Jay Gruden will feel “very good” if Colt McCoy is the starting QB

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Washington senior vice president for player personnel Doug Williams said recently that the team needs to have “somebody to mix in” at quarterback given Alex Smith‘s leg injury, but also sounded relieved that the team has Colt McCoy under contract at the position.

Head coach Jay Gruden has a similar view. Speaking from the Scouting Combine on Thursday, Gruden acknowledged that the team is in the market for a quarterback this offseason while saying that the prospect of entering the year with McCoy running the offense is one that sits well with him.

“Always looking for competition for sure,” Gruden said. “You know Colt had a great opportunity last year, and unfortunately he got hurt, but everybody knows the organization feels very good about Colt if he’s the starter, but competition is very good, especially at the quarterback position.”

Gruden called drafting a quarterback in the first round — the team is set to pick 15th — “a possibility for sure” and said there are “a lot of great options out there” to consider as they move deeper into the offseason.

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  1. Everyone remembers the Colt McCoy who got thrown into a messy Browns situation in his first two seasons but he’s now a 9th-year QB going into his 5th year in Gruden’s system. He’s probably not the same guy you remember.

    I for one as a Skins fan am perfectly comfortable with McCoy starting the season with a rookie behind him. Much more comfortable with that than spending $18M on Flacco or $20M on Foles, etc.

  2. Everyone knows Colt McCoy is not the answer at QB for the Redskins. But, after the disastrous trade for Alex Smith and the cap wrecking contract they gave him, McCoy is all they can afford. They’ve got to go with him until they can draft someone and hope for the best.

    I expect Dan Snyder to push for a move up in the draft to grab Murray.

  3. Colt is a solid backup and has had his opportunities to start for the Redskins. He runs the offence smoothly, and makes few mistakes. The thing is, he seems to lack the ability to move the ball when it really counts, to drive down and win a game. Really that 2-4 game advantage that teams that have a QB who can do that consistently makes all the difference between making the playoffs and not. I think Colt will do ok next season but I am expecting another record between 7-9 and 9-7.

  4. Alas, Colt is a serviceable, but mediocre quarterback and will be asked to lead a mediocre team. On the other hand, the QB draft is weak and skins should probably hold off till next year to use a high draft pick on QB. As for Alex Smith — get real. The guy sustained a career-ending injury. Too bad the Skins made such a generous contract for him which will continue to deprive us cap space to get desperately needed better than mediocre players.

  5. “I feel really good about Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback” – Jay Gruden

    “We don’t” – Redskins season ticketholders

  6. Colt McCoy is a solid backup if… If your starting QB never gets hurt. If your starting QB injury is not season-ending. If the team is trying to get the 1st overall pick in the draft. And if your HC is trying to get fired.

    Colt McCoy’s stats reflect who he is as a starter in the NFL.

    2018 STATS: 34-54 – 63.0% CMP% – 372 YRD – 3 TD – 6.9 Y/A – 3 INT – QB Rating 78 – QBR 38

    The Redskins or any football team is winning with those stats! And Colt career stats match what he did as the starter last season. Career TD/INT – 29/26 AND Career QB Rating 78… so good luck with Colt McCoy as your starter. It only works if they move up and draft a QB in the first round, or they expect Alex Smith to be ready by the bye or they are calling the season a wrap and playing for draft position in 2020.

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