Mike Mayock: I get to work at 5:30 in the morning, Gruden says I’m late

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Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock says coach Jon Gruden’s legendary early rising isn’t just a legend.

Mayock said today at the Scouting Combine that in his brief time working with Gruden, he’s already been amazed by what an early start Gruden gets on the day.

“It’s been kind of a whirlwind couple of months,” Mayock said. “I’ve known Gruden for a lot of years, but you walk in at 5:30 in the morning and he looks at you, ‘Why are you late? I’ve been here an hour.’ It’s been awesome.”

Mayock says he loves watching tape and is enjoying working with a coach who challenges him to make the most of every minute of the day. Starting very early in the day.

64 responses to “Mike Mayock: I get to work at 5:30 in the morning, Gruden says I’m late

  1. 0530 isn’t particularly early for a lot of people.

    I work a boring office gig, not shift work and am in 0500 with an hour commute before.

    People act like working long hours is the equivalent of charging a machine gun nest. It isn’t…

  2. The lives of people involved in pro or college football makes me sad. Yes, they make a ton of money, but they spend all of their time doing football stuff. It doesn’t seem like they have any time to spend with their family or do anything else or even keep up with current events unless it involves football. I’ve always said “why make a lot of money if you don’t have time to spend it”. That’s why I never wanted to be involved in big business and football seems worse.

  3. That’s so cool. Gruden is awesome. Great move getting Mike Mayock. Many teams have been trying to hire him for years. When you have as many top picks as the Raiders (4 in the top 35), you want to get in early and start grinding.

  4. Coaches/GMs saying they work 18 hours days is one of my pet peeves.
    (1) I think it’s an “arms race” situation. Once one coach says he’s working that much, no one wants to say they are not working as much as the next guy.
    (2) There is only so much productive football work to do at this time of year.
    (3) Rest actually makes people more productive.
    (4) Introduce yourself to your wife kids once in a while.

  5. Gruden has always liked veteran players. You can see it in his teams in Tampa and his first stop in Oakland. I’m really interested to see how he handles all the kids coming his way through this draft where he has the most draft capital.

  6. Ok Gruden, we all know you like to brag about how early you get in. So you spend MORE time than anyone putting a bad team on the field? I’d rather have someone that gets to the office at 8 and produces results than someone that gets there at 5am and is not producing. I have the same belief for the company I work at. We have people that get there at 7 am and brag that they are there early and put it time at home during the night. Yet, can’t complete their projects on time.

  7. Getting to work that early is fine but if all you are doing is making coffee and checking e-mail you aren’t doing much more than looking dedicated.

  8. Bruce Arians is known for working shorter hours to spend time with family. His career was up and down, but he does have a coach of the year trophy IIRC. I wish more Pro/College/High School coaches would do that. When I was a young teacher/coach, our High School worked 7 days a week during football season. Mostly to keep the head coach company on the weekend because he had worked so much earlier in his career, his wife left him. When I moved schools, we worked 4 hours on Saturday to review film and prepare for next week, and we were off every Sunday. My quality of life was so much better.

  9. Kamala-Harris/2020🇺🇸 says:

    February 27, 2019 at 9:19 am

    If Gruden was truly tanking woulda lost that Steelers game, had he done so Oakland coulda had a chance at Bosa or Allen!!!

    The Oakland Raiders “Tanking” against The Steelers…….NO FREAKING WAY…..Too much bad blood there between those two storied franchises.

  10. In hindsight, leaving a sweet booth job without the headaches and hassles to instead run a struggling franchise with few signs of turning things around might have been a massive mistake.

    Gruden carved out an interesting persona for himself as a fiery former coach and is in danger of squandering that image if this Raiders stint never gets off the ground.

    No matter how much of an allure the sidelines appeared to him, that MNF gig has to be looking pretty appealing to him (especially at 4:00 am or whatever insane time he starts “working”).

  11. Andrew Teal says:
    February 27, 2019 at 9:23 am
    0530 isn’t particularly early for a lot of people.

    I work a boring office gig, not shift work and am in 0500 with an hour commute before.

