Witten’s production had slipped at age 35, now he’ll come back at age 37

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is confident that Jason Witten can still play. Others may be less confident.

That’s because doubts were starting to be raised even when Witten played in 2017 about whether he still had it: In 2017 Witten averaged a career-low 8.9 yards per catch, and his 63 catches and 560 yards were his fewest since his rookie season of 2003, when he was mostly a backup.

Witten was 35 years old during that 2017 season and he’ll be 37 during the 2019 season. It’s hard to see how he’ll be better at two years older, and having had a year of not playing at all.

So Witten is going to have an uphill battle to get back to the Pro Bowl form he once showed. He may even have an uphill battle just to be worthy of a roster spot. Even if the Cowboys are confident that he’s a better tight end than he is a broadcaster.

25 responses to “Witten’s production had slipped at age 35, now he’ll come back at age 37

  1. Lynch came back to play the Raiders and only for them. Last season he had a hard time on the field.
    But hope Witten can really be back and be one of Prescott’s go to guys. Good luck.

  2. Interestingly… Witten’s “production slipped”
    when Tony Romo retired and Dez Bryant performance declined.

  3. Witten’s arrival may put a big ol beaming light back on the issue from early on in 2018. It’s like people either forgot or didn’t want to talk about it. WRs said on multiple occasions “WE ARE GETTING OPEN.”

    If Witten also gets open on that Y-seam he likes to run and he’s consistently overthrown or overlooked (and it’s gonna be one or the other I promise you) Dak is going to find himself in an unfamiliar place for the first time in his career: the hotseat. I know it sounds crazy but you only get so many excuses, and Dak has just about ran out of his.

    Annnnnnd…. Cue the downvotes from the Dak homers.

  4. So does he have to be an All Pro caliber player to help the Cowboys? Or does he have to be better than the other options on the roster to help the Cowboys?

  5. Witten also has Dak throwing him the ball. So take that into account. I’m not going to say he hasn’t lost a step but Witten was never particularly fast to begin with. I think with Amari Cooper now here and Gallup being in his second year itll open things up just a little for Witten. At the very least he adds depth to the TE position. He was always an excellent blocker. Cowboys are a run first teams anyways. They couldnt have added worse.

  6. Jason Witten will always be a better football player than broadcaster, even at 80 years old.
    And that says nothing about his skill as a football player but it says everything about his skill as a broadcaster.

  7. He’s not going to be a Pro Bowler. He’s there to add veteran stability and help serve as a bridge for younger guys like Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz to develop.

  8. Huge cowboys fan here but this is a bad decision!!! The boys could have spent the money somewhere else. I’m sure they are thinking that they can get daks completion percentage up with dink’s and dunks to Witten underneath. That will leave Gallup and cooper open because dak can’t throw the deep ball.

  9. Witten was a great player and seems like a good guy. Terrible broadcaster. But still better than Booger. Someone please put him back in a uniform.

  10. He’ll do OTA’s and go to Training Camp. Sometime during Camp, he will say whatever one says to bow out gracefully. He keeps the signing bonus, he then gets some position with the Cowboys.

    Jerry sees Romo as being around forever. HIS guy is GREAT in the booth. His OTHER guy was an embarrassment in the booth. So Jerry rides into town to save the day.

    Everyone wins.

    PS: Especially those of us who watch MNF. Although there were way worse MNF teams over the years.

  11. I’m far from a Cowboy fan but why all the hate on the guy? He tried broadcasting and it wasn’t his cup of tea. He seems to be a good guy.

  12. He is a better tight end option than we currently have, but does he help their development by being on the roster or hinder it by taking snaps away? This may also be a target that Dak keys on too much, hindering him from making correct reads and going through his progressions, which he already has trouble with.

  13. Am I the only one thinking this was more of a red zone production move than anything else? In my mind, it seems like this only has upside if used correctly when they start getting into the red zone with run blocking and end zone threat in the pass.

  14. Big mistake.
    This guy should stay retired while he can still walk like a normal person.
    He has enough cash.
    Fade away gracefully. Enjoy your life and family like few people can.

  15. I did some math on this one – $5 mil for 25 snaps over 16 games is $12,500 per snap. At that rate Earl Thomas is a deal @ $13 mil.

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