Rams will monitor Todd Gurley’s work load moving forward

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Rams running back Todd Gurley won’t need knee surgery, but he did need rest at the end of the regular season. So the Rams are hoping to manage his work load in hopes of keeping him healthy moving forward.

Gurley has averaged 326 touches per season over the past three seasons.

“I think where we have to go is to fast forward to now is with Todd,” Rams General Manager Les Snead said. “He’s had a lot of carries since he’s come in the league, a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns things like that. Obviously, senior year, junior year, Georgia, [tore] the ACL, so over that time there’s an element of wear and tear, and I think we have to determine in probably two stages: Are we going to give him the amount of load that he’s had in the past or are we going to lessen that load to let’s say keep him fresher for the season and for the seasons beyond?

“If you go that route, you have to have a good, let’s call it Batman and Robin combination or add another superhero figure into that and figure how you’re going to do it. We’re in the process of figuring that out, and I do think with Todd and his career — it happens to a lot of young guys, all of a sudden they wake up . . . and you’re a little sorer than you were the day before. So, recovery, things like that have to come into it, but it’s something we want to be intentional about and proactive.”

Coach Sean McVay talked about the “toll” the season took on Gurley, calling him a “warrior” to play in the Philadelphia game in Week 15. Gurley missed the final two regular-season games with left knee inflammation.

“The amount of work that he got specifically this season, there’s going to be a toll it takes on your body,” McVay said. “But from a physical and mental standpoint, really Todd is in a good place.”

8 responses to “Rams will monitor Todd Gurley’s work load moving forward

  1. It’s not the “load” of 20 touches per game, that’s not a lot when you think about it. He got shortchanged when it comes to knees that’s all. Some backs like Emmitt handled it way more with no knee issues at all. Genetic curse or blessing either way.

  2. Either McVay was a football idiot for not using Gurley or he has a knee or head condition that will linger. There is something wrong with this whole continued story since the Super Bowl.

  3. This is starting to feel really fishy, with the ultimate outcome of Gurley’s career ending much sooner than later. I’m with the others calling something degenerative. I hate it for the kid’s sake but there’s just been way too much cloak-and-dagger around this.

  4. This guy has a history of knee problems yet they still gave him that big contract. I have a feeling that contract will come back to bite them. I don’t think Gurley is soft or anything like that. Some people are just unlucky with injuries (Steve Emtman comes to mind–you should google him if you don’t recognize the name…he was a monster but continually injured).

    They need to get another RB for when Gurley is injured.

  5. He probably has an arthritic knee from who ever did his surgery at Georgia and his career is probably much closer to being over. But at least he fleeced silent Stan, McVay and “I will give anybody a large contract” Les for $45 million.

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