Bengals season ticket holder sues over vomit cleanup slip and fall

Getty Images

The Bengals apparently need a better plan for cleaning up the inevitable fan reaction provoked by the performance of the team.

According to Kevin Grasha of the Cincinnati Enquirer, a season-ticket holder has sued for injuries sustained when he slipped and fell in the residue of an effort to clean up vomit in a bathroom stall.

Scott Poston, a season-ticker holder for more than 20 years, claims that he suffered a serious shoulder injury while walking into the men’s room during the October 14, 2018 game against the Steelers. Stadium personnel allegedly had dumped a “huge amount” of substance known as “D-vour” on the pile of bile (and other contents), but then didn’t clean it up. Poston contends that fans had tracked the substance from the bathroom to the concourse, and that Poston slipped on the material, falling backwards and injuring his shoulder.

The lawsuit contends that Poston eventually needed total reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder, and that he is still in rehabilitation.

The civil complaint names the Bengals, Hamilton County, and Aramark Business Facililties as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that the Bengals have claimed that Hamilton County is responsible for the injuries.

Even if the Bengals’ play is responsible for the vomit.