Hundreds of Super Bowl workers claim they haven’t been paid

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Over 200 people that served as temporary workers for events surrounding the Super Bowl in Atlanta say they haven’t been paid for the work they provided.

According to 11 Alive, the workers were employed by B.E. Staffing Services, which closed its doors in the days immediately following the game. The workers say they have not been paid for the work they put in and are seeking accountability from the company, the city of Atlanta and the NFL.

“We are standing in front of Mercedes-Benz Stadium asking for relief … it’s very clear they never intended to pay these folks,” former city councilman Derrick Boazman said. “Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was the face of the Super Bowl. She needs to come see about her citizens.”

Workers said Tuesday they had committed over 100 hours in time to working events surrounding the game only to have B.E. Staffing close and leave them high and dry after the game was over.

NFL V.P of Communications Brian McCarthy told the station they had been assured by the company that the workers would be paid.

“We have been in contact with that company which has assured us that staffers will be fully compensated,” McCarthy said.

17 responses to “Hundreds of Super Bowl workers claim they haven’t been paid

  1. What type of work did they do?
    Who is BE Staffing?
    Why did they close!
    Why weren’t they vetted before being hired as a subcontractor?
    Why wasn’t this company reached for comment?
    This story leaves more questions than answers.

  2. If it was the NFL that contracted with this sketchy temp agency that may have been set up just for super bowl than it is definitely the NFL’s fault

  3. I remember something like this happening when a local (to me) IKEA opened. Something like they outsourced all the labor to a middleman who outsourced it all again to another temp staffing agency. So then no one got paid and IKEA could say “Don’t blame us, those people all worked fro some obscure staffing company we didn’t even hire.” Something not right about it.

  4. There are skam artists all over the World. Obviously the NFL paid the service. but they had to have had this planned. But $2500.00 on up tickets and a million bucks a 30 second commercial just wont pay for those folks..

  5. superclownfan says:
    February 27, 2019 at 4:28 pm
    It’s gotta be Roger Goodell’s fault…

    -Patriots homer
    Right, because that makes sense

  6. If the NFL had any integrity (they don’t) they would take care if this matter quickly. NFL is multi billion dollar company with billionaire owners.
    Do the right thing NFL, this are average everyday people who depend on their checks.

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