Matt Nagy on playoff loss: We’ll learn from it and get over it

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Bears coach Matt Nagy doesn’t want his team to dwell on its heartbreaking playoff loss.

Nagy told PFT Live at the Scouting Combine that he doesn’t want the last-second field goal loss to be something the Bears are focused on. They’re moving on from the kicker who missed it, Cody Parkey, and the rest of the players and coaches are moving on as well.

“You have to get over it,” Nagy. “In the end there’s one team that takes home that trophy. We’ll learn from it.”

Although the Bears are getting rid of Parkey, Nagy doesn’t want anyone thinking Parkey was solely responsible for the loss.

“That’s not the only reason why we lost that game. I could have coached better, we could have played better in other areas,” Nagy said.

In 2019, Nagy hopes the Bears coach better, play better and kick better.

24 responses to “Matt Nagy on playoff loss: We’ll learn from it and get over it

  1. Parkey needed to make that kick. However, he STILL outscored Mitchell Trubisky. You don’t trade UP to get Alex Smith 2.0. Mahomes and that Defense makes the kicker a side note. It is what it is, so lets make the best of it…and score TD’s instead of relying on field goals…

  2. The Bears finally have a solid QB to go along with all the defensive studs they’ve been drafting lately. They’re a very young team, and only going to get better. It was a great coaching opportunity that Nagy stepped into.

  3. Nagy’s biggest mistake was to beat the Vikings in week 17. The Bears had a much better chance of winning what would have been the rematch in the wildcard round than a Foles inspired Eagles.

  4. Other than the missed FG,parkey cemented his fate by going on the Today Show……..IMO,anyway

  5. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
    The Bears might not make it back to the playoffs any time soon.
    Unless Trubisky improves the Bears aren’t going anywhere.

  6. Barring a blocking breakdown, a 43yd FG being blocked in today’s NFL is on the kicker. Didn’t get enough height on it. There was no blocking breakdown.

  7. ilovetalkingsports says:
    February 27, 2019 at 6:49 pm
    Get used to 1 and done because your QB is inaccurate and average.

    Wow! You may love talking sports but you must have a different T.V. were the Bears didn’t go 12-4 last year. Must be Vikings fan.

  8. Seems to Nagy is placing all the blame on Parkey. Sorry bud but your 2nd season is not going to be half as successful as your 1st….then who you going to blame? still don’t have a kicker.

  9. I think the Bears have a championship roster outside of QB. Longterm i’m not a believer in Trubisky, it was a mistake taking him 3rd overall should of taken Mahomes or even Watson. Trubisky has to many flaws and defenses will start exposing those flaws next season with a full off season to study him in Nagys offense and I just see Trubisky as good enough to overcome his flaws.

  10. The Bears will have a fall back year. They overachieved, they will be playing tougher schedule and they lost Fangio. Fangio was that defense.

  11. Vikings4Life says:
    February 27, 2019 at 10:24 pm
    The Bears will have a fall back year. They overachieved, they will be playing tougher schedule and they lost Fangio. Fangio was that defense.
    The Bears play the Rams and the Saints. The Vikings play the Falcons and the Seahawks. Other than that, the schedules are the same, and it will still most likely come down to conference play.

    If Fangio was the defense, why did the Bears defense finish 20th and 24th in points in 2015 and 2016 when he was there? You have to have talent to have the #1 defense in the league. All the people making predictions about the Bears demise will be right here telling us that they predicted it if the Bears don’t play well. And if the Bears do play well, those very same people certainly won’t come back to admit that they were wrong.

  12. You’re right Frank, I’m just a Lions fan that is trying to cover up for all of my consistently wrong predictions about my team and all the other teams in the division. I will try to stay on my meds so I don’t have any delusional outbursts. Being a Lions fan is a tough life when your team is a perennial failure for six decades.

  13. Correction*

    The Lions will not make the playoffs again for multiple years. Sorry for the confusion, I’m off my meds again.

  14. A Lions fan pretending to be a Vikings fan, twice! That’s rich, if anyone that’s a Lions fan is trying to trash the Bears or any other team in the NFL, you need to get your head examined! The Lions haven’t won anything since 1957, except one playoff game in the nineties with Barry Sanders.

  15. Quite a few games Nagy called were very conservative. Pats and Eagles being the ones in my mind. Re-watching Eagles game, tons of 0yd checkdowns against a depleted secondary. Defense was sloppy (10 men on the field, that weird rush 2 guys thing).

    I’m optimistic the Bears will be better. Very young team, most starters are coming back. It’s good to have consistency.

    Verdict is out on Packers. Tons of cap and picks but they have a new, unproven Head Coach. Similar past as Nagy, nothing is guaranteed.

    As for Vikes and Lions. Cousins is pricey and his stats against teams above .500 aren’t favorable. Lions, no clue what’s going on there.

    Can’t wait for the new season, 2018 season was actually entertaining!

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