Report: Todd Gurley may need “new methods” of treatment for knee


Whatever is wrong with Todd Gurley‘s knee won’t require surgery. That doesn’t mean there’s not something to be done.

According to John Breech of, the Rams running back is considering stem cell treatment on his left knee if the current regimen isn’t productive.

Rams coach Sean McVay didn’t specifically confirm that treatment, but did acknowledge that some “new methods” might be the correct approach.

“As far as the stem cells, that’s not something that’s been communicated to me, but there is a program,” McVay said. “We’ve got these doctors and there’s always new methods of staying as up-to-date as you can, and number one, the player has to feel good about it. Todd does such a good job of doing his own research and knowing what are the things [he] can do. . . .

“I think every year provides a new opportunity based on the research and some of the medical advances to attack it in the right way,” McVay said. “As long as Todd is feeling good about that, that’s what we’ll do.”

Gurley was having a remarkable season before the issues with his left knee cropped up, and while they declared him well, a trusted source (my two eyes) indicated that something was amiss, considering he wasn’t much of a factor in the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

Other backs have had stem cell procedures in the past, including Jamaal Charles and Knowshon Moreno, both of whom (like Gurley) have a torn ACL on their medical charts. Gurley tore his during his junior year at Georgia in 2014.

The Rams have talked about monitoring his workload, but Gurley’s health is a major concern after the investment they made in him.