Jon Gruden thinks Matt Patricia and his beard are ready for Hard Knocks

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Lions head coach Matt Patricia said last month that he thought Raiders head coach Jon Gruden “is an excellent choice” to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks this summer.

The Raiders, like the Lions, are one of five teams who can be forced into doing the show and Gruden has television experience, but it didn’t sound like he’s itching to get back in front of the cameras when he was asked about Patricia’s comment on Thursday. He was willing to return Patricia’s favor by making a suggestion of his own to producers.

“Appreciate Matt Patricia, my friend, offering that up to me,” Gruden said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “That beard that Patricia has, he’s going to be a star. I mean he’s going to be one of the future television stars. I’d be surprised if Monday Night Football doesn’t put him upstairs in the future. … Patricia is going to do a great job … on Hard Knocks.”

With 2019 set to be their final year in Oakland and the potential of three first-round picks joining the voluble Gruden at camp in Napa, the Raiders may be a more appealing choice for HBO than several weeks of gazing at Patricia’s facial hair.

29 responses to “Jon Gruden thinks Matt Patricia and his beard are ready for Hard Knocks

  1. There would be a lot more surprising headlines with Gruden than the stoic Patricia.
    With Patricia the cameramen would have to sit up straight and stop yawning….

  2. His beard??? How about being ready to actually win something! This franchise is such a disappointment, year in and year out!

  3. Gruden is a natural for Hard Knocks. He excels at quotable sound bites and mugging for the camera. Not so much at game-day coaching however.

  4. Our Lions haven’t won anything since 1957, except one playoff game in the nineties with Barry Sanders. Matt Patricia is a mistake, we will be in the cellar for another two years with him. Then they will hire another poor choice for HC and maybe even another poor choice GM and we will continue our 60 plus year title of shame in the NFC. Just a lousy and miserable franchise!

  5. Gurden is like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain and doesn’t want to be exposed. On the other hand, I’m sure fans would like to see what’s behind a team that has won anything since 1957. Think about that, 1957 the year of my favorite chevy.

  6. If there is a better program in turmoil I would nominate the Patriots. I don’t see them repeating, just retreating. Last year was final peak, this year begins the fall. Time to capture it on camera.

  7. Gruden would be absolutely epic but even he must have enough self awareness to know that would be a total disaster to his image.

  8. How come the garbage teams are always on Hard Knocks? They should make the GOOD teams get the air time. If any team can handle the 4 week distraction it would be strong teams like the Patriots, KC,….

  9. Since the show is supposed to the entertaining, wouldn’t it make sense to cover a good team every now and then? The teams they select usually follow the show up with terrible seasons.

    We get the Browns, Bengals (twice! why?), Bucs, Lions, Rams (before they were good), Dolphins. Why do they do that to their viewers? Getting a behind the scenes look at forgettable teams.

    Prime ran a series on Manchester City, arguably the best (or top 5 at least) team on the planet. All access, locker room, field, trophy celebrations, in their homes, front office and it was a rare glimpse into one of the best clubs of any sport in the world. They happened to capture a season of elite excellence. Instead Hard Knocks chooses to document future failure as their normal offering, there is zero logic to that.

  10. They never would’ve even mentioned the Raiders for hard knocks if Al Davis was alive, Al would have sued them and won

  11. Nice PUNT!!!!! LOL. Gruden doesn’t want everyone seeing what a train wreck the Raiders are under his unqualified leadership!!!!

  12. It’s almost as if Hard Knocks is a punishment for being a bad team. No one wants to be filmed for Hard Knocks but they’re not exactly turning down the money in their paychecks either.

  13. I agree with Gruden. Imagine a coach running around yelling at everyone, demanding accountability, and then showing up late for his own meetings the way Patricia does. That would get great TV ratings. And then the press conferences would be so “interesting”, they’d want to move those to prime time.

  14. Better yet change it up and make the past SB winner automatic choice to level the playing field!!

  15. Last season, Hard Knocks wasn’t about the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. It was about making fuzzy-wuzzy stories about players who got cut after the show ended. Having said that, the Lions organization is such a dumpster fire, and Patricia is such a garden gnome, that I’d love to see them get exposed for what they are on HBO.

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