Dave Gettleman on QB plans: The Kansas City model worked well

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Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said on Wednesday that he “fully expectsEli Manning back at quarterback for the Giants in 2019, but General Manager Dave Gettleman didn’t go quite that far when he met with the media later in the day.

Gettleman said that the team is “evaluating everything and we just have to keep moving forward.” That answer didn’t rule out a move for a veteran quarterback, although that would not seem to be a key part of the plan at quarterback.

Gettleman referenced the Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes in the first round and keeping Alex Smith on the roster for a year as their starter.

“The Kansas City model worked really well,” Gettleman said, via NJ.com. “You can cite a number of models where they had a veteran guy and they drafted a young guy. At some point in time, the torch got passed and away everyone went. And it was a happy away, everyone went.”

The Giants could obviously acquire a veteran starter who plays while a rookie gets acclimated to life in the NFL, but keeping Manning while figuring out which rookie is the most intriguing would seem a likelier way to follow Kansas City’s lead.