Matt Nagy confirms Cody Parkey is out in Chicago

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Word last week was that the Bears would release kicker Cody Parkey after the first year of the four-year deal he signed with the team last year.

In an appearance on NFL Network from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, head coach Matt Nagy confirmed that Parkey is finished in Chicago. Parkey was 23-of-30 on field goals and 42-of-45 on extra points in his lone season with the Bears.

“We’ve talked to Cody and Cody knows were going to go on in a different direction,” Nagy said. “It was a healthy talk, he took it like a true professional. We wish him the best.”

Parkey’s release will result in over $5 million in dead money on the Chicago cap if he’s a pre-June 1 cut and just over $4 million if he’s designated as a post-June 1 cut, but the team obviously feels that’s less painful than holding onto the kicker who double doinked a potential game-winning kick off the upright and crossbar in January’s playoff loss to the Eagles.

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  1. afwhigs says:
    February 27, 2019 at 8:13 am

    $5 million in dead money for releasing a kicker you’re blaming for a field goal that was tipped at the line? Good decision.

    Actually, he’s being released because he’s missed 1/3rd of his kicks this past season. That is the WORST in the NFL. He missed 4 FG’s in ONE game. Lets not act like they are releasing kevin butler. He’s proved that you cannot count on him in crunch time. The bears lost 3 games this season because he couldn’t do his ONE and only job.

  2. He was not performing the way they expected, but why in the world do you keep saying he doinked that field goal when replays clearly show it was tipped?

  3. Finding a good, consistent kicker has become a major thing for NFL teams. Very few have such a kicker. Very few. The Bears were fools to let Robbie Gould fly the coop.

  4. I don’t know how many more GM’s need to learn this lesson…you NEVER pay a kicker a huge contract and you never draft them higher than the 6th round. I’m not busting on kicker, I’m saying value wise it’s a smart philosphy.

  5. If he was good in the past it’s unlikely he forgot how to kick all of a sudden, unless injured. Sometimes kickers encounter mental blocks and have a bad period.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he bounces back and has a decent year somewhere else.

    If the ball was tipped then put the blame on the low trajectory due to distance and on special teams. To eat 5MM, when they will have to pay an additional amount to get a new kicker (2MM+?) adds up. That money can get some good special teams players.

  6. @afwhigs

    Dude missed 10 kicks last year, three of which were extra points! I don’t know if you’re counting at home, but 23-30 on field goals is a 77% clip. That is atrocious regardless of whether the kick got tipped or not. He got canned because he sucked at his job, simple as that.

  7. afwhigs says:
    February 27, 2019 at 8:13 am
    $5 million in dead money for releasing a kicker you’re blaming for a field goal that was tipped at the line? Good decision.

    Sure, we know the ball was tipped. But then there’s this:

    “…23-of-30 on field goals and 42-of-45 on extra points…”

  8. If your organization was smart they would have rested starters vs the Vikings and then kicked the crap out of them in round 1. Bears fans would be laughing as Cody Parkey double doinks a meaningless FG in a 27-9 Bears victory.

  9. Take the cap hit and move on. If the Bears are serious in 2019, there’s no way you go into the season with an unreliable kicker that goes on national TV to air his dirty laundry.

  10. afwhigs says:
    February 27, 2019 at 8:13 am
    $5 million in dead money for releasing a kicker you’re blaming for a field goal that was tipped at the line? Good decision.
    Let’s not forget the four(!) times he hit the left upright in one game. Kicking is a mental game, and Parker hasn’t gotten his head right.

  11. I agree that the kick was tipped. I do want to point out that sometimes that’s because the kicker kicked it too low and didn’t put enough loft on it. So to assume that because it was tipped, it wasn’t his fault is a mistake. I agree releasing him seems odd to me, but I’m not on the practice field. Regardless the tipped kick may have had something to do with the kicker

  12. It’s a win-win situation. Bears can move on to a more reliable kicker. Parkey can move on to the Chicago Hall of Infamy to join the Black Sox, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, William Sianis, Steve Bartman, and the Honey Bears.

  13. Leave the poor guy alone. Not everyone can be Justin Tucker.

    Signed – grateful Ravens fan

  14. afwhigs says:
    February 27, 2019 at 8:13 am
    $5 million in dead money for releasing a kicker you’re blaming for a field goal that was tipped at the line? Good decision.


    Not a Bears fan so no horse in the race, but wasn’t just that one game. Saw the Nov Bears/Lions game with my significant other and her family (they’re Bears fans). Parkey was laughably bad — 4-5 FGs/PATs missed or shanked off the post. Not sure if that was the only other game where he stunk out the joint like that and I get that kickers can run into weird ruts, but not surprised they canned him. Can’t have that kind of inconsistency late in the year or in the playoffs.

  15. QB throws 4 interceptions in one game, nobody blinks, tackle gives up 3 sacks, it’s a tough assignment, kicker misses 10 kicks the entire season, games they still won, everyone goes insane. No one cut that vaunted defense that failed them.

