Kyler Murray won’t work out in Indy, will meet with Cardinals

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Kyler Murray’s activities during the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis won’t include any on-field work, but they will include a meeting with the team holding the top pick in the draft.

Murray met the media in Indianapolis on Friday and confirmed reports that he will not throw with other quarterbacks or do other on-field drills this weekend. He will do those activities at Oklahoma’s pro day on March 13 instead.

Murray will take a medical exam and interview with teams while in town. One of those interviews will be with the Cardinals, who hold the top pick in the draft and who went from strongly backing 2018 first-rounder Josh Rosen as their quarterback to more lukewarm support in comments to reporters this week. The meeting with Murray won’t do anything to change the perception that Arizona could be interested in picking a quarterback in the first round again this year.

Even if the Cardinals remain committed to Rosen, keeping the possibility of selecting Murray alive isn’t a bad idea if the Cardinals want to entertain trade offers from teams who would move up to the top spot to bring the reigning Heisman Trophy winner to their roster. If they don’t make a trade involving the pick or Rosen, the intrigue about their plans will likely go right down to the wire on April 25.

38 responses to “Kyler Murray won’t work out in Indy, will meet with Cardinals

  1. Many great players have come from The University of Oklahoma. Hopefully for long suffering Cardinal fans they will pick Murray.

  2. Gruden and Mayock need to get on top of this.

    If the Cardinals are set on Murray, then we should offer our 2nd round pick (#35) this year and our 2020 4th round pick for Josh Rosen.

  3. The Cardinals are playing this smart. Whether they want Murray, Rosen, to keep the pick or trade it, they are ratcheting up the pressure on other teams who want any of the above (Murray, Rosen or the top draft pick).

    The good thing for them is, they’ll probably be fine no matter what they choose.

  4. QBs who don’t work out at the combine are scared they’ll decrease their draft stock…Sorry Kyle…but 8 games a year you will be playing in a much more adverse environment than the Indy combine…#ManUp

  5. That stinks. I will be at the Combine tomorrow and was looking forward to seeing the velocity of his throws and the overall arm strength compared to the others. He doesn’t have the moxie of Baker M. that’s for sure. Should be interesting to watch some of the WR’s/TE’s tomorrow on the field. The route running can be a major issue with a lot of young talented guys. And I want to witness some serious speed in the 40’s.

  6. For a team that constantly says that Josh Rosen is their guy, it’s quite weird to be using one of your interviews on a QB

  7. “… it’s quite weird to be using one of your interviews on a QB ”

    It’s not weird at all. If another team really wants Murray, the fear that the Cardinals may take him pushes up what the Cardinals can ask for in exchange for the pick. The (foolish) Redskins gave up 3 first round picks plus a second round pick to move up for RGIII. All it takes is one desperate or dumb team to reap a gold mine in picks for the Cardinals.

  8. Cannot imagine spending a first round pick on a QB 2 years in a row. That’s when you know the GM needs to be fired.

  9. Oh I get it. It wont be kneeling, money, or guys becoming too big their bodies cant handle it. It’ll be lazy ass millennials that’ll ruin this league. and money.

  10. Baker played in the Senior Bowl and went to Indy and threw, as well as participating in all on field drills. Kyle your not as good as Baker.

  11. charliecharger says:
    March 1, 2019 at 4:39 pm
    Keep them guessing. I wonder if Josh Rosen wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, or is that a no brainer?


    Alex Smith will be 36 when he plays again, *if* he plays again, and has 3 more years of that albatross contract. Rosen is on rookie wage scale for 3 more years.

    If I’m AZ and I have the #1 pick, I’m talking to the Redskins about Rosen.

  12. It’s called due dilligence. Arizona is probably meeting with a couple other top QB’s to. I fail to see how this is news. This is what teams do at the combine.

  13. Arizona isnt taking a QB because there would be to many negative consequences & ramifications for not only the team but GM if they did.

    This is Arizona and GM Steve Keim trying to convince teams they possibly could take a QB in order to drive up trade interest/value of the top overall pick and the media is swallowing the bait hook, line and sinker. Arizona is trying to trade back a few spots while landing a nice package of premium draft picks for their troubles. Mark my words Arizona will end up trading this pick to a QB needy team on draft night. Arizona is high on Josh Rosen they arent moving him.

