Mack and are receiving a 2nd round pick back from Oakland…that’s a minimal difference in compensation. Raider fans should worry about themselves.

  38. They gave away Mack for the 24th pick…….. Why in the Hell is this even a conversation.

  39. And the World Champio New England Patriots come in with 8th best position, with a number of good red-shirted due to injury, rookies from last year ready to join. This is a nice start to getting # 7!

  40. As a Raider fan,I see that Mack was under contract and refused to play under the deal he signed.basically he quit on his teammates to force a trade. Not much different than what Antonio Brown did to the Steelers.

  41. Bears make an epic mistake trading their future for Mack. The Bears will only be in decline over the next few years, and back to rebuild.

  42. In reality I don’t care what tv guy you put with Chuckie to draft players because he has been horrible at it.

    Draft capital only means something if you can do something with it.

    Been a saints fan forever. When ditka traded the whole draft away really did not bug me because that team could not draft worth a squat. Better to get one than none I thought at the time.

    Chuckie has to be able to do something with the picks.

    Bears win. The other thing is the broke raiders did not have the capital to sign him anyway. Chuckie took all the cash.

  43. Combine starts today 2/26/19 Indianapolis.

    Our 2019 draft is in very good hands.

    In Gute We Trust

    Brian Gutekunst, Matt LaFleur, and Milt Hendrickson(Packers Director of Football Operations and Legendary Scout) are in Indy at the combine together and I can’t honestly think of a better trio that I’d want evaluating and interviewing prospects than these three. Some teams have a group of clowns representing them in Indy this week.

    Wednesday Press Conferences in Indy:

    Brian Gutekunst- 9:45 a.m.

    Matt LaFleur- 12:45 a.m.



  44. Bears had to give up a lot to get some good players, have to be smart with 5 pick they have this year/

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