  16. Not a word from a single Bear fan that Robbie was dumped for Cody. After many seasons of dependability Robbie got caught in a money argument and I remember all of the Bear fans being happy that. Now you’ve joined Viking kicker hell, an annual event of looking for a kicker!

  17. I want to be Cody Parkey when I grow up. Will still wind up earning $10M for his 1 year of work and has a smoking hot wife to boot. I think he’ll be ok. Also if you need 4 FGs to beat an average Eagles team at home, you’ve got bigger problems than the kicker. Just sayin.

  18. Wholly crap, I just looked up Parkey’s contract and the Bears guaranteed $9 million. He already received $2.25 million in signing bonus and 2018 roster bonus of $2 million with a 2018 base of $1.25 million. So last year he received cash of $5.5 million and this year the Bears will pay him cash of $3.5 million as both his base salary ($2.75 million) and his roster bonus ($750K) are guaranteed. The will pay this guy $9 million over two years to kick poorly for only the 2018 season, while eating a $5.187,500 million cap hit – WOW THAT HURTS A LOT!!! Additionally there appears to be no offset language, which means he could potentially sign with another team and get paid by the Bears while being paid by a new team.

    I know Bears fans are going to say “he sucked nobody is going to sign him” but he was good enough at one time to sign a $15 million/4 year contract in Chicago where it is hard to kick well, so I think there is a good chance he catches on somewhere else to the tune of a $5 million/2 year contract, with at least $2 million guaranteed. That would be a really hefty haul for a mediocre kicker – this was just a bad signing by the Bears.

  19. Last season might of been a flukey type season for Parkey much like Steven Hauschka had a few years ago in SEA before going to Buffalo where he’s been money as a pretty good kicker. CHI is a hard to place to kick in due to the wind & elements at Soldier Field and it was just his first season in CHI . Cody Parkey likely could be had on a cheap $1-$2M dollar/1 year “prove-it” contract and could end up being a solid pickup for a team in need of a kicker. I hope my Arizona Cardinals kick the tires on Parkey as he’d be an upgrade over their current kicker and would likely be money kicking on natural grass inside Arizona’s Dome stadium. AZ should sign Parkey and the best UDFA Kicker to bring in on a kicking competition cutting Zane Gonzalez.

  20. v2787 says:
    February 27, 2019 at 8:33 am
    Finding a good, consistent kicker has become a major thing for NFL teams. Very few have such a kicker. Very few. The Bears were fools to let Robbie Gould fly the coop.
    You’re 100% correct. It seems over the last 2-3 seasons the kicking games as a whole in the NFL has gotten much, much worse as it seems Kickers were much more dependable and consistent a few years back. The Kicking game has been absolutely terrible across the NFL outside of 7-10 teams it seems , way to many missed field goals.

  21. “wow. One tipped ball and you’re history….”

    Welcome to the NFL in 2019. There’s no room for error where kickers are concerned. Common thought has it that an NFL kicker should NEVER miss a kick under 50 yards unless it’s blocked. If you look at the stats of kickers back in the ’50s and ’60s, they were doing great if they hit even 50% of their kicks.

  22. Hey Bears fans, guess what? Score more TDs and he misses less FGs. Are you telling me that 59 minutes of that Eagles game wasn’t winnable by either your offense or defense and only the K could pull out a win for you?

    He’s going to K for another team in 2019 and do well. Giving up on a K after 1 year is ridiculous (unless it’s that guy in Tampa who was drafted way too high)

  23. I would have brought Parkey in the pre-season and let the boo birds of Chicago let them know how they feel…..then cut him.

  24. goodbye and good riddance! I do not care what they say about it being tipped he blew it! what did the guy tip it with his fingernail? it went the distance and bounced off the posts something he had done more than once during the season. you get paid that kind of money for a reason and that is to make those kicks! sure somebody will sign but he will not be making that kind of money and will be looking for a job again the first time he misses a kick for his new team.

  25. Parkey should feel guilty for taking the 2019 money….yes he had a contract, but he did not do his job in 2018.

  26. You’d think in a world with billions of people, with soccer the most played sport, that there would be 32 guys out there that could consistently kick a ball through the uprights.

  27. glac1 says:
    February 27, 2019 at 1:32 pm
    uhm… and Nagy blows a 20 point 4th quarter lead in Green Bay and that’s all right….
    Seriously? Nagy, blew it in his first game- and then went 12-3 the rest of the year.

    Meanwhile, Cody Parkey was 30th in field goal pct., and 23rd in extra point pct. He was one of the worst kickers in the league last year. That’s why he’s gone. The miss/block in the playoff game just underscored his lack of reliability.

  28. Parkey hit goal post 4 times in game and 2 time at half time no ones knows about. Nobody in history of kicking has hit goal post 6 times in one game. Might have been good in school, but pressure to much in Pros.

  29. Parkey was Amazingly bad against the Lions and the Bears won in spite of him.
    He was so bad it was actually fun to watch.

    Everyone new it would be him who ended the post season.

    Time to move on from that funk.

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