AAF offers Manziel chance to work out for teams

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Johnny Manziel can’t play in the Canadian Football League, but he could play in the Alliance of American Football.

AAF chairman Tom Dundon told USA Today that the league has talked with Manziel’s camp, offering the former Heisman Trophy winner a chance to work out for its teams. Dundon said it was not immediately clear whether Manziel would accept the offer.

The San Antonio Commanders own Manziel’s rights under the league’s college allocation system, but all eight AAF teams could attend any potential workout, Dundon said. The Commanders would get the first chance to sign Manziel, because he played at Texas A&M.

“Right now, it’s a decision of the GMs, and they can decide what they want to do,” Dundon told USA Today. “If talent-wise this is close, the negative of him is that there is drama with him, and you are trying to win games and build a team. The positive is that he brings in fans and attention.”

The Montreal Alouettes released Manziel on Wednesday and the league barred him from signing with another team after he violated an agreement with the CFL. The CFL has not revealed the specifics of the agreement or which stipulation Manziel violated.

Manziel, 26, was a first-round pick of the Browns in 2014 but lasted only two seasons in the NFL.

33 responses to “AAF offers Manziel chance to work out for teams

  1. People just don’t want to see football give up on Johnny. Johnnie’s unhealthy lifestyle and obvious mental illness are a ratings hit. The media will ride the guy right into the grave. What Manziel needs to do is get himself treated and try to live a normal life. Football should be the last thing he does.

  2. Hopefully the AAF passes. I would rather see young players that just missed the cut in the nfl than people who wasted their opportunity

  3. This would be the best thing for the league and he is the type of player that needs to work at his craft to have any chance at the next level. He would have washed out of the NFL if he was sober or not. He wasn’t that good. All those magical plays in college usually had Mike Evans on the other end.

  4. Sorry, have lost all interest in watching this league, I will rewatch dvr games and NFL channel. AAF is showing it has no standards.

  5. I’ve found the Alliance to be entertaining football in a slow part of the calendar. If you’re expecting great performances, you have to remember these players barely know each other. Zero chemistry going into the season, no timing, no gel between the linemen. It will only get better.

    That said, I’m not sure if Manziel needs the Alliance, and I’m also not convinced the Alliance needs Manziel.

  6. This is why he will never learn. No matter what he does, he always finds someone willing to overlook it.

  7. Now we know why he contravened his CFL agreement. The AAF has come knocking. Too bad they can’t meet payroll with out capital infusions (as long as they last).

    If he keeps going down the list of leagues, he’ll eventually find one that fits his talent level.

    Arena, you’re up next.

    BTW, just to let y’all know, elite QBs in the CFL make in excess of half a mil USD. If he knew he could reach that level, he would’ve stuck around. Last year he learned that the CFL was above his pay grade, so he’s looking for a more ‘appropriate’ league.

  8. Haslem said the same thing and drafted him in Cleveland… little did he know in the NFL you have to play to bring fans and positive attention..

  9. XFL more likely to jump on him as they seem more desperate as they are late for the parade. Love to see him succeed and grow up, but not expecting it.

  10. A LOT of people in San Antonio would go to see him play.

    I read on a less popular website that Manziel intentionally missed mandatory meetings in order to void his contract. He wants to play for the AAF.

  11. If some team signs him, some other team should have to sign Jamarcus Russell just to keep things fair.

  12. He may be able to try out but I still don’t believe he plays there. Or anywhere. Again I root for the guy on a personal basis but is not an NFL QB, and apparently something he did didn’t make him affable to the CFL. AAF needs star power but it needs at least someone who could compete at the other two levels. A lot of their current players are pretty good (aka could beat Osweiler, Lynch, etc etc.)

    Oh and Kirk Cousins. SKOL!

  13. Johnny Football won more games in his last season in Cleveland (without starting all 16 games) than any Cleveland quarterback that season, and Cleveland also won fewer games combined the next 2 seasons than he won that season alone, after cutting him. Winning apparently is not everything, nor the only thing. May be it does not even matter. It may be because teams do not have to win to be profitable. All teams are able to get so much revenue from the TV deals that they can play in front of an empty stadium and still make tons of money.

  14. Some of y’all should hold your government and corporate ceos to the same standard you expect from a junior football league.

  15. Joseph Dooley says:
    February 28, 2019 at 8:15 pm
    A LOT of people in San Antonio would go to see him play.

    I read on a less popular website that Manziel intentionally missed mandatory meetings in order to void his contract. He wants to play for the AAF.

    If that turns out to be the case, it says a lot about him, IMO. The team take a chance on him, and because he “thinks” the grass is greener somewhere else, he becomes a problem to get what he wants. Sounds familiar. I’m sure he will issue some nonsensical statement soon, probably something along the lines of being under-appreciated.

  16. It’s nice to see that someone is willing to give him a 32nd chance. Maybe he will learn and make the most of this chance.

  17. “I will watch if he goes to the AAF.

    …and so will you.”

    I’ll stick to his college highlights on YouTube, thanks. He was magical that one year but the pixie dust is long gone.

  18. People watch a train wreck because it’s compelling, but too often that morbid curiosity is mistaken for popularity. Make no mistake, this guy is not likeable and has fewer and fewer fans all the time. He’s not a valuable business asset anymore. Let him go.

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