Derwin James dunks, Chargers seem OK with him playing basketball

Getty Images

There’s been some handwringing this offseason about Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes playing basketball, with the front office urging him to stop because they’re worried about injuries. Another AFC West team seems to feel differently.

Chargers defensive backs Derwin James and Casey Hayward are playing basketball together this offseason, and the Chargers like what they see so much that they posted a highlight.

It’s a pretty impressive highlight: Hayward lobs the ball off the backboard, and James goes way up to dunk, while the hapless guy they’re playing against, who looks like just an ordinary dude at a rec center, can do nothing about it.

Perhaps the Chargers’ front office is going to urge the social media team not to post those highlights so as not to encourage James to keep playing, but more likely the Chargers are fine with some offseason basketball. And James certainly looks like he can play.