Chiseled wideout DK Metcalf runs a 4.33-second 40

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Move over, Kyler Murray. A much-hyped prospect who (unlike Murray) opted to work out at the Scouting Combine — and it went well.

Mississippi receiver DK Metcalf, cut like a superhero with hardly any body fat and muscles layered upon muscles, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds on Saturday, officially.

Metcalf didn’t have tremendous numbers in college, and a neck injury cut short his final college season. His first year at Ole Miss also was derailed, by a foot injury.

But Metcalf has all the measurables, and he looks like he can do it all at the next level. Until he shows that he can stay healthy, however, there will be questions about his durability — especially as he moves to a level of the game where the guys hitting him will be bigger, faster, and stronger than they’ve ever been.

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  1. Yep dude lives in the gym and on the training table.

    Being all blowed up without extreme flexibility is what will keep him on the training table.

  2. DK Metcalf has me thinking about him lining up across from Davante Adams.

    I like Hollywood Brown better only because he can excel in both the slot and outside.

  3. Cordarrelle Patterson was really impressive at the combine, too. He should have dominated in college, which he didn’t do even when he was healthy. He might be a better pro than a collegiate…plenty of guys have been…but that and health are the big question marks. We already knew he was a freak athlete.

  4. Metcalf is in the Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson mold. He could go #1 and eventually replace Fitzgerald, he could go to the 49ers at 2 who haven’t had a great WR since T.O .. Darnold could use him on the Jets. He could even go #4 and be Amari Cooper’s replacement on the Raiders. He is a top 5 lock.

  5. As a Ny Jets Fan, I really hope they stay away from this guy, I know you Jets front office people read these posts DO NOT DRAFT THIS GUY IN THE FIRST ROUND!!!!!!…..Second round meh we haven’t hit a homerun in forever might as well waste a pick on him there.

  6. snakeplizkn says:
    March 2, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Look at the Hall of Fame career David Boston had, what can go wrong?


    Let’s not make this poor comparison. Boston was suspended for steroid use. Their body types are nothing alike. Metcalf’s body type is much closer to workout fiends like Terrell Owens.

  7. All that is said is what an athlete he is, but does he have a high football IQ ?
    For if he can’t run in coordination with what then QB sees, then he’ll have a 3 year career.

  8. Whoever prepared this guy for the Combine deserves the credit. They made Metcalf a lot of money. Does anyone know who his trainers are?

  9. laughterguns says:
    March 2, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Whoever prepared this guy for the Combine deserves the credit. They made Metcalf a lot of money. Does anyone know who his trainers are?


    DK is a genetic freak 3rd generation NFL player. His dad Terrance was a Bears lineman, his granfather Terry a Cardinals running and his uncle Eric a Browns receivers. DK was benching 50 lbs and squatting 100lbs at the age of 5. Between Terrance, Terry and Eric (and their NFL friends) he has all the training-NFL tips that he could possibly need.

  10. ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger was built way better than this kid and Arnold probably couldn’t make his 9th grade football team’

    I doubt Arnold would have played much American football growing up in Austria.

  11. John Lynch of the 49ers, with the Number 2 overall pick that haven’t had a number 1 receiver literally since T.O. whined his way out of town…

    …You hearing this, bro?

    Everyone says this draft is LOADED with defensive linemen. This is supposed to be “the” draft for D-linemen. There is ONE D.K. Metcalfe, who has world class speed and great hands. How many more Torey Smiths, Pierre Garcons, and Anquan Browns can we pick up post-30?

    Cardinals can only take one player at one, or trade out. You have the pick of EVERYONE ELSE IN THE DRAFT. Please don’t mess this up.

  12. @natureboy

    As a fellow 9ER fan I respect your opinion but, the only way we should pick him is if we end up trading down. No way he’s worth the #2 pick and if we’re trading down. They better get a bevy of picks. It maybe a deep D-line draft but, history proves you can pick a top flight WR late. Happens every draft. Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, Kenny Golloday, and Davante Adams

  13. He looks the part but does he have what it takes at the NFL level. He’s a project. I doubt he can contribute immediately like a 1st round pick should,… maybe not qb’s.
    I think he could be one of those picks that makes a GM look like a hero,… or get him fired.

  14. I really don’t see how the fact that he looks like he’s ready for a body building competition in any way raises his stock as a football prospect.
    People going bananas over his body fat are an example of what is wrong with the emphasis the combine puts on players.
    Their achievements in college football really ahould be the major measuring stick.

  15. snakeplizkn says:
    March 2, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Look at the Hall of Fame career David Boston had, what can go wrong?
    You can add the 3 Top WR’s from 2015 Draft….Kevin White, Davante Parker and Brashad Perriman. All prototypical size and speed. The largest WR Bust Class ever.

  16. Very impressive athlete, not sure how well he translates that to actually playing football though. The Rashan Gary syndrome on offense.

  17. Obviously his trainers are stacked. Dianabol and growth Hormone. Been lifting for 35 years 100% he is JUICING. Guy was 3rd best on his own team and came out of no-where. Much bigger roid boy than even Boston was.

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