Kyler Murray’s about to get the hand-size treatment

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Scouting Combine week makes some think about 40 times and bench press reps. But true knowers of the game understand there’s an even more important number coming this week.

That’s right. It’s hand-size season.

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the latest size question about Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is whether his mitts are big enough.

“There’s not a quarterback in the NFL that has a smaller hand than like a 9 — a 9-inch hand, the span from the thumb to the pinkie,” an NFC executive told Pelissero. “They say [Murray’s] could be really small, like 8 5/8 or 8 7/8.”

An unnamed NFC Scout added:  “He’s got a good arm for a guy that size. You do see him at times not be able to spin it. You see it come out pretty good, but if you’re looking at the college ball and counting revolutions on the actual stripes, it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of velocity just buzzing off his hand.”

While Murray’s height and weight are drawing comparisons to Russell Wilson (Murray’s just under 5-10 according to Oklahoma, and reportedly up to 206 pounds), Wilson has 10 1/4-inch hands.

While it’s easy to make fun of (and Lord knows we do it plenty), there is a practical application for measuring the span of a man’s grip. Whether it’s ball security, cold weather concerns, or the simple assist a big hand gives when it’s time to throw, it’s one of the many measurements scouts will harvest this week. Whether it’s meaningful depends on the player.

Some players have taken drastic measures to not show up at Indianapolis with teeny little baby hands. Former Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen had his massaged and stretched, going from an 8 1/2 at the Senior Bowl to 8 7/8 by the time he got to the Combine.

25 responses to “Kyler Murray’s about to get the hand-size treatment

  1. If he just deflates the football a tad…it may help him hold onto the ball and fumble less…just ask Ben Jarvis Green Ellis…

    The law firm never fumbled in 4 years while carrying purposely deflated footballs…then proceeded to fumble 5 times in 2 years once transferring to a team that played by the rules…

  2. Is that NFC exec just speculating, or do people have reason to think that Murray’s hands are that small? I’m only 5’7″ (on a good day) and my hand size reaches just about 9″…without any special stretching or massaging. And they’re not proportionately big hands at all.

  3. I don’t understand why this is balked at by the press. Clearly many of you have never thrown a football.

    Hand size is HUGE. Possibly more important than ANYTHING. Back in the day i could throw an 85mph fastball and a football threw a tire from 50yds out. But my hands are under 9. I just can’t get a good trip on an NFL ball. Anything smaller I can sling it all over the field. But I look like Miss Piggy throwing an NFL ball.

    Hands size is MAJOR.

  4. bottom line is can the kid play…all the measurements and numbers are fine but at the end of the day its can he perform at a high or nfl level. countless guys have passed the “eye” test and were prototypical based on measurements and have flamed out…give it a rest and lets just see how it plays out on the field

  5. So what if he has small hands. It’s no secret he is a smaller QB. What matters is his play. He didn’t turn the ball over alot in college with fumbles or Int’s. He also showed he had velocity on his throws down field as well as accuracy. So hand size, height, weight have all been proven to be over rated. We’ve all seen QBs with ideal measurements…who sucked with other QBs with limited measurables who excelled (Wilson, Mayfield, Brees, Tarkenton, Flutie ect)

  6. So is any team really going to be induced/goaded to use a 1st Round Pick on such a(relatively) tiny man?

  7. Lol the first thing i and probably most people reading this article is grab a tape and measure his hand. 8 1/2 by the way and i know mine are way to small.

  8. I have 10.5 inch hands and can spin it, but I’m old now so no millions for me😏

    People were whining about Baker Mayfield’s hand size last year and he turned out ok. Hand size IMO matters most when gripping a cold, wet football. Aaron Rodgers has massive hands and is one reason why the weather does not affect him much.

    I would pay closer attention to Kyler’s height measurement than I would his hand size this week. Js.

