Jon Gruden: Derek Carr is our franchise quarterback

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A day after Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock gave quarterback Derek Carr a vote of confidence, Mayock’s boss did the same.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said today that Carr is the Raiders’ quarterback, period.

“Yes. He’s our franchise quarterback. Let me make that clear,” Gruden said.

The talk that the Raiders (who own picks No. 4, 24, 27 and 35) could draft a quarterback to succeed Carr isn’t going away until the draft comes and goes and they don’t. But for now, the Raiders are insisting that they believe in Carr going forward.

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  1. Let’s take a real long look at Gruden’s other response options…

    “Maybe…Maybe Derek Carr is our franchise quarterback”

    “No…No Derek Carr is not our franchise quarterback”

    So IF the Raiders actually are considering drafting a Kyler Murray-Dwayne Haskins-Drew Lock with the #4 overall pick. What’s their benefit in saying the above? So everyone else in the league will know they have to jump Oakland in the draft to get their quarterback?

    And what if they are currently getting – considering trade offers for Carr? So they devalue Carr with the above label and get lowball offers for him?

    It’s such a non story – stupid question to ask.

  2. The kiss of death? Why advertise to teams drafting after you that you won’t be taking a QB ( Teams who would otherwise want to trade up to bag their QB) unless you’re planning on taking one?

  3. You damn right he is, after Gannon went down in 2003 they haven’t had a decent quarterback until 2014 and there’s no reason to get rid of them for a rookie, get Derek Carr some talent around him and get a defense that can actually stop somebody and the Raiders will be fine

  4. Fat, Drunk and Stupid says:
    February 28, 2019 at 9:54 am

    …get Derek Carr some talent around him and get a defense that can actually stop somebody and the Raiders will be fine

    I’m sorry for laughing but, basically just give him an entire new team right?

  5. Carr is very good. Whether he turns out to be great is left to be seen… but he has the ability. What he needs is better OL play and a major talent and skill lift within his skill positions.

    Lynch is done. Richard and Washington are great change of pace backs, but neither are cowbells. Ingram may be a good fit… or draft Jacobs.

    Wide receiver is a mess. Nelson is a role filler… after him are limited prospects and been theres. Antonio Brown is a option, but is 31 and needs a 747 airliner to ship all his baggage. Regardless, I expect the Raiders to draft a WR with one of their top four picks.

    The best player Carr had was Cook… and he’s gonna be gone in FA. Hockenson/Fant/Smith Jr. are options with one of their top fours.

    Carr, even with his major knock; inconsistency, has everything he needs to lead the Raiders into the playoffs and a Super Bowl. He just needs an injection of really good pieces around him.

  6. I’ve have NEVER been a Derek Carr guy and haven’t been a Jon Gruden guy since he stole our playbook at the only Supwr Bowl I’ve ever attended, in San Diego against Tampa Bay. With all that being said, they deserve each other. Mediocrity at its’ finest! 7-9 This year for my Raiders.

  7. I’m sorry for laughing but, basically just give him an entire new team right?
    No, they traded away his best WR, Lynch got injured and the o-tackles are turnstyles.

  8. Derek Carr is a mediocre QB that puts up decent stats but he isn’t good enough to elevate a bad team to a good team. Carr needs everything any back up QB needs to succeed. (Great O-line, solid running game, #1 WR, pass catching TE). Having Carr as our QB doesn’t mask any of the teams deficiency’s .. it reveals them.

  9. And the poker player holding three Aces tells everyone he only has a pair of twos. It’s poker season folks. Nobody is giving away any secrets and to be honest, everyone isn’t already 100% certain of who their final 53 players are going to be. But some coaches and GM’s are more cooperative with the media people and give them something to write about. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have worked in the media, and they both understand the jobs these people have to do. But if you’re out there trying to solve all these draft puzzles, I don’t think team employees are going to give you too much help. On the other hand, even if Gruden is being completely honest, nobody is going to believe him. That would be like winning with that pair of deuces.

  10. Over 4,000 yards and 70% completion percentage, entering the 2nd year of Gruden’s offense.


  11. HHHAAAAAAAA Carr threw 4.044 yards last season with zero olone no wide outs and barley a running game some peeps cant remember how long its been since the Raiders had a franchise QB =” Gannon” …get Carr some weapons on offense and a healthy oline and he will play like 2016 again!!!

  12. Da Raiders. Garbage in, garbage out. Thank God they found a place to play in this season. Wake me when they ever have a winning season.

  13. Haters are funny..I have no issues with Carr when he is upright, or not running for his life. ..also the fact is you don’t pay a defensive player QB money, and you take 2 # 1’s every day of the week for “any” defensive player.

    Go Raiders…..Go Mayock….4 of the first 35 picks, and 80 million to go shopping.

  14. Gruden is not being truthful. This is like his comment that he doesn’t think size matters in a QB like he once did. If I was Carr, I’d think about researching the real estate market in other cities.

  15. Carr is not a future HOFer but he’s not a bad QB either. He’s a system QB who is as good or as bad as the coaching he receives and his surrounding cast. He excelled in 2015/2016 when Bill Musgrave was the OC, the o-line was was very good and he had good receiving weapons in Cooper & Crabtree, He did poorly in 2017/2018 when the o-line deteriorated, the receiving weapons were downgraded and the coaching was poor in Todd Downing and then Gruden.

    I said from the beginning that Gruden was a misfit for Carr’s skill set and temperament. And with the o-line now very bad he’ll probably struggle and Gruden won’t assume accountability but will shift the blame to Carr (as he did this past season).

    If Carr gets into a situation with competent coaching and a decent surrounding cast then he’ll probably be able to regain his 2015/2016 form. But I don’t see that happening as long as Gruden is running things so unfortunately it’ll probably be with another team.

  16. his 19 million is fully guaranteed this season. of course he is the franchise QB. now if things go all bad again this year….who knows.

  17. get Carr some weapons on offense and a healthy oline and he will play like 2016 again!!!
    He had those things in 2017, where did they all go?

  18. So he threw for less yards than the noodle armed 42 year old ya’ll made fun off the whole season. Beautiful.

  19. You all are missing the boat, the Raiders trade all 5 of their 2019 and 2020 number 1 picks to Seattle for Russel Wilson, coincidentally Ciara announces contract with a casino as it residential performer at $500k per show. Gruden hates young QB’s. Oh and they throw Carr into the deal with Seattle.

  20. Carr is Fools Gold. He’s anything but a franchise QB. He’s a quitter. A loser. A crier and a Fraud. He’s a statue who crumbles at the first sign of pressure. Carr refuses to extend plays even though he can run a 4.69. Compare that to someone like Mahomes who runs a 4.80 yet has pocket awareness and can get out of trouble. Carr has horrible throwing mechanics…

    After 5 years starting he’s 32-46. I think that’s puts him 1st or 2nd all time for loses by a starting QB 5 years into his career. This season Pro Football Focus graded Carr as the league’s 21st-best quarterback, and he ranked 27th in ESPN’s Total QBR…

    Carr does nothing to elevate the players around him. He needs other players to lift his play up. But he sure does throw a pretty 3-5 yard pass…

  21. 49ersfury says:
    February 28, 2019 at 1:50 pm
    Derek Carr has been washed up since that injury.
    – – – – – – – –
    I think you meant to say Jimmy G. Mr. 49er “fury”

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