Report: Colin Kaepernick asked for $20 million from XFL

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The XFL has had talks with Colin Kaepernick about joining the spring league, an XFL spokesman confirmed to Michael McCarthy of Sporting News.

The discussions took place last fall, and the former 49ers quarterback asked for at least $20 million, McCarthy reports. That’s the same amount the Associated Press reported Kaepernick sought from the Alliance of American Football to play in that spring league.

Kaepernick’s contract demands didn’t fit the AAF’s salary structure, with all players getting the same three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000. The new eight-team XFL is seeking to pay starting quarterbacks $250,000 a season, per Sporting News.

The XFL begins play in 2020 as a competitor to the AAF.

Kaepernick would provide a huge boost to either league.

His attorney did not immediately return an email from The Sporting News.

Kaepernick, who has not played since 2016, recently settled his collusion grievance against the NFL. Yet, there is no indication that any NFL team has shown interest in signing him.

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  1. That’s the same amount he set for his NFL minimum, I’ll bet. And that’s why he isn’t on a roster. In the NFL he would likely be a backup or low tier starter. That’s just too much $. Once he lowers his expectations , ego and price, some team will pick him up to see what’s what. That is the only way he makes a comeback, if at all.

  2. He voluntarily restructured his deal with the 49ers in 2016 for a 2 year, $16.5 mil per year deal with a player option after the first year.

    So not even Colin Kaepernick thinks Colin Kaepernick is worth $20 mil per year.

  3. Since the terms of his settlement with the NFL are sealed, we don’t know if it contains a non-compete agreement. If it does, he would have had to pass on the settlement check, possibly well over $20 million, to sign with the XFL. Also it would have been a bad deal for him to sign a 2020 contract in 2018, since it would have prevented him from playing anywhere in 2018 or 2019. The NFL or AAFL is not going to want to build his brand in 2019 so he can take it to the XFL in 2020. And then in 2020 the XFL could fall through and never pay him. So by signing an agreement to play in a theoretical future league he could have lost his settlement deal, lost the chance to play anywhere in the meantime, and possibly never been paid.

  4. I have a feeling he’s not interested in playing Football. It’s easier to maintain the martyr status when he doesn’t step on the field and show how bad he is.

  5. The league needs name recognition. I wonder what they offered him.
    Since NFL back ups make around 7-10 mill, it seems a deal for 7 mill with 5-10 mill for MVP/ SB would serve boy]th sides well.

  6. Gotta have goals… and playing football isn’t one of his. He just doesn’t get it.


    I disagree. He makes more from Nike as the guy they wont let play football. The second he plays he will no longer be a victim and he will prove that he cant play anymore. Then all the Nike money goes away and the attention dollars. I say he absolutely gets it.

  7. I almost wish some billionaire owner would tell him “yes” to the $20 million just to see what ELSE would suddenly stand in the way of his returning to the field. Some previously unheard of injury would crop up, he’d want to be able to pick his coaches, etc. Guaranteed he’d find some reason to still not play.

  8. Tells you how much he settled for. Those who think he should go to a league where your paycheck might not even clear are funny. Of course it is about money, it is pro sports. He is good enough to be on a NFL roster and shouldn’t have to waste his time playing here.

  9. I’m a pipefitter, if I ask my employer for $400k a year, does it mean I’m entitled to it? If I don’t get it, can I sue? If I cause a disturbance at my current employer and word gets out I’m a negative distraction to our customers, I won’t get hired by other contractors. Can I sue?

  10. He can never afford to play again. Because if he does, it will settle the argument once and for all that he stunk. Add his negative baggage and that’s why no one wanted him. The truth would be devastating.

  11. I’ll believe he wants back in the NFL when he takes an AAF or XFL contract. I’ll also admit that I was wrong. That he is still starting caliber on some QB needy teams if he lights it up in either league

  12. Be a sad day when everyone forgets this guy exists. Sad Day. Not as sad as when we all forgot that one guus name but pretty darn close.

  13. Well, he might be worth $20 million..if it was a 40 year contract with no guarantees..

    The guy obviously is a paycheck player, always has been. He he truely wanted to work his way back into the NFL. He would be doing anything to prove it. Suing the league, mocking an owner who was dumb enough to think of signing him and wearing Pig socks and Castro T-shirts isn’t the way to do it..He got his free money. Now go sit down (kneel down) somewhere and be quiet.

  14. If he thought he could play at a high level and actually wanted to play, the AAF would be a great opportunity to show the world he could play and stick the NFL’s nose in it. Thing is, we all know Kaep doesn’t really want to play.

