Bills hire former Dolphins analytics guy

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The numbers clearly show it’s colder in Buffalo than Miami. Dennis Lock is going there anyway.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Lock has left the Dolphins for a position with the Bills.

His title in Miami was director of analytics, and he’s been there since 2015.

His new position with the Bills is director of football research and strategy. Lock has a PhD from Iowa State in statistics, and joins a staff that has built up an analytics department.

7 responses to “Bills hire former Dolphins analytics guy

  1. Some of the comments are odd. The Phins record had little to do with this guy. Probably hard to believe, but there are talented people on bad teams.

    The Bills are making all the right moves – I think Beane will be one of the league’s best GM’s. He got the right QB in last year’s draft, and did a great job clearing ou bloated contracts and cap space.

    Gear up – the Bills are about to be a very good team. With the Pats in turmoil, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Buffalo took the division this year.

  2. I am just happy the Bills are actually going to have an analytics department this year. I believe the last guy they had in that role was dedicated to finding out what fans enjoyed for the game experience.

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