Jerry Jones: This is my 30th year, I don’t have 30 more, I want a Super Bowl now

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is feeling a sense of urgency about getting back to the Super Bowl.

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, and they won the Super Bowl after the 1992, 1993 and 1995 seasons. After winning three so quickly, he didn’t think he’d have to wait a quarter century for his fourth, and he realizes time is no longer on his side.

“This is my 30th Combine, and I don’t have 30 more,” the 76-year-old Jones said. “There is absolutely nothing, short of the health and goodwill of the people I care about, there’s nothing that means more to me than if I could get a Super Bowl. Nothing.”

Jones said he’s reached the point where his only goal is to win another Super Bowl, not to make more money or do anything else in business.

“I admire people who have got enough to quit being hungry or quit having something they want to have and they’ve got it and they have peace. I’ve never been there,” he said. “My point is, the hunger is for what we’re talking about right now – winning a Super Bowl. Not to get another billion dollars.”

Jones has all the money he wants, but not all the rings.

86 responses to “Jerry Jones: This is my 30th year, I don’t have 30 more, I want a Super Bowl now

  1. Most fans are afraid he might be in charge another 30 years.
    There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

  2. I’m sure Jerry will be alive in 30 years. He may just be a head in a jar with tubes providing him with fluids, but he’ll be here, and Jason Garrett will be carrying him around and taking care of him, just like that guy who travels everywhere with the Stanley Cup.

  3. Typical rich guy. Just because he wants another SB, he thinks he is owed one. Given that he already got 3 in his first 30 years, he is already ahead of the average.

  4. they’re close…say what you want about jerrah but the drafts have been pretty darn good recently. the problem is they can’t keep some of these talented players out of trouble. but overall, their talent evaluation since 2010 has been at the top of the league.

  5. Jerry: i want a super bowl now!
    Also Jerruh: Dak is worth $20 mil at least

  6. Should have thought about that before you decided to remain as GM. You are your own worst enemy

  7. Maybe Jones could bribe his way to a Super Bowl. Hey it probably worked to get him elected to the HOF since there was certainly no legitimate or logical reason for him to be inducted.

  8. If he’d have given Big Bill the same amount of time to produce as he has the ‘Red Head’ he may have gotten one .

  9. If JJ wanted another super bowl, he would have stepped away from the GM position years ago and stopped making the stupid draft picks, the bad free agent signings, the stupid contracts to over the hill veterans, and the stupid trades (two #1 picks for Joey Galloway???). JJ wanted the “glitz and glamour” of big name skill players and neglected the o-line so Tony Romo got the heck beat out of him. Jerry let his ego and desire for “credit” get in the way of winning games.

  10. He must not want it “that” badly: He sticks with Garrett. That fact that he sees Prescott as a franchise QB pretty much limits any chance he’s got.

  11. That comment about buying the Patriots got me thinking. Just about everyone is tired of them winning all the time. It seems like there is no end in sight. But if Jerrah bought the Patriots, fired BB and assumed GM duties, and hired a puppet for a head coach the dynasty would surely end.

  12. silly old fool. you have only yourself to blame for not hiring a competent GM

  13. Then he should get out the way.. overpay for a real head coach and then let them do what they can. The only way he can get a real advantage is to pay way more then he should for a coach who can win a super bowl

  14. Stay away from the actual football operations and let your coaches and players do what you pay them to do. Sticking your nose in year in and year out obviously hasn’t worked.

  15. I laugh and shake my head every time I hear some rich tool proclaim that money isn’t important to them. Yet they never let any of it go or give it all away.

  16. 30 years won’t be enough. TB12 will still be playing hoping to play till the age of 80

  17. as big bill tells his team at each ring ceremony “you can’t buy this, you had to earn it, I’m proud of you”.

    as long as jones is running that clown show in dallas, it’s hard to imagine them ever being competitive in the playoffs.

  18. If you want a Super Bowl now, hire a competent GM, a get out of the way!

  19. Owners don’t win Super Bowls. It takes the administrative staff, coaches, and most importantly, the players. Belichick says it takes coaches that coach football and players that play football. Simple formula that has been proven to work. I would hate to hear him take full credit if they ever win a SB.

  20. Aikman, Smith, Johnson and host of other talented capable players collided at the right time prior to the salary cap to get those three titles. It hasn’t been duplicated because it was chance and personnel, not Jerry, that made it happen. Sadly, for the Cowboys, Jerry forced Johnson out and kept the Cowboys from building an even greater dynasty. He can blame himself, just as he credited himself, for where the Cowboys are.

    Jokes aside, what’s going on Foxboro is how to get it done…assuming that can ever be duplicated. Go Patriots!

  21. Who’s he talking to? His fans? Ok, maybe they’ll buy in. But if he thinks that finger snapping delivers Super Bowls, he needs to up his Geritol.

  22. redclaw1314 says:

    buy the Patriots


    Well, that would certainly end the Dynasty.

  23. I don’t think Adam is as bad as he is painted and they have a very good, young core. It’s not out of the question but please, Mr Billionaire’s stop telling us that you don’t care about money. It’s patronising.

  24. araidersfan says:

    Maybe Jones could bribe his way to a Super Bowl. Hey it probably worked to get him elected to the HOF since there was certainly no legitimate or logical reason for him to be inducted.

    You have no clue what he’s done for the league. He personally transformed the television landscape when Art Modell was about to ruin it. That alone has been worth many billions of dollars to the league, and your team profits from it.