    People act like working long hours is the equivalent of charging a machine gun nest. It isn’t…


    I read all the comments in case I was missing something. I didn’t see anyone making that comparison.

  12. AJ Brown is a perfect Gruden receiver. Precise route runner and good run blocker.

    Kyler Murray is the perfect QB for today’s NFL offense. Has a great feel for RPOs, good with zone reads, can make plays with his feet, and has a live arm. Haskins is better IMO though. Raiders should utilize their relationships with Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen and trade Derek Carr for draft picks and build their program from scratch starting with AJ Brown and Kyler Murray.

    But hey, what do I know.

  13. “Coaches/GMs saying they work 18 hours days is one of my pet peeves.”

    Last year the Dolphins had a rough loss and Adam Gase bemoaned having worked 120 hours that week. Assuming he made his assistants keep those same hours it meant that for every single play ran in the game Dolphins coaches had worked over 18 hours. 18 hours PER PLAY. (And that’s not counting lower-level staffers or player prep time–just the main coaches.) The text book example of wasted effort.

  14. bjwbrown2011 says:
    February 27, 2019 at 9:14 am
    Gruden knows tanking is a 24/7 Job. Get with the times Mike!
    Before Gruden arrived, the Raiders went 6-10. You’re saying that they got rid of Mack, Cooper, Irving, Crabtree and tanked, but still were able to win 4 games?

  15. People that are inefficient at their jobs have to work longer/harder to get the same or worse results as those people that are efficient!

  16. So let me get this straight — the way you are deemed to be a successful head coach is show up at 4:30 a.m., right?
    Bud Grant was a pretty darned good coach for the Vikings and he used to punch out and go home to his family after 8 hours. He said anyone who needed more time than 8 hours to do his job shouldn’t have his job.

  17. Gruden was good at talking football with draftable Qb’s, Mayock was a poor draft predictor…

    We’re there no more openings for talking heads for the Raiders? Stephen Smith could be your defensive coordinator and Sal Palantonio could be your Special Teams Coach.

    Raiders, too funny.

  18. Just because your a workaholic does not mean a damn thing, work smart and you dont have to get there @ 4:30… Its not like his record is so great. Will see how long Mayock hangs with Gruden’s schedule once the honeymoon is over

  19. The “look how long I’ve already been at work” crowd is the woooooorst. Especially since they spend half of their day telling people how early it started. Save that time and sleep in man. Then you won’t trade a 3rd for Bryant.

  20. Others have expressed similar sentiments but yeah the whole “I work insane hours” as a badge of honor the thing I’ve never understood in football or other walks of life. It doesn’t tell me the person is a great worker but rather someone that doesn’t know how to use time effectively.

  21. It’s not how many hours you work but how productive you are and seeing the Raiders last year I’d say John could improve in this area

  22. If the Raiders continue to struggle with Gruden’s below-average coaching and his terrible personnel/draft decisions, will Gruden keep his promise to “give back” the boatload of money he received? Fat chance.

  23. All the Gruden haters can go away. Del Rios first year was 6-10 so give last year a rest. Gruden is a grinder and will build us to greatness like he did the first time. Mayock is icing on the cake and such a great move. He tore it down and you all will witness the rebuild with their players to become a dynasty again. Go Raiders!!!

  24. “Del Rios first year was 6-10 so give last year a rest.”

    Del Rio inherited a 3-13 team and went 7-9 his first year and 12-4 in his 2nd. The Raiders regressed to 6-10 largely due the owner forcing Marshawn Lynch on the team, Penn’s holdout/terrible play and the Raiders org giving in to Carr by replacing Bill Musgrave with Todd Downing as OC.

    Del Rio was fired for going 6-10? I highly doubt that Gruden even sniffs 6-10 this year or in the near future.

  25. Sorry Mikey but Gruden is right! If he gets in at 4am you need to be there at least 30 minutes before so you have his coffee ready

  26. For all the film work Gruden has been doing, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. The Raiders got rid of their 2 best players and those remaining looked lost. He needs to get some film from this past decade and throw the ‘90s highlight reels in the garbage.

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