Dave Gettleman casts doubt on tagging Landon Collins

Getty Images

Safety Landon Collins‘ future with the Giants was a topic of conversation last week amid dueling reports about whether he cleaned out his locker.

Collins cleared up the locker issue by saying he took stuff he needed and left some other things behind, but the issue of his return remained up in the air and it was the subject of one of the questions posed to General Manager Dave Gettleman at his Scouting Combine press conference in Wednesday. Gettleman’s answer suggested that the team may not be going that route.

The Giants are projected to have in the neighborhood of $27 million in cap space, but Gettleman said that’s not all available money because “you’ve got to go into the season with $8-10 million in space” in order to deal with any injury losses.

“So you’ve got to say to yourself: ‘$10 million goes here,'” Gettleman said, via SNY.TV. “So now that conversation is different, isn’t it? ‘Man, they’ve only got $17 million left.'”

Gettleman, who was the Panthers G.M. when the team rescinded Josh Norman‘s tag, also pointed to the unhappiness that often comes with a tag.

“So let’s go to the conversation of eliminating distractions,” Gettleman said, via SNY.tv. “You tag a guy. He’s mad. And that’s all you guys are going to write about. For six months it’s what it’s going to be. So I have to say to myself, ‘Is it worth it?'”

A report last week indicated that Collins would sit out the offseason if tagged before the March 5 deadline for teams to avail themselves of that option.