Eagles, Brandon Graham agree to three-year extension

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Brandon Graham isn’t going anywhere.

Graham was listed at No. 30 on PFT’s list of this year’s top free agents, but he’s staying with the Eagles. The team announced that Graham has agreed to terms on a three-year extension a couple of weeks ahead of the start of the new league year.

The deal goes against what Graham told PFT in January about his plans for the offseason. He said that he owed “it to myself and my family to explore free agency” before agreeing to any deal, but it would seem that the Eagles were able to come up with an offer that swayed him away from that school of thought.

Graham was a 2010 Eagles first-round pick and he’s missed just one game since the start of the 2012 season. He had 39 tackles, four sacks and a forced fumble in the 2018 regular season and added another 1.5 sacks in two playoff games.

31 responses to “Eagles, Brandon Graham agree to three-year extension

  1. This is excellent news from an extremely well run franchise.
    The Eagles are setting themselves up to compete for the title every year.

  2. Howie does it again. This signing and Barnett coming back healthy gives the Eagles a nice rotation as DE. BG isn’t the player he once was, but he comes up big when it counts.

  3. Happy to see BG back with the Eagles. He still got a lot left in the tank and will continue to pressure the QB. He doesn’t really have the huge sack numbers but his impact goes well beyond statistics. Good Job Howie!!

  4. @Philllymamba215

    Perhaps you’re right. But keep in mind he came off of offseason ankle surgery last year – it’s still possible he had a down year from that.

  5. A guy who tallied all of four sacks last season is not going to strike fear in the hearts on NFC rivals. (Preston Smith had four sacks in ONE GAME.) But this desperation signing of a guy no one else in the league wanted is not going to mask the core reality that the Eagles are coming off the rails. They have a brittle malcontent quarterback who is detested by this teammates while a journeyman quarterback looms threatening in background creating what will become a lingering quarterback controversy. Brandon Graham is no Reggie White (or Preston Smith) and he is not going to alter the downward trajectory of this franchise.

  6. I’ll bet he’s a Phillies fan. Where else would you rather be right now than in Philly?

  7. He almost left in free agency several years back. The Eagles somewhat surprisingly re-signed him and he ended up making one of the biggest defensive plays in franchise history.

    As an Eagles fan, let’s hope history repeats itself. Welcome back, BG.

  8. I think BG has some good years left in him. He never relied on speed so he should be able to play a few years longer than speed rushers.

  9. Hugely overrated.

    People will say that pressure is more important than sacks.

    Guess what people? There are plenty of plays where the QB is pressured, throws the ball, and gets a first down or more.

    Pressure stats give the defensive player credit on those plays. At least with sacks, you know there was an actual impact on the offense.

  10. Graham is a nice, generally overlooked player, but the replies here make it sound like this was some kind of genius underpay signing. News flash: the Eagles have a tight cap and just gave an aging rotation DE (a very good one, but a rotation guy nonetheless) $13M a year.

  11. I know fans will celebrate this but this is the time the Patriots cut bait and move on. That is why they stay on top and the rest of us watch them in Feb.

  12. Graham had offseason ankle surgery last year and was overweight for much of the season. He had to play himself into shape and he ballin towards the end of the year.

  13. Churning players works well…for New England! Not every franchise is equipped to do it The Patriot Way. Philly has found a way that works for its franchise. I like the signing. I think there will be more cap room coming…especially when Peters/Jernigan restructure their deals.

  14. BG is a true leader on the team, he’s an awesome run defender, one of the strongest players in the NFL, and is far more valuable than his sack #s. He didn’t rack up that many snaps early in his career so should have tread on his tires, and is much more of a power rusher than a speed rusher so should be good for some more years. He balled out in the playoffs last year despite a high ankle sprain, and made the most important defensive play in Eagles history in the Super Bowl. Great news, Philly….

  15. I look forward to watching the Cowboys O-line manhandle this dude for the next 3 years

  16. Great news! I thought he was a goner for sure! Glad he stayed with the Eagles!

  17. krepfle82 says:
    March 1, 2019 at 9:42 am
    This is excellent news from an extremely well run franchise.
    The Eagles are setting themselves up to compete for the title every year.
    Until they have to pay Wentz $30 million a year.

  18. Productive do it all defensive ends are hard to find. He makes huge plays in the biggest games. Why wouldn’t you want him on your team??

  19. washed up…too much money for a guy who lost it…Eagles are far over the cap that one high profile player may get cut..the Eagles are dreamin if they think they are going to have another run to the superbowl same player same script its gotten old!

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