Bruce Allen: It’s time for Reuben Foster to play football


Reuben Foster was claimed off of waivers by Washington last November, but never appeared in a game for the team because he was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list after being arrested on a domestic violence charges the same month.

It was Foster’s second arrest on such charges in 2018, which led the 49ers to cut him loose despite the first set of charges being dropped. The same thing happened with the second set of charges, which led team president Bruce Allen to say in January that he doesn’t expect Foster to be suspended.

Allen said something similar at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Friday.

“The charges have been dropped, there are no complaints, so it’s time for him to play football,” Allen said, via the Washington Post.

Allen’s optimism about Foster’s availability may wind up being misplaced as the NFL has suspended players without criminal convictions in the past. Roger Goodell noted as much at his Super Bowl week press conference and said he planned to speak to Foster as part of the league’s investigation, so it remains unclear when a final decision will be handed down.

12 responses to “Bruce Allen: It’s time for Reuben Foster to play football

  1. Bruce Allen “I’ve got a player who I’m hoping the league doesn’t suspend. I know what I’ll do. I’ll keep making comments putting the league in a tough situation and forcing them to act against my own interests instead of just letting the situation quietly pass by”

    The guy is a genius, really…

  2. The Redskins are going to pick up 2 years of his salary for about 6-8 games, then decide if they should pick up his option. He wont have played a down in over a year and will likely be out of shape and not in the game mentally.

  3. Until the first violent contact he’s shown to make when he explodes into a tackle. Then his repaired shoulder will start acting up. Then he will be sitting on the bench with this shoulder injury that will never be right unless he stops making tackles, which happens to be his job. Rinse and repeat.

  4. @Jdog63 The accuser, in a court of law, admitting to filing a false claim against Reuben and a prior boyfriend in the past. TMZ has photos of her “injuries” from the second incident. I am not kidding when I say this. She literally had bad acne that she was trying to pass off as injuries. Look them up.

    All that said, Foster is an idiot. He should avoid his accuser at all costs, not invite her to his team hotel room. His elevator clearly doesn’t go all the way to the top.

  5. Lol what this guy apparently doesn’t understand is none of this matters to Roger. He’s already decided and will ignore all of the facts. Remember, Tom Brady was never charged and got suspended 4 because Roger doesn’t understand science.

  6. At least 6 games. He kept breaking team rules with San Francisco. He wasn’t even supposed to have his “crazy girlfriend” staying in his hotel room the night the police were called. It was the 3rd time the police had been called on him in 1 year and according to the police, they observed a one-inch scratch on the victim’s left collarbone and redness on her face. The 49ers had someone picking him up for practice each day and Kyle Shanahan said he was one step short of having someone babysit him full time, and he still couldn’t stay out of trouble.

  7. amaf21 says:
    March 1, 2019 at 2:05 pm
    well if mixon didn’t get punished, why should he?
    Ummmm, you can’t punish someone you’re not employing. It happened before he was in the NFL so he didn’t have a contract that included “personal conduct”. We call those things, “red flags”. No one has ever been suspended by the NFL for things they did in college. It only affects draft stock.

  8. It happened before he was in the NFL
    And since it’s only NFL money that prevents players from getting 25 to life, it actually should have been easier to “punish” him.

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