Steelers don’t rule out trading Antonio Brown after paying roster bonus

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It’s been assumed that, if the Steelers trade receiver Antonio Brown, they’ll do so before his $2.5 million roster bonus comes due on March 17. That’s not necessarily the case.

In a Wednesday interview with PFT Live, G.M. Kevin Colbert didn’t rule out paying the bonus and then trading Brown at some point after that.

Colbert also suggested that a trade could come closer in time to the draft — or that the team could determine based on what happens in and around the draft to keep Brown. And keeping Brown continues to be an option because Colbert believes that Brown could change his mind about leaving.

Brown wants to leave, Colbert believes, because the team didn’t make the playoffs. Putting it another way, Colbert thinks Brown never would have gotten to the point where he wants out but for the frustration and disappointment that comes from not making it to the postseason.

Looking back at the way the season ended, the Week 15 win over the Patriots gave the Steelers a lift. But the Week 16 loss to the Saints (coupled with a Week 16 Saturday night Ravens win over the Chargers) changed the vibe dramatically, setting the stage for Brown’s Wednesday walkout and the various events that followed.

Of course, there’s a chance the Steelers are simply saying what they have to say in order to get the best possible offer before March 17, with the intent to take the best offer on March 17. Along those lines, Colbert specifically declined to identify the current number of teams that are interested in Brown, despite acknowledging that they have heard from more teams than last week’s number (three) and pointing out that, based on conversations this week at the Scouting Combine, other teams could become interested.

12 responses to “Steelers don’t rule out trading Antonio Brown after paying roster bonus

  1. That’s bull brown doesn’t wanna leave cuz they missed the playoffs nice try though. Cuz if that were the case he would have said that if he is traded he doesn’t wanna go too a team like the jets or raiders or teams like that but he has not ruled out any teams it’s not about winning. It’s about Antonio brown which I don’t blame him and I hope the jets get him but not for a first or second. Next years 3rd and sign him too new contract so he is happy

  2. Colbert and Tomlin destroyed this franchise,Mr Rooney must be turning in his grave RIP Mr Rooney,so sad you left us with this talented team that has become the most dramatic team ever

  3. The more I here from the Steelers the more I believe there is no market for AB, either the Steelers want at least a 2nd rounder with a another pick or AB insist on a new guaranteed contract. It will end up being one of those deals where the Steelers send their 2nd round pick and AB in exchange for a 2020 5th rounder, a conditional 7th rounder and a bag of practice balls.

  4. Highly doubt that playoff narrative. Going in to the last week, had the Ravens lost and the Steelers won, the Steelers would have been in the playoffs. Both games were early games. Mr. Big Chest quit on the team before the results were known.

    Mr. Big Chest does not necessarily want to go to a playoff bound team, but I’d bet he sure as hell wants to go to a team where he can be voted team MVP.

  5. Brown wants to leave, Colbert believes, because the team didn’t make the playoffs.

    If that’s true they need to get rid of Tomlin.

  6. I think Brown had a legitimate right to take a shot at Ben last week … it is not like Ben keeps things in the dressing room so to speak. If that were the only public statement in this latest round, I think it would have been easy to smooth over in the ota’s and such.

    When it comes to a future relationship with the team, the shot at Tomlin though … could be terminal. How does Tomlin coach him next season?

    Tomlin is talented. If anyone can find middle ground to keep the Steelers putting up W’s it is him.

    As a Steeler fan, I think Brown is an amazing Steeler. The number of clutch plays that I have watched him make, very good ones, I love it. What I hear constantly, the hardest working guy on the team, a sixth round draft pick playing a hall of fame career in a “skill” position. If he is my guy and he works 11 hours to everyone else’s 9 a& 1/2, and he puts up incredible numbers and is clutch … I give him a break on being late for meetings or that crap. I let him get emotional and blow up if things go crappy. I do. If he is putting in 8 hours to everyone else’s 9 & 1/2 or if he is not putting up the results, I would not. Objectivity matters. Facts matter. He works more hours, he puts up better numbers. He is different. It is a performance based world … like Harrison says … no trophys for participation.

    I don’t know how, but I guess I just believe Tomlin will find a way to pull this together and put up another winning season. If the kicking game returns. If when the defence is off, they are not blown out of the water, if it can bend not break, then this team can win it all. Anyone looking at last year’s nine win season and attributing not making the playoffs to something other than bad kicking and these stretches of terrible defence? Anyone think it was the running game, the passing game? No. It was not about Brown. Ben, Tomlin.

  7. The Steelers want to make sure they bungle the Brown deal as well or better than the Bell deal which left the entire FO with egg all over its face. Of course, we’re now at the stage where the Steelers are just being sold for parts. This is no longer a team. It’s a salvage yard.

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