  14. What is he afraid of? Why isn’t he working out like all the rest? He’d be off my board for this if I had one.

  15. His interviews are going to be crucial. I was all in on him being the number 1 pick weeks ago (his tape is unreal) but then he had that awkward Dan Patrick interview. That was brutal. You can’t draft a weirdo to be your franchise QB.

  16. If you pick an offensive wiz kid to be your Head coach, then you might want to pick his ideal QB to run his offense.

    Trade Josh Rosen and some picks to the Giants for OBJ.

  17. Looking at his combine interview he looked extremely chunky. He nearly has man boobs now. Looks like he just packed on a bunch of pounds for weigh in’s.

  18. This guy is gonna be a bust. How many other guys wowed everyone with a short college career only to disappoint, he’s another one of those guys

  19. Showing interest in Murray creates another opportunity. Perhaps the Giants,Redskins, Dolphins, Jaguars, or even the Patriots might be inclined to inquire about the asking price for Rosen.

    If any of those teams determine they like Rosen better than Haskins, Daniel Jones, or Drew Lock… then a 1st round pick and possibly more could head to the Cardinals.

    Giants — barring another team trading up, they likely have a choice between Haskins or trading that pick for Rosen if they want to get Manning’s successor. Rosen could be appealing to them since he already has a year in the NFL.

    Jags — some think they will get Foles, but they don’t have a ton of cap space. Roswn would give them 4 years on a rookie deal, and may be preferred over a rookie.

    Dolphins — have cap space issues also and likely have no chance to get Haskins at #13. Rosen may be considered a better prospect than Jones or Lock by quite a bit.

    Redskins — see Dolphins.

    Patriots — may want to start grooming Brady’s successor soon. Have ton of picks in this draft. Rarely pick high enough to get a prospect rated as high as Rosen.

  20. Cardinals in an enviable spot. You still have Rosen on the rookie wage scale, and at worst, you keep him over Glennon/Bradford. Wentz/Foles got a ring, having Rosen as a #2 isn’t bad.

    Plus as someone else mentioned, if Miami/Jacksonville goes nuts offering things for the top pick, you can do that too, and they have value, because the Jets have already said that they would be willing to trade at #3.

    The wildcard is Denver.

  21. mroklahoma says:

    All you moronic OU haters and Murray haters are gonna eat crow!

    We don’t hate you, son. We just think you’re a bust and want to try and ride that Heisman to a top draft pick.

  22. Why not go out and compete, side by side, with the other quarterbacks? I’d want the leader of my team to face every challenge and compete 24 hours a day.

  23. JPOH33 says:
    March 1, 2019 at 7:54 pm
    Why not go out and compete, side by side, with the other quarterbacks? I’d want the leader of my team to face every challenge and compete 24 hours a day.

    Honest answer, because it’s the combine. If anyone thinks that is competing they are sorely mistaken, same way you’d be mistaken thinking someone was “your guy” because he had a great game. There is no competition, there is no game level simulation, and I am sick of hearing about how a guy has great length or hand size.

    Or Gruden saying anything.

  24. how we love seeing crap teams ruin promising careers year after year…. The First 10 picks should have 3 year guarantee money so that the Browns, Bills, Cardinals, etc… can’t keep ruining kids opportunities by blaming rookies for not turning around bad organizations.

  25. I think he went to Indy for one reason: to be measured. He weighed in at 207? It’s in his best interest to weigh in at his highest possible weight since his size is obviously a main concern. If he’s 10-15 lbs over his playing weight, that would have a huge impact on his 40 time and maybe some other drills if he’s not used to being at that weight. The fact is that teams are ok with waiting to see top prospects perform at their pro days, so I think Murray is handling this pretty smartly.

  26. He lacks the sack to go out there and man up because he obviously believes that if the decision makers are able to see his performance right next to the other QB prospects he’s competing with that it’ll do more to damage his chances than it will to help him. I’m no G.M., but his self-evident lack of confidence in himself tells me everything I need to know about him.

  27. Robert37 says:
    March 1, 2019 at 4:38 pm
    Many great players have come from The University of Oklahoma. Hopefully for long suffering Cardinal fans they will pick Murray.
    QB’s like Rhett Bomar, Josh Heupel, Jason White, Nate Hybl, Landry Jones.

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