  9. you may be able to put weight on, and stretch hands…but you cant change your height

    our O-line is nfl sized and we will have probably 2 guys from the line drafted in the 1st round…, he threw over and between them well enough to win a Heisman….next topic

  10. And yet another reason why comparisons to Russell Wilson are unfounded. Height, color, and a college baseball career are the only similarities. Wilson is considerably heavier with a different and larger body frame, had more intangibles winning with weaker programs than Kyler, Kyler’s a far superior baseball player, and now the hand size which is significantly different. If anyone thinks Kyler Murray will be a success because “he’s just like Russell Wilson” is going to be severely severely disappointed…

  11. My hand is 9 inches in this measurement. I could sling a football back in the day. The college ball was harder to throw than the NFL ball for me. With my hand size, I had to grip the ball more firmly to have the control when throwing. The NFL ball seemed more tacky to the touch and easier to throw with a stronger grip. I think it had something to do with the grain of the leather. The balls are about the same size otherwise.

  12. superfanentertainment says:
    February 26, 2019 at 7:38 am
    I don’t understand why this is balked at by the press. Clearly many of you have never thrown a football.

    Hand size is HUGE. Possibly more important than ANYTHING. Back in the day i could throw an 85mph fastball and a football threw a tire from 50yds out. But my hands are under 9. I just can’t get a good trip on an NFL ball. Anything smaller I can sling it all over the field. But I look like Miss Piggy throwing an NFL ball.

    Hands size is MAJOR.

    I was going to post the exact same thing. I can sling a college football today at age 55. Put a NFL ball in my hands and it’s a totally different deal. Hands are 8 7/8. Gripping that thing is like gripping a pumpkin and trying to throw it. Had a thumb injury which doesn’t help but even before had trouble.

  13. My hand is also 9″. I was always able to the throw ” The Duke” ( the old NFL Ball, which was slightly thinner and longer )
    much better then the new NFL ball which is wider. I could throw the JV ball, like it was a baseball. Hand size definitely gives you more control of the ball, particularly in the rain or snow.

  14. Wow, we just had a deflategate reference despite the Patriots going to 4 Super Bowls since (and winning 3!) and never once experiencing that rash of fumbles all the resident scientists predicted. Everybody make a wish.

  15. Don’t forget the other diminutive QB, Brees, hand size is relatively the same size as Wilson’s. Teams will take Murray off their board if his hands are to small, it is a scouting, coach, team philosophy thing, just like several teams will not draft a short QB. Hand size is relative for velocity, ball spin, release time (smaller hands make is difficult to hold on to the ball with quick release) and accuracy; simply put, larger hands can make the ball travel faster and in correlation spin more which lets the ball drop at the end, which both Brees and Wilson do quite well. An NFL QB has to be great at all four of the aforementioned traits, lacking anyone they are not worth a 1st, 2nd or even a 3rd pick. In the NFL the window for an open receiver is about a foot, in college especially the Big 12 is about 5 yards, so those traits often don’t show on film. IF Murray comes in with small hands, GM’s like Mayock won’t touch him in the higher rounds because of the lacking traits, not worth the risk. The risk is if he is bust that was shown through lack of traits or bolts for Baseball the GM and coaching staff lose their jobs.

  16. When predicting job performance, we distinguish between “signs” and “samples.” A sign is a variable that is correlated with performance, such as cognitive ability or certain personality traits. A sample is an observation of performance on a task that mirrors the actual job, such as a work sample or simulation. Samples are hard to get so we often use signs to predict performance. Hand size is a sign. If you can’t observe someone throw a football, you could measure their hand size and get some idea how they might be able to throw a football. Actually throwing a football is a sample. That is easily observable and is a much better predictor of performance, so anyone who regards hand size as more important than what a guy actually shows when he’s doing the job is making a big mistake.

  17. This is one of the big things Florio and PFT have been pushing for years how much more significant hand size is over height and one of the prime reasons why Drew Brees and Russell Wilson were able to “overcome” their height. it’s because their hands were as large as a man 6’5″

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