Cole Beasley wants $20 million guaranteed (and he seems to confirm it)

Getty Images

The Cowboys would like to get receiver Cole Beasley back under contract for 2019, at the price. His price may not be the right price.

Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently reported that Beasley wants $20 million guaranteed. Beasley responding to the notion that he’s seeking $20 million per year by tweeting, “Guaranteed. Not per year.”

Then, Hill characterized the tweet as Beasley confirming the demand. Then, Beasley insisted that he wasn’t confirming but clarifying.

So, basically, who knows what’s going on? Hill reported what he reported, and even if Beasley hasn’t confirmed it, he hasn’t denied it.

In the end, what Beasley wants won’t matter as much as what he gets. Even if he’s asking for $20 million guaranteed, he won’t end up with it unless someone will give it to him.