Jason Witten agrees to one-year, $5 million and 25 snaps a game

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Jason Witten agreed to a one-year, $5 million contract with the Cowboys, according to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but only after the sides agreed to 25 snaps a game.

The tight end averaged 65.5 snaps per game in 2017 when he played 98.4 percent of the team’s offensive plays. But Witten turns 37 in May and has missed a year.

He knows he can’t play as many snaps as he previously did and also doesn’t want to be a “progress-stopper” for the team’s young tight ends, per Hill.

Witten could play a role similar to the one Antonio Gates did for the Chargers this season. Gates, 38, averaged 22.8 snaps per game in playing 36.6 percent of the plays.

Witten ranks fourth in NFL history in receptions with 1,152, behind only Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez and Larry Fitzgerald.

30 responses to “Jason Witten agrees to one-year, $5 million and 25 snaps a game

  1. Wow, love his dedication and he is/was a great player but 5 Million for 25 snaps a game is awfully expensive.

  2. Sounds about right. Agree with cowboysfan that he probably should’ve stayed retired. I guess he thinks the Cowboys are in a position to make a run at the Super Bowl next year and wants in on the action, and I agree. He’ll provide a great veteran presence in the locker room and mentor whoever they bring in through the draft. The cupboard was bare at TE last year in Dallas.

  3. so when he’s in watch for the pass…got it!

    a dang shame the cowboys run the organization so crappy, sucks being a fan

  4. Bringing ancient Jason Witten back into the fold is one of THE DUMBEST moves i’ve ever seen in the NFL. If the Boys wanted a TE they could of gotten a much, much better TE on draft day in A LOADED TE class not only at the top but in the mid rounds as well. The Boys could of went after a TE like Jared Cook who’s an excellent very athletic receiving TE or they could of scooped up excellent TE Charles Clay before Arizona did a couple weeks back and they would of saved cap space as both are a lot cheaper than Witten. This could end up blowing up in Jerry Jones face in Spectacular-Fashion if Witten takes a sizable step backwards showing heavy decline next season.

  5. Good for him but it isn’t how I would want to fill out a 53 man roster. Look to get young not a guy who is looking to limit his playing time.

  6. Maybe the plan is to draft a better player than they have with the 3 youngsters and have him develop while playing alongside J Wit. Maybe Jason has remorse from having quit on these guys on draft night

  7. Strange. 25 snaps a game. So if it’s in overtime and he’s already played 25 snaps will he refuse to go into the game?

  8. He should of went to the Patriots for a Ring.

    Imagine Gronk and Witten on the line together – who do you cover?

  9. Since your top tight end plays near 100% of the offensive snaps. on a per play basis Whitten is making close to $15 million at age 37.

    Jones needs to join Kraft n the massage parlor.

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