Report: Raiders and Oakland close to agreement for 2019

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Meet the new hole. Same as the old hole.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders and local officials have reached an agreement on a deal which will allow them to play at least the 2019 season in Oakland.

The negotiations with the Coliseum Authority had progressed well in recent days, and while final details are being ironed out, a deal could be wrapped up by Friday.

The Raiders needed a temporary home since their new place in Las Vegas won’t be ready until at least 2020 (there’s an option for 2020 in case it isn’t finished), so an awkward return always seemed like the most logical result.

25 responses to “Report: Raiders and Oakland close to agreement for 2019

  1. Las Vegas Raiders? No. You can move the Rams and the Cardinals around the chess board, but some teams have the personalities of their communities infused in their souls. The Raiders belong in Oakland. This is wrong.

  2. Phase 1: Move a team to Las Vegas.
    Phase 2: Support nationwide gambling that will bankrupt Las Vegas.
    Phase 3: ???
    Phase 4: Profit

  3. The City of Oakland caved to the money. Plain and Simple!! They are no different than the NFL when it relocated the Raiders to Las Vegas. They want the money also. Actually, the City of Oakland should have told the NFL and the Raiders to pound salt. You wanted to move, so move, OUT!!!

  4. For all the fans that havevteams in their towns, enjoy them now. There is no guarantee of tomorrow for these cities. Do I think that the Ravens will stay in Baltimore just because the city learned its lesson losing the Colts? Not necessarily. Enjoy each year. Each game. Remember it is just a game

  5. They should have ‘shared’ the new 49ers stadium. Same as Jets/Giants do, and the Rams & Chargers will share a new one. Stadiums cost so much for just 8 regular season games a year. Sharing a billion dollar facility for 2 teams saves a ton of money.

  6. I wonder what the average attendance will be this season. Last year, there was hope that the team will rebound and make the playoffs, perhaps even reach the Super Bowl, so the fans were still interested. This year, coming off a losing season, with the team being about to leave, most likely forever, many fans may stay away.

  7. The NFL “relocation” policy needs to change. The failed LA Charger move is a total fiasco. Raiders up next. Davis will have gambling in his stadium. Buffalo to San Antonio. Kahn wants to live in London so the Jaguars will move. It’s screw the loyal fans who’ve paid thousands over the decades who get the shaft.

  8. This is awesome. I’m going to buy a ticket to go see a Raiders’ game in the Black Hole. It has to be quite an experience.
    Yah. It’s very exciting. Half of the stadium is tarped off.

  9. Davis is lazy. He didn’t want to put the effort and time into moving twice. That isn’t why he didn’t choose Glendale or San Diego. Oakland isn’t an NFL city anymore. 2019 will the the Raiders last season in Oakland. A beautiful modernized stadium awaits in Las Vegas.

  10. Oakland and Alameda County need the limited revenue the team brings. The County should have allowed the team to build a stadium on site when they knew full well that the Warriors were sailing across the Bay (as Oracle will be empty. Now they need to focus on allowing the A’s to build something.

  11. Las Vegas Raiders? No. You can move the Rams and the Cardinals around the chess board, but some teams have the personalities of their communities infused in their souls. The Raiders belong in Oakland. This is wrong.
    Like the last time they bailed on Oakland and became the LA Raiders?

  12. The LA Chargers move was a temporary short term fail for long term gain. The owners knew this. In 2020, the Chargers
    will be paying a dollar a year to play in the premier stadium in the NFL and the team’s value will leap. The Chargers are
    in a 20 year lease and once they move in they can turn there focus on growing a fan base as the more affordable alternative
    to the high-end glamor team Rams.

  13. Yay!! Eight more losses in the black stool!! Have they fixed the sewer drains yet or do you still have to walk through urine & feces in the corridors?

  14. The NFL will never stop exploiting American cities/states. It is an annual practice of holding cities hostage to fund and prop up their venues or they’ll leave for another city that will. It will take all states/major cities collectively to get them to finally stop this practice and use their own profits/revenues to fully fund their own Stadiums.

    No city should ever be on the receiving end of an NFL team’s wrath ever again, but it will happen repeatedly until they are forced to stop by either the Public or Fans.

    The NFL can afford it, they just choose not to and “force” us to pay by default.

  15. Mark realized that Oakland is the only place he can get his 3 dollar haircut….he had to do 1 more year…..

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