  25. As a Raider fan I watched Al Davis desperately chase a ring at the end of his life. It was ugly, really ugly. All I can say to Cowboy fans is, good luck. This doesn’t end well.

  26. Who wouldn’t want an owner committed to winning another Super Bowl? He may never do it, but I wouldn’t expect less from him or any other owner.

  27. This clown has run every guy out of town that actually knew how to run a football team cause his cosmic sized ego couldn’t stand he wasn’t getting all the credit. The cowboys inc is pretty much just his grand circus of self-aggrandizement and while he continues to bathe in his Olympic sized pool of delusion, him nor his sad sap fans will never taste the promised land again. Hopefully his spawn who will inherit the team will get people back that know what their doing.

  28. Fat chance. He ain’t getting one with the current head coach. He could have gotten more with Jimmy Johnson as head coach, but he was more interested in proving that any coach in the USA could have won a Super Bowl with the team.

  29. I’m sure Jerry will be alive in 30 years. He may just be a head in a jar with tubes providing him with fluids, but he’ll be here, and Jason Garrett will be carrying him around and taking care of him, just like that guy who travels everywhere with the Stanley Cup.


    Dying laughing. Mostly because it’s probably gonna happen too. XD

  30. He fired Tom Landry,one of football’s greatest coaches. He had Super Bowl wins with Jimmy Johnson,but then wrecked that relationship,and he had Parcels,who in time would have taken the Cowboys to the Super Bowl,but he ran him off too. If he thinks it’s going to happen with Jason Garrett,he’s delusional. The only way is maybe a new head coach,a new quarterback,and to stay in his box and away from the sideline. In other words,he needs to act like an owner,not a coach.

  31. You will never live to see the Cowboys appear in a Super Bowl. That’s the deal you cut with the devil when you decided you were a better GM than Jimmy Johnson. You have no one to blame but yourself, Jerruh. No. One.

  32. bradygirl12 says:
    March 3, 2019 at 8:00 pm
    He fired Tom Landry,one of football’s greatest coaches.
    It was time for Landry to go. He had been there for 28 years. He was coming off of his 3rd losing season in a row, with a 3-13 record. No one was banging down the door to hire him after he was let go by the Cowboys.

    However, Jones dumping of someone who meant so much to the Cowboys could have been handled with more courtesy and class. But those are two things that don’t describe Jerry Jones.

  33. How’s it feel to ‘WANT” what you can’t have jerry !!! hahhaha sorry to say it’s not happening in your lifetime sucker !! Put that on your tombstone ..

  34. Hopefully he finds the fountain of youth and lives forever because as long as he’s in charge, that team will never win squat…especially when they shell out the kind of cash they’re going to for a glorified game manager at QB

  35. If he wants another trophy, he’s probably going to have to do it Rams-style: bulk up on an unsustainable roster of stars and hope you win it all in the first year or two because it all falls apart after that.

    They’ve got some SB-caliber pieces in place all across the team. Main problem is the question mark at QB. If he’s truly all-in, he should do what it takes to sign Nick Foles. With a great OL and running game, Foles would thrive, and we know he rises to the occasion in big games – which seems to be the Cowboys’ weakness since that last SB.

    A fresh coach would probably help too, though the prospect of growing pains could throw off that 1-2 year plan. Kris Richards as HC? Continuity but a new attitude and hunger.

    But Jones will probably stay all-in with what he already has. And it’s not a terrible bet – when they’re on, they’re just about as good as anyone else in the NFC, and a bad bounce here and there for the other leading teams could be enough. But I think they need a more striking change to get over the hump.

  36. If only he had just went ahead and followed his instincts and drafted Johnny Football…

  37. Suggest you sit in a comfortable chair, nice glass of bourbon, put Springsteen on the vinyl player and listen to”Glory Days”. All starts with coaching Jerrah! You have a stout defense, great running attack, above average QB , Amari Cooper. Should be a contender! Keep extending Garret you will keep having the same results. Cole Beasley wants 20 million, lol.

  38. Ir is not entirely hopeless. Jerry needs to convince the Minnesota Vikings (or another team, such as Seattle or Philadelphia) to trade 3 first round picks, 1 3rd round pick, 3 second round picks, 2 LB, 1 DB, 1RB and 1 DL for Ezekiel Elliot. IOW, convince the Vikes or some other team that Elliott is the second coming of Herschel Walker, and that he can get you to the SB and win it. He would also need to convince another team to trade a pass rusher as good as Charles Haley to Dallas.

  39. “He fired Tom Landry,one of football’s greatest coaches.”

    Yes, but did you know before he bought the team he let the previous owner know he was bringing his own coach in. The owner before Jerry who employed Laundry forever couldn’t even let Laundry know that. He set up Jerry to look like the bad guy.

  40. Jerry- If you’d have been smart and kept Jimmy, you’d have 2-3 more Super Bowl trophies at Cowboys HQ. It’s all your own fault.

  41. Jerry should of thought about that before he forced Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells out of Dallas. The Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is running the day to day business of that team. Book It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. May I suggest he sell the Cowboys and buy a minority stake in the Patriots in order to get his Super Bowl ring?

  43. Hey Jerry, If you want to win now, you might think about drafting a Franchise Quarterback.
    Dak aint takin ya to the promised land.

  44. It’s a players game as Belichick is fond of saying but owners like Jones think its about them and their personal egos.

  45. With 32 teams and a salary cap that levels the playing field each team on average should win a Super Bowl once every 32 years. JJ has won 3 in 30 years. He’s not due for another SB win for another 66 years. He may still be around in 2085.

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