Antonio Brown complains about “distraction” narrative

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Steelers receiver Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. His effort to get out of Pittsburgh has created a distraction. But he disputes the notion that he is a distraction.

“That’s the narrative they’re trying to create once you’re doing your own thing,” Brown says in next episode of The Shop on HBO. “It’s like, ‘This guy’s a distraction. He’s this type of guy.’ All I’ve ever been was a guy who came from Central Michigan, sixth round, who worked his ass off . . . . Three contracts later, I’m milking the game.”

He did come from Central Michigan. And Brown did indeed work his ass off. But he also has reportedly taken liberties with punctuality and otherwise didn’t follow every rule and eventually walked out on the team so of course he has created distractions.

At this point, he seems to be strategically creating more distractions, under the guise of doing his own thing, in the hopes of getting out of Pittsburgh, despite a commitment to play for the team for three more years. With interest in a trade limited and the potential suitors currently unclear, it’s not known whether the Steelers will trade him. If they don’t, Brown could create as many distractions as possible to get out, like Terrell Owens did when he wanted out of Philly in 2005.

20 responses to “Antonio Brown complains about “distraction” narrative

  1. I thought you and Simms were conducting the interviews this week in your underwear. What happened?
    I heard Freddie Kitchens was disappointed…

  2. Throwing a tantrum in practice and then not showing up to work or even contacting anyone with the team until you show up on game day is a distraction.

  3. There were A LOT of Problems in Pittsburgh.

    He was some of them.

    Not all of them, but definitely some of them.

    Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlesberger are a big part of adding Problems here as well.

  4. This guy is a total buffoon. He is right about working his butt off to get where he is but there’s always been one thing or another. The only reason he went to CMU was because he had numerous troubles that preceded it. First, he was going to play at FSU but was denied admission due to academic issues. I didn’t think anyone who was a good player would ever be denied admission at a big school because of academics so it must have been bad. So he decided to go to FIU but was kicked out before school even started because of an altercation with security.

    Now that he’s in the NFL and causing one distraction after another he thinks it’s unfair to be called a distraction. This guy’s sense of entitlement is just incredible. Talk about delusional…..but, he does have T.O. as his mentor so none of this should come as any surprise. This guy will be out of the league LONG before his talent wanes because he’s such a pain.

  5. “That’s the narrative they’re trying to create once you’re doing your own thing.” Apparently it’s never occurred to Brown that he’s part of a team and the very act of “doing your own thing” in a team environment is a distraction.

  6. We get it A.B. you work hard on your game, but you are also 100% a distraction for the players, coaches, fans and heck planet Earth at this point.

  7. Is he too dumb to realize that by tweeting about how he’s not a distraction that he’s actually being a distraction?

  8. TO and AB have one thing in common. Drew Rosenhaus. He also represents or has represented Ocho Cinco, Lesean Mccoy, and Warren Sapp. If there is a problem with a player, Drew Roshenhaus is typically in the back ground calling the shots. The guy is to football what Boras is to baseball. Both sports would be better than if those guys were not in the picture. They are bigger “ME” jerks than the players they represent.

  9. For a supposedly well run organization the Steelers seem to be clueless when it comes to their handling of Bell and now Brown. Going to lose top 5 RB and WR in NFL and likely get nothing substantive in return. Guess just because Dad was good at the owner thing doesn’t mean Jr. is…

  10. Funny, Brown didn’t have a problem with Roethlesberger when he signed his extension with the Steelers making him the highest paid WR in the nfl not long ago.

  11. This human dumpster fire is playing his career into a 2-year, prove to me you are not completely nuts contract. This is the guy that incinerates his career near the top.

  12. No Antonio, you’re not a distraction. Everyone loves an egomaniac in the workplace. It’s wonderful for morale and team unity. It’s the difference between great and could have been great.

  13. Antonio wants to do his own thing. His thing now is getting more
    guaranteed money, and a new contract, on a new team
    because he knows he’s not getting it from the Steelers.

    He’ll soon be doing a duet with Le’Veon and rapping how $17/ per
    is not enough. Let me be me!

  14. What benefit would the steelers have at this point to try to make Brown out to be bad in any way? If they want the most value, they need him to look top notch. Everytime he opens his mouth, his value drops.

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