  15. There’s not an NFL team that would give Kaepernick $20M. So his collusion case was never about getting back into the NFL. It was a shakedown, pure and simple.

  16. What is Johnny Manziel making in Canada who is actually trying to work his way back in the NFL….surely not $20 million! Where are the workout video’s of Kaeperdick proving that he still has the skill and can throw something other than pen to endorse checks?

  17. chawk12thman says:
    February 25, 2019 at 8:08 pm
    That’s the same amount he set for his NFL minimum, I’ll bet. And that’s why he isn’t on a roster. In the NFL he would likely be a backup or low tier starter. That’s just too much $.


    I get what you’re saying, but…..let’s actually look at comparables of guys the same age that fit into the same “low tier” class (arguably, CK is more accomplished than all of them, and in 2 less years, but I digress)

    Sam Bradford
    Age: 31 Career passer rating: 84.3 Career reg season wins: 34 Playoff record 0-0 SB appearances: 0 2018 Salary: $20m

    Ryan Tannehill
    Age:31 Career passer rating: 87.0 Career reg season wins: 42 Playoff record: 0-0 SB appearances: 0 2018 Salary: $19.25m

    Case Keenum:
    Age 31 Career passer rating: 84.5 Career reg season wins: 26 Playoff record: 1-1 SB appearances: 0 2018 salary: $18.0m

    Now compare that to Kaepernick:
    Age: 31 Career passer rating: 88.9 Career reg season wins: 28 (missed 2 seasons) Playoff record 4-2 SB appearances: 1 2018 salary: n/a

    Does not seem like an unreasonable asking price given his resume and the going rate for comparables. Andy Dalton at $16m is the only likely starter who’s not on a rookie scale contract scheduled to earn less. $20m is low tier starter money, and it’s quite a compromise for a QB who’s currently healthy and has a track record of playoff success. $20m is just 10.4% of the salary cap. That’s basically a low ball “prove it” deal.

    It’s the going rate for guys like Sam Bradford and Ryan Tannehill and Case Keenum, who have combined for 1 playoff win altogether in their combined 22 years of NFL experience.

  18. Pay him 20 mil in some foreign currency, since our money and morals are trash to him. Please just stop giving him attention.

  19. The entire XFL isn’t worth $20M. What makes him think that 1) he’s worth that kind of money, or 2) the league can afford it? While he would probably be a star amongst the minor league talent, he needs to get over himself and realize that he isn’t going to get paid like a superstar, even if he were to return to the NFL.

  20. Not sure how and why this grifter was viewed as some martyr for social justice. His methods were shallow and really didn’t nor will ever effect real change.

  21. How about $1 million, with $19 million in incentives based on performance and TV ratings.
    If he can gain the AAF an extra 10,000,000 viewers maybe he’s worth it.

  22. Here’s the thing: If some owner actually said “yes” to the $20 million I STILL doubt we’d ever see him on the field. He’d then want to pick the whole coaching staff, or there’d be some previously unknown injury suddenly crop up. He absolutely doesn’t want to play any longer but he feels like he can’t actually come out and say that.

  23. The Socialist is asking for $20 million?

    Does that contract request also call for that same $20M to be redistributed equally among all the players in the league?

    Yeah, I thought not.

  24. The NFL is a joke. I know it, you know it, he knows it. If big ben, hunt, Mixon, mayfield, Kraft, Gregg William’s, Sean Payton, burifict, pac man, etc etc are all still in the league, there should be no reason why kap hasnt been. The league took a deal aka they knew they were screwed so they paid the man. Cmon maaannn. He wanted to play but after so much, I’m sure he was like I’m taking the NFL down with me.

  25. I don’t think it would be a crazy idea for one of these leagues to offer him a contract near that price. These leagues have to get ratings to survive. Kaepernick would bring in viewers by the millions. All the people who supported him wanting to see him do well. All the people who hate him watching to see him fail. Like Howard Stern said long ago…”I have people that listen because they hate me and want to see what I’ll say next that pisses them off and I have people that love me who listen because they want to see what I’ll say to make them laugh. But either way they’re listening.” Polarizing figures bring ratings.

  26. With all the baggage this guy carries into the locker room, i.e. negative fan reaction, etc. This guy should have to pay a non refundable $1 milllion just for the right to try out. If he makes a team he plays for the league minimum for Q.B. until he proves he can first, play at a respectable level, and second, stand for the national anthem, and third, keep his big mouth shut.

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