Kliff Kingsbury: Josh Rosen knows where he stands

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Many on the outside are wondering whether the Cardinals are planning to move on from last year’s first-round draft quarterback, Josh Rosen, and replace him with the first overall pick in this year’s draft. New Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury unwittingly fueled that speculation long before he became the Cardinals’ coach by saying that if he had the first overall pick in the NFL draft, he’d use it on Kyler Murray.

But now that Kingsbury is in Arizona with Rosen, and has the first pick with Murray available, Kingsbury told PFT Live at the Scouting Combine that he and Rosen are on the same page.

“He knows where he stands,” Kingsbury said of Rosen. “He’s a smart guy and he understands that’s a comment made a long time ago prior to a college football game.”

Still, Kingsbury doesn’t deny that he’s a big fan of Murray.

“Kyler’s a tremendous athlete, quarterback, one of the better ones I ever recruited out of high school,” Kingsbury said. “He’s pretty special. He’s one of the most dynamic athletes on the field regardless of position, and he can drop back, be mechanically sound and hurt you from the pocket.”

If the Cardinals love Murray, they can have him. But for now, anyway, they’re talking about Rosen as their franchise quarterback.

20 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: Josh Rosen knows where he stands

  1. Kliff: Josh, you know where you stand?
    Rosen: In the pocket, right coach?
    Kliff: That’s not what I meant.

  2. In other words, all QB hungry teams should submit their best bids, for either the #1 pick in the draft, or for Josh Rosen. AZ hasn’t made up their minds yet, but the offering packages will help them decide the best course of action.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what the Red Birds do. I can see Rosen being traded – but time will tell. There’s no doubt of Rosen’s toughness….he was hit over 200 times last season and got up every play and fought. The o line of the Cardinals was horrible.

  4. Everyone needs to stop living in the moment. The Cardinals will make the playoffs in this 2019 season. The numbers are lining up perfectly for them. Having a new head coach and defensive coordinator works wonders. The 1976 Patriots went from 3-11 in 1975 to 11-3 the following season. Kliff Kingsbury is a former Patriots’ quarterback from 2003 as well. This is the Cardinals’ 100th season in the NFL. Don’t be so surprised if they finish 10-6 or better. The Cardinals are the only bird team Brady and Belichick haven’t played in the super bowl.

  5. Clear directions coming from a veteran coach like Kingsbury mean a lot. Now, if only somebody will tell Kingsbury where HE stands.

  6. They should keep Rosen another year to see how he does with the new coaching staff. I think he will improve. But a chance to work with Calimari maybe too much for Kingsbury to pass up.

  7. Kliff is being so phony about this. If I was Rosen, I wouldn’t trust him whatsoever. I feel bad for Josh Rosen, the Cardinals organization has really treated him horribly.

  8. Arizona is not trading Josh Rosen. The owner has already said that and the coach’s only talk about building around JOSH ROSEN. Keim is playing the draft game because he has to, he’d be doing a HUGE disservice to his franchise not to play the game. Keim is trying to drive up interest and hype that #1 overall pick to entice teams who might want to trade for it, he’s trying to land a draft package from a QB needy team. Josh Rosen will be the Cardinals QB for a long time to come the kid is a very good QB Arizona just needs to put a solid OL in front of him with a couple more pass catchers around him . David Johnson/Fitzgerald will be utilized properly once again in a much, much modern NFL offense than Mike McCoy’s garbage scheme they had last year.

  9. Unless some team, before this draft, falls in love with Rosen and want to trade a 1st or 2nd round pick to the Cards for Rosen, the Cards will at least start the season as the #1 QB.

  10. Not a fan of the Cardinals but the frequent times I saw them play last year, no QB and I mean no QB would be able to succeed with those skill position players and that O line. Just terrible.

  11. Hope Pats make a play for him if the Cards draft Murray…..give up their last 2nd, 3rd, & 7th….. Pats got 12 picks & that would still leave them 9 picks with 4 still in the top 100….. & their future franchise QB that will have 2-3 years to learn the Pats Offense & have the GOAT as his mentor…… he’d be a very reasonably priced backup until he takes over…

  12. what Coach fails to say and continues to avoid saying is”Josh I am not even considering picking Murray, You the Man!” Translation; if I have my way, goodbye Rosen,hello Murray! Feel bad for the kid, however, some team would pick him up pretty darn fast; Giants?

  13. This is the Cardinals way of convincing the other teams that they’ll need to trade up to #1 to get their QB. Cardinals are happy with Rosen and want to trade down, where they’re confident they can still get their offensive lineman.

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